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Hard Rock Music Player 1.1.0 Angelina Floss 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Hard Rock Music Player.
Variety hard rock music radio from all around the globe.
App support , audio in the backgrounds, orientations and airplay.

. Free download of Hard Rock Music Player 1.1.0, size 4.30 Mb.


AutoTunes Big Music Player 2.2 Nymble Apps 

Mobile \ Music

AutoTunes is a customizable music player "skin" and playlist editor. Large, easy-to-read titles and simple gesture controls make it a better music player for in your car, in the gym, on your bike or in your bedside dock. Now with detailed artist and album notes and song lyrics.

No more tiny titles or. Free download of AutoTunes Big Music Player 2.2, size 3.04 Mb.

Energy - Interactive Music Player 4.0 Mehware 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Energy - Interactive Music Player

Energy is an interactive music application. It allows you to load a playlist at start up or create your own mini playlist. Once you click done it then loads Energy.

Its great to let Energy play the music as you dock your iphone or ipod touch.

- Touch with one finger to make the. Free download of Energy - Interactive Music Player 4.0, size 12.58 Mb.

Equalizer + Pro (Music Player Volume Quality Booster) 1.1.5 DJiT 

Mobile \ Music

Discover Equalizer + Pro, the premium version of the new standard music player, Equalizer +! A must have to listen to your music! Enjoy Equalizer + Pro special offer and save $8!
The premium version natively includes:
-BASS BOOST: to boost the volume of your bass like never before!
-SAVE option to record your customized frequency. Free download of Equalizer + Pro (Music Player Volume Quality Booster) 1.1.5, size 76.44 Mb.

EverStream Music Player 1.3.1 Allure Mobile, Inc. 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

With the EverSense Music Player you can get high quality digital music that can be wirelessly streamed from an iPhone directly to your EverSense Thermostat.

No wires, no docking, no fuss!. Freeware download of EverStream Music Player 1.3.1, size 2.83 Mb.

Hand Music Player 1.0 Hiroshi Yamaobe 

Mobile \ Music

Please install "Hand music player"!
You can play music without pushing the play button.

? How to play:
Put your hand closer to "The front camera" of iPhone or iPod so you can play a song.
When camera detects your hand, the music starts to play.
While the music is playing and your hand approaches. Free download of Hand Music Player 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

Slow Down Music Trainer 3.5.2 Santa Cruz Integration 

Mobile \ Music

A music player for musicians, singers, dancers, choreographers, and students. It lets you really hear all the nuances.

Slow Down Music Player makes it easy to learn new songs by slowing down or speeding up play back without changing the pitch! The song will sound the same as the original just faster or slower.

You can use the. Free download of Slow Down Music Trainer 3.5.2, size 3.25 Mb.

Christmas Music for Recorder and Piano 1.5 fornota 

Mobile \ Music

A selection of world-famous masterworks for the christmas time, arranged for recorder solo and recorder/piano.

Its in your hands now to play all your favorite music for the christmas time, previously only known to your music player.

There are 24 arrangements available from 11 componists, for descant/treble and piano with. Free download of Christmas Music for Recorder and Piano 1.5, size 244.32 Mb.

Que Player 1.0.0 questbeat 

Mobile \ Music

Que is a specialized music player for iPhone.
This app has an internal server that is accessible over the same local area network.
The user can send YouTube URL or audio file to the server, and the server plays them in order.

There are many ways to use this app.
For example, using this app with a bluetooth speaker in a. Freeware download of Que Player 1.0.0, size 1.89 Mb.

95.9 KLZX 2.95 Cache Valley Radio Group 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Utah's Classic Rock station 95.9 KLZX's all new iPhone application.

Chat in real-time, share pics, preview and vote for songs... It's more than music player.. Freeware download of 95.9 KLZX 2.95, size 2.73 Mb.

Groove Speaker 1.1.0 Wonders Technology Co.,Ltd 

Mobile \ Music

Groove Speaker is an App designed for Groove's docking speakers. You can use the simple speaker as a world clock, a multi-alarm, an FM tuner, a music player and make photo slideshow while you are listening to music.

