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Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater pXc-coding 

Adobe's Flash Player is the key to the internet's most used technology called Flash. Nowadays Flash can be considered one of the internet's basics. Therefore it has always been targeted by hackers, malware authors and so on. Adobe tries to keep up with those by offering security updates - but although Flash offers update checks itself, many systems. Free download of Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater, size 870.32 Kb.

Patch My PC Patch My PC 

Patch My PC is a handy and reliable utility designed to check your system against the current version of Adobe Reader, Flash, Firefox, Java, and Quicktime. When started it will scan your computer for the latest version of this software if your system does't have the latest version it will show up as red, and when you click update it will download. Freeware download of Patch My PC, size 324.61 Kb.

SWF Studio Northcode Inc. 

SWF Studio is a technology that extends the functionality of the Flash player and eliminates the barriers imposed by Adobe, turning Flash into a first class desktop application development tool. It is intended to leverage the power of Adobe Flash to create awesome rich desktop applications such as CD presentations or screensavers.. Free download of SWF Studio, size 36.85 Mb.

Moonkick 1.0 Moonkick 

An Adobe Flex / Flash and Java framework that supports development of Rich Internet Applications that need to access data from multiple data sources. Supports a Publisher / Subscriber architecture.

Moonkick 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Moonkick 1.0, size 0 b.

Macvide FlashVideo Converter 3.4.14 Macvide 

FlashVideo Converter allows you convert any Adobe (Macromedia) Flash (*.swf, *.flv files) to video movie mp4 (iPod Video), MOV, 3GP, ASF/WMV, mpeg files. The converting process allowing human interaction on Flash content during conversion. You can use FlashVideo Converter for different purposes: Create your own video or dvd collection by converting. Free download of Macvide FlashVideo Converter 3.4.14, size 19.33 Mb.

3D - Yeah! Gallery v(2.0) 1.0 FlashComponents 

3D Yeah! Gallery v(2.0) is a sophisticated , XML driven Image and Video gallery based on Adobe's Flash 9 technology and the 3rd version of ActionScript programming language. The second version of 3D Yeah! Gallery presents so many new interesting features, many of them were based on requests , so if you have a feature in mind that you want to see in. Free download of 3D - Yeah! Gallery v(2.0) 1.0, size 499.71 Kb.

Flash EXE Builder 1.0 IncrediTools 

Flash EXE Builder is a tool to quickly convert Flash movie files (.SWF) into an
executable file (.EXE). It can create professional Windows application from .SWF files created using all IncrediTools products or any Flash authoring tools such as Adobe Macromedia Flash, SWISHMax, KoolMoves, etc. It is easy to use, flexible and produce high. Free download of Flash EXE Builder 1.0, size 7.81 Mb.

Flash Protection Gold 1 42 

Flash Protection Gold - Real Free Flash/SWF encryption shell layer. 100% guarantee protect your Flash/SWF AS 2/3, MovieClip, Bitmap, Vector Graphic, Sound, Video and more.

Flash Protection Gold is the best/free SWF encryption solution for Adobe's Flash and Flex (SWF), it provide three layers encrypt techniques to stop Flash/SWF. Free download of Flash Protection Gold 1 42, size 84.73 Mb.

AFC Astro Flash Creator 2.0.2 Patrick Jansen Design 

ASTRO Flash Creator or AFC is a creation by Patrick Jansen Design and Goldshell Digital Media. What can ASTRO Flash Creator do for you, ASTRO Flash Creator creates real-time awesome Flash text effects, which you then can use in your Adobe Macromedia Flash work, or use directly on your web site. Your text effect can be further spiced up by adding. Free download of AFC Astro Flash Creator 2.0.2, size 3.71 Mb.

CopyFileHandle 1.0 comrade 

A utility for copying out files locked by one process. For example, Adobe Flash Player streams videos into a temporary file that is locked for reading by other processes. Using this tool, one is able to copy the file out of the browser/Flash process.. Freeware download of CopyFileHandle 1.0, size 41.94 Kb.

