Analog Clock Desktop Gadgets

DigiWatch Teodor Filimon 

Win the battle against time Not only do you get to see the time and date, but you can also use other features like timezones, alarms, customizable panels, travel mode, analog clock and more.. Freeware download of DigiWatch, size 115.34 Kb.


EclipseClock 1.3.1 Masataka Hakozaki 

This is a simple analog clock which imitated a total eclipse of the sun. A corona (a ring of the light) changes form and wavers gently. Please feel a flow of time to advance relaxedly.

- Three types of corona.
- Show or hide the glare of the sun.
- Show or hide the scale.
- Three types of the scale.. Free download of EclipseClock 1.3.1, size 2.94 Mb.

Hours Learning 1.1 Joaquin Leal System Zaragoza 

App for children learn time. Analog Clock and Digital Clock.
Easy interface for children. Four languages.. Free download of Hours Learning 1.1, size 314.57 Kb.

Kunugiclock 1.0 Remi Bernotavicius 

A beautiful analog clock with multiple faces to choose from. Each face is made by an independent artist so that you can enjoy viewing your time slowly and savor the ambience of it. Each clock face is very high-quality, and takes advantages of the built-in features of iOS that allow you use your device as a classical analog clock.. Freeware download of Kunugiclock 1.0, size 4.09 Mb.

My ClockFrame er.1 Adolfo Gabriel Sado 

With "My clock frame" you can turn your ipad in that special place where you have your favorite "analog clock" and the picture of that special person, place or what you want.
You can choose the picture from your own library, no matter if it is portrait or landscape, with a simple click it will show just how it should be.

Clock24hr-M RajeevGM 

24 hour analog clock like the one at Greenwich Park near the Prime Meridian. Two fixed time zones can be seen. Freeware download of Clock24hr-M, size 1.05 Mb.

Desk Time Arturs Sits 

Digital and analog clock with adjustable brightness, current date, and your next appointment.
Besides, smooth clock digit animations are used to not distract you from what you're doing.

- Digital clock with smooth digit animations
- Optional analog clock in background
- Adjustable brightness
- Shows. Freeware download of Desk Time, size 1.05 Mb.

Gal Gadot Classic HOLIESTAR 

This is a part of Gal gadot fans App

● connect to the Internet at any time to receive the latest fan group photo
● Photo source for Gal gadot Facebook fan group
● You can set the desktop gadgets selected photos
● You can use a photo as wallpaper
● your favorite photos to mobile

MagicHourClock Afrocat 

Magic hour and can experience several tens of minutes after sunset / before sunrise, a few hours of twilight that.

In addition to the analog clock in a place that you start an application that displays the time zone / MagicHour time of sunset / sunrise.

In everyday life, try to accompany such places.
Please enjoy the. Free download of MagicHourClock, size 1.05 Mb.

PhotoDock Florian Thurnwald 

PhotoDock is a dock application with four different clock styles:

- Bavarian Clock (German only)
- Digital Clock
- Analog Clock
- Modern Clock (text; German only)

This app provides a photo slideshow, the camera (front + rear) or a solid color as background behind the clock.. Freeware download of PhotoDock, size 1.05 Mb.

PictureClock UserJue 

Use your mobile as picture frame.
You don't telephone all the time. Why not placing the mobile on your desk in the meantime and let it show you some pictures of you sweat hard?
In addition it can show the time as analog clock or via indicators.
You can customize the App.
show or hide the analog clock
show seconds

Desktop Clock-7 4.0 style-7 

Desktop Clock-7 is program that displays the current time, date, day of the week on desktop window. You can resize the clock, move it anywhere, hide or show it using menu on system tray icon and use one alarm. The program uses color scheme of OS Windows. Appearance options: show numbers off/on/12-3-6-9, show logo off/as date/as custom text, show. Freeware download of Desktop Clock-7 4.0, size 899.25 Kb.

Topmost Clock 2.1 SoftDemon 

Topmost Clock is a transparent desktop clock, which runs on top of all other windows. It may have a digital or analog clock face of various colors, sizes and shapes. It has flexible settings, which allow customizing the clock so that it could be easily seen in any environment, but wouldn't irritate you or overlap with important interface elements.. Freeware download of Topmost Clock 2.1, size 527.36 Kb.

Clock G2 6 1 GetWare 

Clock G2 is a comprehensive clock for your desktop. The application includes five varieties of clocks: standard digital clock, standard analog clock, analog world clock, digital world clock and countdown clock. Depending on the clock you choose, it will display different customization options like font, date options, clock display, skin,. Freeware download of Clock G2 6 1, size 780.29 Kb.

Friendly Clock 2.0 A. Kilievich & Co. 

Friendly Clock is a simple desktop clock for Windows XP and 2000. This analog clock can be moved all across your desktop, but you cannot minimize it to tray. It isn't too big (just the right size) and you can adjust the transparency percentage as you wish. It also includes a great variety of time formats to choose from, and you can customize. Freeware download of Friendly Clock 2.0, size 2.01 Mb.

Happy Clock Screensaver 1.0 

Do you like clock screensavers? If yes, this is your screensaver. You will get all features of the clock screensaver: analog clock, new design, black and blue colors, animated arrows. The background is not annoying, this is real screensaver. It also suitable for night time. Great compatibility with all versions of Windows and monitors will surprise. Freeware download of Happy Clock Screensaver 1.0, size 3.19 Mb.

Underwater Clock Bubble Screen Saver 1.23.2 Gelios Software 

Clock screensavers are always useful for checking the time when the computer is turned on, but not in use. This screensaver features an aquarium scene as a background of an analog clock. The background's graphics are rather good, featuring several tropical fish swimming around. The fish are surrounded by bubbles depicted with a nice 3D effect.. Free download of Underwater Clock Bubble Screen Saver 1.23.2, size 2.19 Mb.

Ultimate Screen Clock 2.0a42 1.0 Alchemy Mindworks 

The Ultimate Screen Clock will manage time on your system as few applications have managed it before or since. While this software has been certified as being incapable of actually violating any physical laws a€” or at the very worst, just fracturing a few of the complex ones only physicists understand a€” it will do things with time that. Free download of Ultimate Screen Clock 2.0a42 1.0, size 12.90 Mb.

Clock Screen Saver 1.70 ABF software, Inc. 

Clock Screen Saver is popular screensaver software that displays the current time in the way of cool digital or analog clock. Program has 3 clock modes: analog clock, digital clock and text-digital clock. You can customize every clock mode as you like. For example, you can set different colors for every digit or clock hand, choose the time format. Free download of Clock Screen Saver 1.70, size 1.07 Mb.

Analog Clock 2.2 Excode Software 

For human readable information, both digital and analog display methods can be useful.For instant information at-a-glance, analog meters are often superior. Many people glance quickly at their analog watch and immediately know roughly what the time is.Analog Clock is an analog, skinnable, Windows tray clock replacement. The careful study of the. Freeware download of Analog Clock 2.2, size 1.16 Mb.