Abstracts Of Client Server Chatting Mac Software

CipherCore For Java Client/Server Apps 0.1.0 ciphercore.com 

Security & Privacy \ Encryption Tools

The functional objective is to provide a simple secure socket infrastructure for client/server apps. The usability objective is to allow inexperienced developers to deploy the system and write "Hello World" with a single page of documentation.. Freeware download of CipherCore For Java Client/Server Apps 0.1.0, size 31.10 Kb.


EZPunch Client/Server rc brewstersoft.com 

Business \ Scheduling

E-PunchClock Client/Server is a network Time Clock with a focus on simplicity. Based on the EZPunch Standard software by the same author, but designed as a client/server model.. Freeware download of EZPunch Client/Server rc, size 795.94 Kb.

CVS client interface in Java 0.4.1 JavaCVS.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

An implementation of the CVS client/server protocol in Java. It also has classes for user interaction via a command line or using a Swing GUI.. Freeware download of CVS client interface in Java 0.4.1, size 1.00 Mb.

GNet Server 4 gnunetpress.sourceforge.net 

Utilities \ Compression

GNet Server - Network compression client/server software. Compresses data over slow networks to save on the cost of bandwidth. Server is developed for Unix and Windows platforms, The client will run on Windows based PCs.. Freeware download of GNet Server 4, size 91.20 Kb.

Akanai Akoon 1.0 akoon.sourceforge.net 

Business \ Project Management

Akanai Akoon is a Framework for Mozilla Thunderbird for secure Client-Server communication. It upgrades Mozilla Thunderbird to a Groupware/CRM/project-management-suite. Main features are the ability to work offline and the presence of a Web-Client.. Freeware download of Akanai Akoon 1.0, size 334.15 Kb.

chessweb rc chessweb.sourceforge.net 

Games \ Board Games

Chess client/server application for playing games with human opponents over http.. Freeware download of chessweb rc, size 88.13 Kb.

DBLX 112 saladforkranch.com 

Development \ Database

DBLX is a multi-user, client-server relational database written in Java.The design goals of DBLX are to produce a very small, very fast database which can be used with standard ANSI sql.DBLX includes the server component, a command-line client, as well as a java-based client API.All dependencies are included, and you only need Java 1.6 to use. Freeware download of DBLX 112, size 4.92 Mb.

File Name Repository 1.0 fnrep.sourceforge.net 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

A client/server application to create a central repository for file names based to hash fingerprint of file.. Freeware download of File Name Repository 1.0, size 6.12 Kb.

gadfly 1.0 gadfly.sf.net 

Development \ Database

Highly portable SQL query engine based in Python with transactions, recovery and client server mode.. Freeware download of gadfly 1.0, size 433.79 Kb.

Generic Empire for the Masses 0.11 gempire.sourceforge.net 

Games \ Strategy

GEMpire is a free, multiplayer, client/server, Empire game written in java, similar in basic concept to Empire Deluxe. It has been written to allow the rules of empire to be altered to explore interesting variations. Because of its client/server archite. Freeware download of Generic Empire for the Masses 0.11, size 260.84 Kb.

Get It Together 0.8.1 getittogether.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ MP3 Tools

A Java DAAP client/server backed up by an XML-based music library and the ability to access songs from iTunes/iPod music libraries. Based off of AppleRecords and One2OhMyGod.. Freeware download of Get It Together 0.8.1, size 1.89 Mb.

ICE Integrated Collaborative Environment 0.5.3 icegroupware.sourceforge.net 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

ICE (Integrated Collaborative Environment) is designed to be a thin-client/server shared object system. Client/server javascript shared objects.. Freeware download of ICE Integrated Collaborative Environment 0.5.3, size 89.99 Kb.

IIPImage 0.9.9 iipimage.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Graphic Viewers

IIPImage is a high performance client/server system for viewing, navigating and zooming within high resolution images on the internet. Images are efficiently streamed by the server to a choice of clients that can be embedded within a web page.. Freeware download of IIPImage 0.9.9, size 987.27 Kb.

Intrusion Detection Exchange Arch. 1.2 idea-arch.sourceforge.net 

Education \ Science

A Java-based client-server architecture for processing network intrusion detection data. The server receives XML alerts from Snort sensors buffers them for review by clients. The console provides a real-time view of IDS activity.. Freeware download of Intrusion Detection Exchange Arch. 1.2, size 2.60 Mb.

IPLClient 1.0 iplclient.sourceforge.net 

Utilities \ Security

IPLClient is part of a Client-Server technology for IPLocation and visualization. It will manage log-file transfer and handle data delivered by the IPLServer for proper visualization. Modules and plugins may be applied to the client.. Freeware download of IPLClient 1.0, size 183.78 Kb.

Java Online Gaming Real-time Engine beta.0.3 jogre.sourceforge.net 

Games \ Puzzle

Java based client / server online games engine & API for easy creation/running of real-time multiplayer games. Games include Battleships, Camelot, Checkers, Chess, Connect 4, Dots, Go, Octagons, Texas Hold'em Poker, Reversi, Spades, Tetris & Tic-tac-toe. Freeware download of Java Online Gaming Real-time Engine beta.0.3, size 26.03 Mb.

Java Othello 1 jothello.sourceforge.net 

Games \ Board Games

A Client/Server Othello game environment in Java language. Freeware download of Java Othello 1, size 329.90 Kb.

Java Universal Distributed Game Engine 0.1 judge.sourceforge.net 

Games \ Role Playing

judge - an OO mud (multi user dungeon) engine based on a client/server architecture and written entirely in java. This d20 based game engine will eventually make use of JINI to allow certain functions to be performed locally or by other dedicated servers. Freeware download of Java Universal Distributed Game Engine 0.1, size 896.36 Kb.

jEclipse 1.1 jeclipse.sourceforge.net 

Security & Privacy \ Encryption Tools

Java Based Cryptographic P2P Messaging Client, is based on a client-server architecture. The Client is made in SWING. The server is text based. Server keeps tabs on presense and the users public keys. Presentation: http://varun.accosted.net/talks.php. Freeware download of jEclipse 1.1, size 627.47 Kb.

Jiso-Game3 1.0 mech.doesntexist.org 

Games \ Misc. Games

Jiso Game3 was a 2D isometric MMORPG project (client/server) written in Java with an Ancient Greece theme. The project is no longer active, but the source code is being made available under a BSD license for anyone who might find it useful.. Freeware download of Jiso-Game3 1.0, size 415.83 Kb.