Features: All functions in a single app!!! No need to switch!!
Dazzling home display, big digit with. Freeware download of Groove Speaker 1.1.0, size 5.45 Mb.

Grunge Stream 1.3 Computational Art 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Grunge Stream turns your iPhone/iPad into a streaming music player!

All your favorite and the most popular Grunge, 90s and Alternative Music radio station into a single application.

You can listen to your favorite music while messaging or browsing with your smartphone in total simplicity.

Key features:

. Freeware download of Grunge Stream 1.3, size 36.91 Mb.

Harman Kardon Remote 3.6 Harman International Industries 

Mobile \ Utilities

Control and enhance your Harman Kardon products with this remote control and music player app. This is the centerpiece of your Harman Kardon ecosystem.

> Device Remote Control
Easily control all of your network-enabled Harman Kardon products.

> Music Streaming
Wirelessly stream content to your. Freeware download of Harman Kardon Remote 3.6, size 54.32 Mb.

HeadRush Speaker 1.1.0 Wonders Technology Co.,Ltd 

Mobile \ Music

HeadRush Speaker turns the HeadRush Speaker into a powerful box. It has many functions that you expect. You can use the simple speaker as a clock, a rich alarm, an FM tuner, a music player and a photo slideshow

Features: All functions in a single app!!! No need to switch!!
Dazzling home display, big digit with date and. Freeware download of HeadRush Speaker 1.1.0, size 5.45 Mb.

KurdRadio 1.4 Alan Jaff 

Mobile \ Music

Kurdish Radio All in one .
Always on top Grossing on iTunes music App store .

More than 15 kurdish Radio , Tv channels and kurdish news on info page .

KurdRadio music player playlist on info page

Live update new channels evry day

Now with More Radios from Kurdish region .

-Now With. Free download of KurdRadio 1.4, size 943.72 Kb.

CharacterMusicPlayer-Ghost in the Shell:S.A.C. Section9 2.03 Production I.G., Inc 

Mobile \ Music

This application is 'Character music player' for short 'CharacterPlayer TM'
The first is "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. Section 9 version".

? basic function ?
It is a music player that reproduces the tune of your music library. (music files are not bundled)
The background images of which motifs are ?Section9?are 10. Free download of CharacterMusicPlayer-Ghost in the Shell:S.A.C. Section9 2.03, size 12.79 Mb.

GStones - Free music streaming 1.0 Labotec 

Mobile \ Music

GStones is a Cloud Google music player. It allows you to stream your music from the cloud from anywhere on Wifi, 4G and 3G.

G. Music allows you to keep up to 20,000 of your favorite songs in the cloud.
Now you can listen to your entire music collection without having to use
any space on your iOS device.

GStones. Freeware download of GStones - Free music streaming 1.0, size 21.08 Mb.

Auto-Tunes 2.5 Eddie Frimmel 

Mobile \ Music

Auto-Tunes turns your iPhone into a multifunctional speedometer/compass/speed alert/music player. It simultaneously displays vehicle speed, direction, album art, and Now Playing song information.

Keep within speed limits using the handy speed alarm; both audible and visual alerts let you know when youve exceeded your customizable set. Free download of Auto-Tunes 2.5, size 2.20 Mb.

Chameleon Player 3.0 Mytrax Inc 

Mobile \ Music

Color your music with Chameleon music player!

This player incorporates a palette of effects to improve your listening experience. Use them to optimize the sound to your environment or boost the bass frequencies you enjoy.

Use the reverb effect to simulate a live concert pinch in and out to change the size of the room, jumping. Freeware download of Chameleon Player 3.0, size 4.51 Mb.

Chopin Project 2 2.5.0 CHOPIN PROJECT, LLC 

Mobile \ Music

Interactive Chopin music player
50 Chopin titles EXPANDING WEEKLY to more than 225 titles
Favorites and Rarities (and some rare editions)
Playlists by alpha, genre, key and date of composition
Easy to use search and sort features
Background Play
Share function
Exclusive New Recordings by International. Free download of Chopin Project 2 2.5.0, size 18.66 Mb.

