A Guide To Unix Using Linux Fourth Edition

Linux Quick Guide 2009 Javvin Company 

Designed for everyone using Linux operating systems, this Linux quick guide covers all daily used Linux features and options, provides quick tips and solutions for common Linux security problems and other operations. A comprehensive yet portable Unix reference for every Linux user to harness the power of Linux features, functions and tools. Linux. Free download of Linux Quick Guide 2009, size 31.46 Kb.


dmx485 - DMX-on-RS-485 interface library 485.0.0.5 dmx485.sourceforge.net 

Shared library and associated tools for DMX-512 communication via USB-to-RS-485 adapters, using standard UNIX and Linux serial interfaces (patches to remove dependence on linux/serial.h welcome).. Freeware download of dmx485 - DMX-on-RS-485 interface library 485.0.0.5, size 6.18 Kb.

Kapok Backbone 1.0 kapok.sourceforge.net 

The Kapok backbone creates a binary file that can be executed in bothwindows, dos and x86-elf based versions of unix (currently linux,but it should be very easy to extend this), and using a datafile, itcan execute a binary, relative to which system. Freeware download of Kapok Backbone 1.0, size 188.11 Kb.

TextSchnapsen 13 textschnapsen.sourceforge.net 

TextSchnapsen is an Austrian card-playing game, which can be used on your mobile phone using j2me 2nd edition or on Posix like system on command line (DOS, Linux). C64 is also supported.. Freeware download of TextSchnapsen 13, size 34.99 Kb.

XtremeWorlds Mod 1.0 Chikaranosekai 

This is for a basic PlayerWorlds mod, Seeking anyone interested in scripting in Visual Basic, Or modifying the server/Client to do greater things then already intended, This will be a free service for Linux/Unix(Using Wine) and all 32bit Windows OS'

XtremeWorlds Mod 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of XtremeWorlds Mod 1.0, size 0 b.

AAPD Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry HD 3.1.0 The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry 

The fourth edition Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry is the premier reference for pediatric dentists and other health professionals. Designed to serve as a quick reference guide, the handbook is a must-have addition to every practice. The Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry has been completely revised and updated to present the most up-to-date. Freeware download of AAPD Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry HD 3.1.0, size 14.68 Mb.

Quake 4 1. 4. 2002 id Software 

This fourth edition of the Quake saga begins with a terrible accident on the area that separates you from your attack squad, obliging you to go through the first levels on your own.

Quake 4 keeps some of the most remarkable features of the previous version, with monitors and interactive control panels that will allow us to activate. Free download of Quake 4 1. 4. 2002, size 0 b.

RoboLin (Robot under Linux) rc.0.0.1 robolin.sourceforge.net 

This project is a project to make a small robot using Linux as the OS.. Freeware download of RoboLin (Robot under Linux) rc.0.0.1, size 69.57 Kb.

SonaSound - UNIX Sonogram 1.1.0 sonasound.sourceforge.net 

Sonogram and waveform display programm for Unix using different algorithms like FFT and LPC to display musical features or potential artefacts that you may no be able to hear. Superimposed tuneable Staff-Lines allow for easy transcription of music.. Freeware download of SonaSound - UNIX Sonogram 1.1.0, size 220.03 Kb.

GT 2014 Restaurant Guide 1.2.5 PBL MEDIA PTY LTD. 

The Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide is back, with the 2014 edition of Australias only national restaurant guide offering more than your tastebuds can handle.

With over 700 entries, this years guide not only provides you with detailed coverage and reviews of the nations very best eateries, but also provides you with the best of the. Freeware download of GT 2014 Restaurant Guide 1.2.5, size 18.87 Mb.

PDF Rotate Pages 1.00 Traction Software 

PDF Rotate Pages is a high performance server tool from Traction Software for Windows PC, Unix Aix, Linux, Macintosh OSX & SUN Sparc Solaris NOTE: This Software does NOT require Acrobat, PDF Rotate Pages is designed for server usage.PDF Rotate Pages software automates the process of rotating the view of individual or ranges of pdf pages to a. Free download of PDF Rotate Pages 1.00, size 314.37 Kb.

PDF Image Stamp Server 1.00 Traction Software 

PDF Image Stamp is a high performance server tool from Traction Software for Windows PC, Unix Aix, Linux & Macintosh OSX NOTE: This Software does NOT require Acrobat, PDF Image Stamp is designed for server usage.PDF Image Stamp Server software automates the process of applying JPEG Images to different sized pdf's PDF Image stamp contains many. Free download of PDF Image Stamp Server 1.00, size 360.45 Kb.

X-Win32 2012 12.0.67 StarNet Communications Corp 

It is a fully proprietary set of code for maintaining persistent connections between Windows PCs and remote Unix and Linux application hosts. The new release also feature fast new code when connecting to individual remote applications. The new release also offers new Direct 2D drawing support. This significantly speeds up the display of. Free download of X-Win32 2012 12.0.67, size 35.97 Mb.

WeIRCd 0.8.2 Eloxoph 

WeIRCd is a robust, simple & easy-to-use IRC daemon for both the Windows operating system and Unix systems (Linux, Bsd, Mac OS X) which is open-source and free to use! It has been written from scratch and isn't simply a modification of another IRC daemon. FEATURES: A· Easy installation & administration A· Built-in ChanServ, NickServ to. Freeware download of WeIRCd 0.8.2, size 6.08 Mb.

BVRDE rc bvrde.sourceforge.net 

The BVRDE is a fully integrated development environment (IDE) for remote cross-platform compiling and debugging of UNIX and LINUX console applications.BVRDE runs on a Windows platform, but compiles and debugs applications on UNIX systems.. Freeware download of BVRDE rc, size 1.28 Mb.

Imperium Europaeum 1.0 imperiumeuropae.sourceforge.net 

Imperium Europaeum will be a hex-based grand strategy game set in medieval and modern ages; the player will guide a country using diplomacy, economy and war to gain a place in history. Freeware download of Imperium Europaeum 1.0, size 7.54 Mb.

kcWebTelnet - Web Telnet / Web Shell 05 kcwebtelnet.sourceforge.net 

kcWebTelnet is a PHP Script that allows users to run Unix or Linux shell commands where TELNET is not provided from their web broswer.. Freeware download of kcWebTelnet - Web Telnet / Web Shell 05, size 4.87 Kb.

LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool 0.2 lan-sentry.sourceforge.net 

A collection of PHP scripts to manage a gateway server using Linux's Netfilter (iptables) & ISC's DHCPd v3. It allows mac address restriction and web-based configuration.. Freeware download of LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool 0.2, size 43.97 Kb.

libexplain 001 libexplain.sourceforge.net 

The libexplain project provides a library which may be used to explain Unix and Linux error messages. This will make your application's error messages much more understandable to your users.. Freeware download of libexplain 001, size 4.49 Mb.

MoreAmp rc moreamp.sourceforge.net 

Audio player, transcoder and cd ripper for Mac OS X, Windows, Unix, and Linux. Plays and creates ogg, flac, mp3, aac, m4a, mp4, wav, and aif, and plays wma. 31-band equalizer, repeat loop, variable pitch/tempo, ram or ramdisk preload, more.. Freeware download of MoreAmp rc, size 26.13 Mb.