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Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools 1.0 Microsoft 

Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) enables IT administrators to remotely manage roles and features in Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 from a computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

It includes support for remote management of computers running either a Server Core installation or the full. Free download of Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools 1.0, size 0 b.


Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 1.0 Microsoft Corporation. 

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 enables IT administrators to manage roles and features that are installed on remote computers that are running Windows Server 2008 R2 (and, for some roles and features, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2003) from a remote computer that is running Windows 7. It includes support for remote. Free download of Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 1.0, size 251.18 Mb.

Client for Online Assistant server 1.0.0 softBOVformat 

The program "Client for Online Assistant server" is intended to exchange and process information from a server ("Online Assistant server"). The server is a program of "Online Assistant server", which is installed on your computer with OS WINDOWS. Data to show that sends the server has a hierarchical tabular form. Each. Freeware download of Client for Online Assistant server 1.0.0, size 125.95 Kb.

Online Assistant server 1.0 softBOVformat 

Program "Online Assistant server" scheduled for the exchange of data between the PC and mobile phone. It consists of two modules - for PC and mobile phone that supports Java. The basis of exchange is an open port and connection port on the phone with support GPRS.. Free download of Online Assistant server 1.0, size 1.51 Mb.

Online Chat Server 1.0 bit4free.com 

The Online Chat Server is a program for windows that functions as a server rooms for chat. With this server side the clients that are connected can chat with each other over the internet, based on the IP.. Freeware download of Online Chat Server 1.0, size 351.23 Kb.

Netkeeper Remote Server Monitor 0.3 Gert 

Netkeeper Remote Server Monitor is a small Windows based program for continuously monitoring multiple Local or Remote SME servers Over SSH. Netkeeper Remote Server Monitor shows the date and time of the last successful Affa backup job instead of just SUCCESS or FAILURE.. Freeware download of Netkeeper Remote Server Monitor 0.3, size 3.60 Mb.

StarCraft Remote Server 1.0 starcraftremote.sourceforge.net 

StarCraft Remote Server is a simple tool that allows a StarCraft client to join a remote StarCraft server over the Internet without using Battle.net. It also allows a StarCraft server to announce his game over the Internet.. Freeware download of StarCraft Remote Server 1.0, size 57.33 Kb.

EVE Online Private Server 1.0 Eveonline 

This is a project for create an EvE Online private server,but i search help for this,for more info contact me on: slon@live.it

EVE Online Private Server 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of EVE Online Private Server 1.0, size 0 b.

Memopal Online Backup Memopal 

Memopal creates a backup copy of the files on your computer and transfers it to a
remote server via a 128-bit encrypted connection. Thanks to Memopal your files are safe, and you can retrieve them online at any time.
Memopal makes your life easier because it continuously and automatically backs up
files on your computer. It is. Freeware download of Memopal Online Backup, size 8.05 Mb.

UppityUp 0.1 Beta Martin Wiboe 

UppityUp is a simple and light-weight tray application which monitors a remote server and shows a notification when it comes online.

This is useful when you need to connect to a server that is currently down and you want to be notified the moment it becomes available.. Free download of UppityUp 0.1 Beta, size 41.94 Kb.

Handy Backup Online 5.4.5 Novosoft LLC 

Backup your important files to high reliable remote server with award-winning Handy Backup software with Zip64 on-the-fly compression, strong 128-bit encryption and a flexible backup scheduler under Windows 9x/ME/NT 4.x/2000/XP. Can also backup ICQ files, Outlook and Outlook Express files, Registry and My Documents, Favorites and Desktop folders.. Free download of Handy Backup Online 5.4.5, size 3.03 Mb.

Winamp Remote Android Server 1.0 Van Kampen Webdesign & Applications 

Winamp Remote Android Server is what its name implies: a remote server. It allows you to control your Winamp from your mobile phone using the Android OS. It is nothing more than that. The application includes the server launcher for Windows so you can edit the port and address settings. You will link your Winamp with this server which will be in. Freeware download of Winamp Remote Android Server 1.0, size 47.68 Mb.

SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.0.2 Tomsk, Inc. 

SkyFex Remote Desktop is a free online remote desktop service that allows watching and controlling remote computers in real time. It works transparently through firewalls, proxies and NAT. No special knowledge is required to use it.SkyFex is a secure service for remote support solutions and help desks. It works directly in web browsers (Firefox,. Freeware download of SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.0.2, size 318.73 Kb.

Online Backup Estimator 3 20 Remote Backup Systems 

The Online Backup Estimator will estimate the size of a full backup and subsequent daily backups and the time required to send them to an Online Backup Server, based on the current upload speed of the Internet connection. It scans the file system using the Best Practices for Include and Exclude settings as defined in Rob Cosgrove's Online. Freeware download of Online Backup Estimator 3 20, size 5.44 Mb.

RF Online Launcher Update Server 1.0 Launcherupdater 

Full server package for RF Online Launcher server.

RF Online Launcher Update Server 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0; GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of RF Online Launcher Update Server 1.0, size 0 b.

RCServer 1.0 Rcserver 

Highly scalable online game server architecture based on java 1.6NIO framework which includes multi-threaded network server, client session manager, game logic task manger and abstract DB layer.

RCServer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of RCServer 1.0, size 0 b.

eSh Client 5. 2. 2006 Ecode Software Inc. 

eSSH Client - An explorer like client to view the content of a remote server.
eSSH Client is a multi platform remote access client that can be run virtually from any platform. It supports both secure(SSH2, SFTP) and non-secure(FTP) remote access.
eSSH Client has a built in remote editor that acts as an advanced multi task client in. Free download of eSh Client 5. 2. 2006, size 28.27 Mb.

RaidenTunes network music station 2. 1. 2003 Team Johnlong Software 

MP3 online music server software - RaidenTunes network music station Wanna listen to Your favorite music collection from anywhere by Web browser? Try RaidenTunes network music station software! RaidenTunes enables You to setup an online music server quickly and easily. With this handy tool You can browser/search and listen to Your digital music. Free download of RaidenTunes network music station 2. 1. 2003, size 15.56 Mb.

Classic FTP Free File Transfer Software 2.22 NCH Software 

Classic FTP is a free FTP client that allows you to upload, download and delete files from a remote server. The interface is designed to look and feel like a traditional FTP client. It features a "Mirror and Upload" tool to scan a selected local folder and upload any files that do not exist in the selected remote folder. It also has the. Freeware download of Classic FTP Free File Transfer Software 2.22, size 324.61 Kb.

Olis Image Server 2.01 olis.sourceforge.net 

OnLine Image Server implementing some of the functionality defined by IIP protocol.. Freeware download of Olis Image Server 2.01, size 1.72 Mb.

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