Flash to Video Batch Converter 3.1 Geovid 

Convert Flash (*.swf) movies to video AVI/ASF/WMV/MPEG/VOB/MP4 files in a batch. Flash To Video Bach Converter lets you easily transform any Macromedia Flash (*.SWF and *.FLV files) to video movie file. Best choice for video editing software. You can capture Flash to Video including alpha channel (transparent video), you can import transparent. Free download of Flash to Video Batch Converter 3.1, size 6.29 Mb.

VisiFly 2.1.8 VisiFly 

Why do so many websites now use Flash Video rather than other formats such as QuickTime or Windows Media Video? About 90% of all browsers have a free Flash player installed, so you won't have to worry that someone cannot view your Flash video because of the missing codec or plug-in! Also FLash files has much less size for streaming and downloading. Free download of VisiFly 2.1.8, size 16.05 Mb.

Drop Down Flash Menu 1.0.0 

Flash Drop down menu. Dreamweaver extension. Easy configurable flash menu. Make your site navigation in minutes with this menu. This is ready to use web site menu. Change default parameters and publish. The drop down menu is saving your web site space. Flash menu is displaying over HTML content. Open Tag Inspector(F9) and you get full control of. Free download of Drop Down Flash Menu 1.0.0, size 34.82 Kb.

SilverX RichMediaLab 

SilverX is a free utility that allows developers to convert web flash content to Microsoft Silverlight. It only supports Flash in ‘swf’ format for conversion. And it just takes selecting the flash file, plus the destination where to save the resulting Silverlight file.

The program supports multiple Flash features,. Freeware download of SilverX, size 2.01 Mb.

Web Video Machine 1 Blue Pacific Software 

Powerful, robust, easy-to-use batch video converter for your website.Web Video Machine is a powerful, robust and easy-to-use Internet video batch converter. When installed in a website, it converts virtually any video format to FLV and F4V (AVC/H.264) Flash video.The Video Machine is a complete, ready to use solution to build a successful web video. Free download of Web Video Machine 1, size 6.73 Mb.

FMF Skin Creator 1.0.2592 Epinoisis Software 

FMF Skin Creator? is software for creating new menu skins for Flash Menu Factory? (FMF). Using this free utility, the users of Flash Menu Factory will be able to unleash their creativity and design new menu skins that will meet their needs.

FMF Skin Creator includes a Quick Start Guide, a detailed Help and example and template files. Freeware download of FMF Skin Creator 1.0.2592, size 18.10 Mb.

IP Video Surveillance Live! WEB DEMO 1.0 IPVideoTrans 

A real time video server of high performance running over win32 or linux os. Captures live video streams from video input devices such as web cameras and digital camcorders through USB or IEEE 1394 firewire interface, encodes into Adobe shockwave flash (swf) streams or RTP streams such as H.263, H.263+, H.264 and MPEG-4 (IETF standards RFC 2190,. Free download of IP Video Surveillance Live! WEB DEMO 1.0, size 3.82 Mb.

IP Video Surveillance Live! 1.0 IPVideoTrans 

A real time video server of high performance running over win32 or linux os. Captures live video streams from video input devices such as web cameras and digital camcorders through USB or IEEE 1394 firewire interface, encodes into Adobe shockwave flash (swf) streams or RTP streams such as H.263, H.263+, H.264 and MPEG-4 (IETF standards RFC 2190,. Free download of IP Video Surveillance Live! 1.0, size 4.22 Mb.

FrameFree Studio 4 2 FrameFree Technologies, Inc 

Using the world's most advanced pixel-matching and interpolation engine, FrameFree Studio analyzes your still images and automatically creates stunning motion graphics with them. For the producers of high impact Internet-based, mobile, video or Digital Signage content, FrameFree Studio offers a new level of visual expression.. Free download of FrameFree Studio 4 2, size 37.73 Mb.

Windows Post-Install 8. 4. 2006 kelsenellenelvian 

Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI for short) is a hypertext application designed for giving users choice. While Windows XP offers many ways of customizing the setup process out of the box, its major drawback is the lack of being able to select which applications an end user may install. In the past, end users and administrators needed to either. Freeware download of Windows Post-Install 8. 4. 2006, size 4.61 Mb.

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A FAQ about using XML with Flash. The FAQ was created as a result of the common questions being asked on the FlashKit XML Board.