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Offers information on JAR-66 license training for UK aircraft mechanics, technicians, and engineers. Includes discussion board. [German, French and English languages.]

Jar Mix Recipes Forums

Online message board for jar mix recipes.

Jar Jar's Swamp

A site dedicated to "that adorable Gungan, Jar Jar Binks."

Kill Jar Jar Binks Now

A Jar Jar Binks hate page with over 70 pictures, wallpapers, sounds, movies, and humor.

Bell Jar

Provides days and weekends to develop your poetry writing skills, in poetic places across the UK.

Gifts in a Jar Ebook

Recipes for gifts in a jar. Includes food mixes for desserts, beverages, and soups.

An Example of Negative Transfer: Luchins' Water Jar Experiment

Luchins and Luchins (1970) studied how prior experience can limit people's abilities to function efficiently in new settings. They used water jar problems where participants had three jars of...