Acue Mark

Stretch Mark Prevention 1.0 Acne Skin Care 

If you are wondering how to get rid of stretch marks fast, download my application and learn where to get a free bottle of the latest stretch mark cream by dermology.. Freeware download of Stretch Mark Prevention 1.0, size 783.36 Kb.


Mark Separator 1.0 eDocfile Inc. 

Mark Separator has been designed to give multiple users the ability to separate a scanned document by placing a mark on it in a given location. The mark can be anything such as a stamp, a check mark an X etc. The program works by monitoring file folders and when a file arrives the program looks in a specified location and counts the black and white. Free download of Mark Separator 1.0, size 31.11 Mb.

Mark Duplicate Messages 2.4 Utilities 

Free and easy way to find and mark duplicate messages in Outlook folders with flag and/or categories. Can find duplicates across folders and storages. The whole operation is completely safe, because the utility only marks duplicates without removing them from your mailbox, public folder or other storage. The product provides Outlook add-in and. Freeware download of Mark Duplicate Messages 2.4, size 264.19 Kb.

Sony T-MARK Converter Alpha LouieLu 

Sony T-MARK Converter is a simple command line application designed to help you convert regular WAV files to T-MARK WAV files, which enables you to activate the t-mark function on Sony digital players.

All you have to do is place the application in a folder containing the WAV files you want to convert. The output files are saved in a. Freeware download of Sony T-MARK Converter Alpha, size 0 b.

Musoftware Water Mark MUSoftware 

Musoftware Water Mark is an easy to use application that allows you to apply text or image watermarks on your pictures, while previewing the output at all times.

Users can easily rotate the watermark, as well as adjust its transparency and size. Additionally, the program allows you to create your own text watermark and save it in PNG. Freeware download of Musoftware Water Mark, size 0 b.

Mark Jacobs Graph Plotter New Mark Jacobs 

Mark Jacobs Graph Plotter is an application that allows you to easily build a graph of multiple mathematical functions.

You can insert up to 10 functions and the program automatically plots the resulting chart, which you can save in a separate file.

. Free download of Mark Jacobs Graph Plotter New, size 0 b.

Pro9500 Mark II ICC Profile 1.0.0 Canon U.S.A., Inc. 

Pro9500 Mark II ICC Profile is a package that offers you several useful profiles you can use with your PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II Photo Printer.

These profiles enable you to use various types of Fine Art Paper while printing with your Canon device.

. Free download of Pro9500 Mark II ICC Profile 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Pro9000 Mark II ICC Profile 1.0.0 Canon U.S.A., Inc. 

Pro9000 Mark II ICC Profile is a package that offers you several useful profiles you can use with your PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II Photo Printer.

These profiles enable you to use various types of Fine Art Paper while printing with your Canon device.

. Free download of Pro9000 Mark II ICC Profile 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Social Book Mark Tool Book Marking Demon Software Guidance 5.1.1 Social Book Mark Tool 

Social book mark tool submitter fetches your website to grand social book marking sites as well as supports unnumerable web sites based on Pligg, Scuttle, ScuttlePlus and PHPDug script. BookmarkinDemon is the best social book marking tool accessible nowadays.

Snowball site traffic to your websites on autopilot applying such a social book. Free download of Social Book Mark Tool Book Marking Demon Software Guidance 5.1.1, size 1.44 Mb.

Teachers Personal Markbook 2.014 Scott McDonald PC Services 

Teachers Personal Markbook is a mark and grade solution for scaling results and grading students. With it you can: Assign grades, Scale results, Print results and graphs, Prepare for your reports. Teachers Personal Markbook can do over 20 different calculations: Average, Combine, Compare tasks, Convert z scores, Copy, Deciles, Elective Weight,. Free download of Teachers Personal Markbook 2.014, size 2.88 Mb.

