Airport Security Check For See Image

Banknote or Not? 1.3 Alex Zchut 

How do you know if your banknote is genuine?
Usually we can check by its security features like ghost image, raised ink and other things it should have.

Lets check its serial number and see if it is valid!
Simply enter the number and get a result instantly.

Now supporting 22 currencies:

USD - United States. Free download of Banknote or Not? 1.3, size 524.29 Kb.


Eternal Flame 1.5 Krauss Software 

Couldn't get your lighter through airport security when traveling to see your favorite band? Need to shine a bit of light when walking through a dark room?

Eternal Flame will turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a lighter that produces a realistic dancing flame. You can also turn the flame off and simply illuminate the screen for those. Free download of Eternal Flame 1.5, size 1.36 Mb.

Norton Security Scan Symantec Corporation 

It will automatically scan your computer every week, replacing the need for you to manually scan using Symantec Security Check. Itd-deOaos quick, easy, and best of all, itd-deOaos free!. Freeware download of Norton Security Scan, size 314.57 Kb.

Visual Page Rank Banned Check 1.1 

You can use this tool to check to see if Google has banned a domain from showing up in it's search engine results for searches. PR Rank check. Freeware download of Visual Page Rank Banned Check 1.1, size 953.34 Kb.

EasySQL Checker for Oracle 1.2.0 Gudu Software 

EasySQL Checker for Oracle is a SQL syntax validation tool, It can check to see whether a SQL statement syntax is valid before you actually run it against Oracle. It can opens several SQL files together and check all on the fly,then you can go directly to where the syntax error occurs by just double click the error message. EasySQL Checker for. Free download of EasySQL Checker for Oracle 1.2.0, size 749.57 Kb.

Iconic Tray 1.21 dnSoft Research Group 

Iconic Tray is a tiny utility which lets you minimize any window either to the system tray (notification area in Windows XP), or to a special new tray provided by Iconic Tray itself (see image). Whichever method you choose - bye bye those clogged up taskbars! Iconic Tray is very useful to hide seldom used or background applications which occupy. Free download of Iconic Tray 1.21, size 47.10 Kb.

Far Screen View 001 

Allow PC users to see image of the movies (\'virtual screen\') and 3D games at far distance (that mean bigger size of objects !). For realtime 3D applications (games) it allow even to determine relative distance between objects without using keyboard. Freeware download of Far Screen View 001, size 189.01 Kb.

Weewar Dashboard 1.0 Wwdb 

A small, notification tray resident, program that will check to see if any of your games on are in need of your attention.

Weewar Dashboard 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Weewar Dashboard 1.0, size 0 b.

Abu Dhabi FlightStatus 2.0 Dian Agus Triadi 

Say welcome to the only app for Abu Dhabi Airport to check the flight status. This beautiful designed app is available for FREE.

- Get the updated data right from your iOS devices
- Search your flight by providing your flight number, or search by airline and the city name
- Get notified on your flight before the. Freeware download of Abu Dhabi FlightStatus 2.0, size 11.53 Mb.

Baggage Reclaim 1.0 Birmingham City University 

Baggage Reclaim is a 2-D platformer based across 15 levels in a 1970s airport. On a flight home from a well-deserved vacation, our hero, the super-cop only known as The Guy, must make his way past airport security to recover his stolen baggage from an evil, underground syndicate of ninjas. Armed only with his handy moustache, a formidable weapon. Freeware download of Baggage Reclaim 1.0, size 45.61 Mb.

CCRLS 1.93 

Find out what items are available at CCRLS Libraries!

Search the catalog, place a hold and reserve items, see what you have checked out, renew items, contact a librarian, and more.

Scan QR Codes or ISBNs from books and then check to see if the item is in the library.. Freeware download of CCRLS 1.93, size 8.91 Mb.

CheckPhoto 2.00 Takuro Kitayama 

'CheckPhoto' is an application to enable to check photos in detail with simple user interface.

Based on metadata embedded in photos, you can check file size, image size, image resolution, shutter speed, F Number, camera model, lens model, date and time taken, location (latitude and altitude), and so on. If you want to check all embedded. Freeware download of CheckPhoto 2.00, size 3.77 Mb.

Exif Address Detection 1.0 NORIHIKO HAYASAKA 

Is an application to verify the address of the location information to parse the Exif information has been recorded in the photo was taken.
Because you can easily check the location information, also available as a security check.. Freeware download of Exif Address Detection 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

Guadalupe Credit Union Mobile 2.5.2 TRG Mobilearth Inc. 

GCU Mobile gives you 24/7 access to your Guadalupe Credit Union accounts in the palm of your hand!

Download this free app for an easy way to:

- Check balances
- See recent transactions
- Transfer money
- Find ATM/branch locations & hours
- Set up account alerts

GCU Mobile is secure, simple. Freeware download of Guadalupe Credit Union Mobile 2.5.2, size 7.03 Mb.

Zoomline 2 Zoomline 

How much is your time worth? Is it worth spending $10 to save 40 minutes of your time to zoom through the airport security line? Is it worth spending $3 more to experience the "express" in express grocery checkout? Is it worth $5 to avoid waiting 35 minutes at your favorite restaurant, and just get the next available table? With. Freeware download of Zoomline 2, size 18.66 Mb.

SiteChecker Free 1.10 Commercial Gadgets 

The Site Checker application was developed to be a small program that checks the status of a web site. FEATURES: A· PINGS the site every x minutes (from 1-60) to check to see if the site is accessible. A· Loads a web page (you supply), checking for the closing BODY tag to verify that the page loads completely. A· Can be cloned to check. Free download of SiteChecker Free 1.10, size 786.43 Kb.

Frenzy LiveCD 1.0 

Frenzy is a "portable system administrator toolkit," LiveCD based on FreeBSD. It generally contains software for hardware tests, file system check, security check and network setup and analysis. Size of ISO-image is 200 MBytes (3" CD).

Frenzy LiveCD 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Frenzy LiveCD 1.0, size 0 b.

BuddyCheck 1.0.3 Nuotex 

BuddyCheck will show you the real online status of your Yahoo! Messenger friends. It will regularly check to see if they are online, even if they are invisible or are using Stealth Mode. It will notify you using a tray area balloon when a contact signs on or off. It does this by sending special messages to the Yahoo! Messenger server from a. Free download of BuddyCheck 1.0.3, size 334.85 Kb.

Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing 1 1 Blacklist Patrol - Blacklist Monitoring 

Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing lets you check to see if a given IP address or hostname is on one of up to 20 different anti-spam blacklists. Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing is provided by SpamButcher completely free of charge. This application may be of use to individuals troubleshooting email delivery issues, performing anti-spam research or are otherwise. Freeware download of Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing 1 1, size 1.05 Mb.

Captchar for Flex 1 FlashComponents 

Digicrafts Captchar Flex component is an easy to use visual security check UI. By using it with Flex Builder, you can just drag and drop it into your project. Supports 7 combination of secure code with customizable length. Internal support for 3 types of background. Background and other style can be customized with CSS. Features: 7 combinatios of. Free download of Captchar for Flex 1, size 5.12 Mb.