ChoPlayer flat 1.1.2 TOSHIHIDE IIZUKA 

Mobile \ Music

A new music player corresponding to iOS7.

List of functions

?I pursue a feeling of simple operation by the flick
?I read music aloud and function (the sound data are acquired than online)
?Making of the playlist independent of the iTunes library
?Twitter by a one tap or few assembly operations, Facebook, email,. Freeware download of ChoPlayer flat 1.1.2, size 9.33 Mb.

Choreo - Group Fitness Instructors 1.1.5 Younique Creation 

Mobile \ Sports

Introducing Choreo, a specialised app designed for Group Fitness Instructors to help us better manage and organise our music as well as record our exercise class choreography.

Improving on the iPhone's music player and playlist functionality, Choreo is perfect for both freestyle and pre-choreographed Yoga, Pilates, Weights, Step,. Freeware download of Choreo - Group Fitness Instructors 1.1.5, size 5.87 Mb.

Easy Star All-Stars 1.5.0 MobBase 

Mobile \ Music

Welcome to Easy Star All-Stars' iPhone app!

Download this app and stay connected to all of Easy Star All-Stars' music, news, tweets, videos, and other content in real-time.

Welcome to Easy Star All-Stars' mobile mob!. Freeware download of Easy Star All-Stars 1.5.0, size 29.05 Mb.

Ethereal Audio Player 1.31 Blimp Mx 

Mobile \ Music

Ethereal audio player is a lossless music player for iOS.

It supports .flac .ogg .wav and more with a very special look and feel.

For iPad, you can choose an open reel recorder as the UI, and for the iPod touch and iPhone, you can select different cassettes and controls.

Audio and video are airplay compatible

EveningTunes 1.2 WhazCool Ltd. 

Mobile \ Music

EveningTunes is one of the most innovative music player apps on IOS, designed and dedicated to create wonderful touch-screen and scenic-play experience, which allows its user to enjoy music in different atmospheres joyfully and stress-free.

Evening Tunes cares for your listening experience before you go to sleep, whether you need. Free download of EveningTunes 1.2, size 17.83 Mb.

Groups Selectable Player 1.2.0 Satoshi Horiguchi 

Mobile \ Music

Music player for multiple playlists, albums or podcasts.

You can select plural groups (playlists, albums or podcasts) at a time, and set them to iPod Player as current queue.
iPod Player manages normal functions like shuffle mode or background playing.
And using this app, you can also shuffle and skip the groups. The shuffled. Freeware download of Groups Selectable Player 1.2.0, size 1.36 Mb.

Guitar Study 6.0 Desktop Music, LLC 

Mobile \ Music

Become a music reader, not just a music player!

- Master music reading at your convenience
- Display note names on staff and fingerboard
- Master the fingerboard - learn the note name for each fret
- Learn to read 3 or 4 notes at a time (i.e. C, D, E)
- Set your own difficulty
- Left-handed mode
- Try. Free download of Guitar Study 6.0, size 5.77 Mb.

Radiobones 1.2 Guppies in the Dark 

Mobile \ Music

***listed on New and Noteworthy in the U.S. by Apple***
Let your self dance in this music player! Take a picture and pogo. NOT ONLY radio but also your IPOD music!!!!
RadioBones looks a bit stiff at first sight, but wait, there is more! Turn on the music, pump up the volume and see the incredible moves of RadioBones. He dances to the beat. Free download of Radiobones 1.2, size 3.46 Mb.

Rapzilla 5.2 Mobile Roadie 

Mobile \ Music

Stay connected with, your online Christian Hip Hop magazine, straight on your iPhone and iPod Touch (if connected to wi-fi or 3G).


- Latest Rapzilla News

- Music player (tons of music, as well as exclusive premieres)

- Videos: watch music videos and interviews.

SlowTunes 1.0.3 Brian Stokes 

Mobile \ Music

SlowTunes plays *your* music at *your* pace.

SlowTunes is a simple music player that lets you slow down your favorite songs without changing the pitch. You can...

- Add songs from your music library.
- Play songs at three simple speeds: normal, slower and slowest.
- Configure just how slow you want each speed.