DropWaterMark 4.5.4 LAJ Design 

WaterMark images easily * Configure your watermark *Replace the image or make a new image *Mark an image on an image *Include border in your watermark *Mark entire folders at a time You work hard to take great photography and should be rewarded for your efforts. Watermarking your images is a way to reduce theft and to get recognition for your. Free download of DropWaterMark 4.5.4, size 1.46 Mb.

Mark IT Now Pro! 2.0 SeqSoft 

Mark IT Now! is an easy to use visible watermarking software. With only a few clicks you can protect all of your digital images by putting copyright text or graphic watermarks on them. You can customize image and text watermarks by changing their transparency, rotation, tiling, fonts, automaticly font sizing to fit image size and many other. You. Free download of Mark IT Now Pro! 2.0, size 1.75 Mb.

UserInfoTip 2.1 AksLab 

Mark files and folders , through change their icons ,and add description to them. The description you add will appear in the explorer popup windows. You will also be able to see a full content and size of files and subfolders in a popup window for a folder. The utility is very easy to use. Install it and then click on a file or a folder. Select. Free download of UserInfoTip 2.1, size 920.70 Kb.

Veqa Image Marker 1.0.2 Veqa 

Veqa Image Marker is a PHP tool to mark Web images on the fly. Features: watermark security, X/Y offset positioning, percentage positioning, opacity setting, and reformat. It supports JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP image formats and works with GD or ImageMagick MagickWand for PHP. It makes for an ideal solution for sharing various marked images without a. Free download of Veqa Image Marker 1.0.2, size 23.55 Kb.

Ontario Staffing Strech Timer Mark Ress 1.1.1 Ontario Staffing 

Ontario Staffing Streach Timer by Mark Ress is a simple and easy to use program that reminds you when it's time to stretch. If you spend most of the day on the computer you probably aren't doing enough to keep you from getting RSI. The program reminds you to stretch you arms and legs so you don't have to get the pain of RSI. Very simple to use.. Freeware download of Ontario Staffing Strech Timer Mark Ress 1.1.1, size 331.78 Kb.

Ontario SEO Keyword Tool by Mark Ress Ontario SEO Keyword Tool by Mark Ress 

Ontario SEO Keyword Tool by Mark Ress seaches google for the top 20 sites and puts them in a list, can then select the site and it will grab the sites meta tags. This means you can see what other sites are using for meta tags that are high in the SE's. Program will color the words that you searched for if found in there meta tags.. Freeware download of Ontario SEO Keyword Tool by Mark Ress, size 471.04 Kb.

Web Expert Mark Ress Website Extractor 1.1.001 Web Expert Mark Ress 

Web Expert Mark Ress has a handy tool that lets you extract everything or just selected items off a website, or just the images, archive files or text files. Uses 2 threads for downloading the items faster.. Freeware download of Web Expert Mark Ress Website Extractor 1.1.001, size 463.87 Kb.

Make Your Mark 1 5 Thermopatch 

Make Your Mark is the perfect software for the uprising businessman. It allows you to create, edit and print your own labels.
Practically you can create labels so that you don't even need business cards anymore.
The main three options of the software are label designer, media manager and database editor.. Freeware download of Make Your Mark 1 5, size 5.90 Mb.

Remark Office OMR 8.0.0068 Gravic, Inc. 

OMR (Optical mark recognition) devices are specialized hardware that can detect optical marks such as those used for examinations. Traditional OMR systems required special scanners, special forms, and special pencils to fill in the forms.
But Remark Office OMR is software which can be used to design OMR papers and print on regular paper. We. Free download of Remark Office OMR 8.0.0068, size 53.27 Mb.

eDocfile Easy Mark Index 1.0 eDocFile 

Easy Mark Index is a collection of simple utilities that allow a user to prepare images for use in Litigation Document Management Programs such as Summation and Concordance.

Easy Mark Index Features:

- Reading a simple OMR (Optical Mark Read) Form, (commonly called Scantron Sheets or Bubble Forms) to collect index. Free download of eDocfile Easy Mark Index 1.0, size 39.46 Mb.