Abstracts Of Client Server Chatting

Photo Parata Miltonstreet Software 

Photo Parata is a client/server program that meets your needs of getting the images in front of your customers faster. Photo Parata accomplishes this through simple presentation, navigation and image ingestion: Presentation: Photo Parata distributes the images using the same technology as the web, HTML. This allows for a simple but elegant. Free download of Photo Parata, size 1.05 Mb.


A universal IOCP based game server 1.0 fenghaidong.sourceforge.net 

To write a comprehensive client/server code is a difficult task for a programmer.Here, I provide a universal open source code server based on IOCP.Hope helpful for you.. Freeware download of A universal IOCP based game server 1.0, size 5.57 Mb.

CVS client interface in Java 0.4.1 JavaCVS.sourceforge.net 

An implementation of the CVS client/server protocol in Java. It also has classes for user interaction via a command line or using a Swing GUI.. Freeware download of CVS client interface in Java 0.4.1, size 1.00 Mb.

Empire Server 4.3.29 empserver.sourceforge.net 

Empire - A multi-player, client/server Internet based war game. Copyright (C) 1986-2011, Dave Pare, Jeff Bailey, Thomas Ruschak, Ken Stevens, Steve McClure, Markus Armbruster. Freeware download of Empire Server 4.3.29, size 1.16 Mb.

GNet Server 4 gnunetpress.sourceforge.net 

GNet Server - Network compression client/server software. Compresses data over slow networks to save on the cost of bandwidth. Server is developed for Unix and Windows platforms, The client will run on Windows based PCs.. Freeware download of GNet Server 4, size 91.20 Kb.

Dynad Application Server 1.0 Dynad 

Dynad is a client-server, database application-server and basic GUI generator. It is a system where you describe the tables, fields and relations of your problem and it will generate a basic GUI for you. You can also write plug-ins that modifies that GUI

Dynad Application Server 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Dynad Application Server 1.0, size 0 b.

scan X displays on your XDMCP server. 1.0 Scanxdisplay 

scanXdisplay is a application to scan all XDMCP display conected in your thin client server.

scan X displays on your XDMCP server. 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of scan X displays on your XDMCP server. 1.0, size 0 b.

Commune Client 1.0 Commune 

This is the Client program for the Commune client/server system.Check out the Commune homepage for more (if its up)...

Commune Client 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Commune Client 1.0, size 0 b.

ChateX 1.2 eXistenZ 

ChateX is a new client-server all in one chat program developed to operate quickly. This is the main program feature, it works fast under all conditions.

It also features a fast file transfer which can be paused and resumed, transfer files up to 1000 GB, drag and drop files over a user name in the listbox and on the send textbox on. Free download of ChateX 1.2, size 0 b.

Akeni Instant Messaging -Pro Business IM 1.2 Akeni 

Akeni Instant Messaging - Pro Business IM is a client/server instant messaging platform that allows companies to host their own secured private IM system. The client has an user interface similar to AIM, ICQ, or MSN Messenger. It supports all the standard IM features such as chat, group conference, presence management, file transfer, offline. Free download of Akeni Instant Messaging -Pro Business IM 1.2, size 79.00 Mb.

Hodoman Timer :: Internet Cafe Software 6 IntelliSoft SRL 

Hodoman Timer is a complete and fully customizable Internet Cafe Software, Cyber Cafe Software, with a client-server architecture. The client application resides on each computer station in your network. It provides your customers access to the groups of applications you define and to those applications you specify for each group. This application. Free download of Hodoman Timer :: Internet Cafe Software 6, size 19.86 Mb.

SNTP Clock Synchronization Service 3.0.12 Dillobits Software, Inc. 

This is an SNTP time synchronization client/server for the more advanced user wishing to provide SNTP time synchronization services under Windows NT4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. This product incorporates full SNTP client and server functionality in complete compliance with RFC2030 - Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Version 4. Why then is. Free download of SNTP Clock Synchronization Service 3.0.12, size 1.18 Mb.

Accuracer Database System 4.03 AidAim Software LLC 

Accuracer is a compact, embedded, single-file, multi-user (file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement database with SQL support based on a new original BDE alternative database engine that supports the almost all TTable, TQuery, TDatabase, TSession, TBatchMove functions and provides some special ones to give you wide. Free download of Accuracer Database System 4.03, size 3.72 Mb.

VeriFinger Extended SDK 4.2 Neurotechnologija 

VeriFinger Extended SDK contains interfaces for some of the major fingerprint scanners and a set of COM/ActiveX components, created especially for rapid development of client/server application using functions from VeriFinger DLL or library, which ensure high reliability of the fingerprint identification, 1:1 and 1:N matching modes, comparison. Free download of VeriFinger Extended SDK 4.2, size 4.04 Mb.

MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition 2.5 MultiCalendar Technology Limited, LLC 

Need to make every arrangement clear in company for all staffs? Then tap into the power of MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition. It contains powerful tools for make every appointment/call/meeting or task in an easy and intuitive way across your network. Manage appointment /event calendar and task; Print daily/workday/weekly/monthly view calendar and. Free download of MultiCalendar Client/Server Edition 2.5, size 14.19 Mb.

IC Studio V1.1.0 IC Soft, Inc. 

IC Studio« is a comprehensive tool designed to help Oracle database application developers and DBAs to be more productive when working with database as they design, develop, test and support any client/server or web based applications. This easy to use Windows-Based tool provides a complete development environment for the Oracle application. Free download of IC Studio V1.1.0, size 7.68 Mb.

Powerwhizz Printer Component 1.0 Powerwhizz.com 

Powerwhizz Printer Component is a stateless component that can be used to meet your client-server, distributed or n-tier application printing needs. Written in PowerBuilder Version 7, it has methods that allow you to:1. Get a list of available printers and their properties 2. Get the name of the default printer and its properties 3. Get the status. Free download of Powerwhizz Printer Component 1.0, size 0 b.

Soap Generate Gear 2.6 upRedSun 

Using Soap Generate Gear, easily and automatically generate soap protocol source code for client / server sides from wsdl file. RPC and Document style are all supported.What you need to do is just import your wsdl file and click generate button.Pure platform independent c source code to make sure highly performance and windows, linux and unix. Free download of Soap Generate Gear 2.6, size 3.09 Mb.

XMLComponents Framework 6 Xmlcomponents.com 

Build web, internet, intranet applications, Client Server 3rd Generation applications using industry and internet standards : SQL, HTML, XML, XSL, SOAP, WSDL.. Free download of XMLComponents Framework 6, size 0 b.

IOTracker Pro 2.0 Chronsoft, LLC 

IOTracker Pro is the premier in-out board with true client/server capabilities and unlimited users. Now, with just a click of the mouse, you will know where your employees and/or co-workers are at any given time. You will know when they are available to attend a meeting or just out to lunch. Tracking your employees has never been easier.This. Free download of IOTracker Pro 2.0, size 6.70 Mb.