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BRIDGE Card Game From Special K 4.12 Special K Software 

Bridge From Special K
This program plays the enduringly popular card game of Bridge. Use Windows to achieve the realistic atmosphere of a Bridge game with animation and sound. Playing and bidding logic vastly improved.

You can choose from different bidding conventions and styles of play. It has animation, and supports. Free download of BRIDGE Card Game From Special K 4.12, size 2.79 Mb.


CANASTA Card Game From Special K 3.16 Special K Software 

Canasta From Special K
Play the classic card games of Canasta! Play against the computer playing between 1 and 5 opponents.

Use Windows to achieve the realistic atmosphere of a Canasta game with animation and sound.

You can choose from different rules, playing styles, and up to six players. Or you can customise. Free download of CANASTA Card Game From Special K 3.16, size 2.72 Mb.

Barking Cards 96 Lite 1.1 Blaze Technologies, Inc. 

Barking Cards 96 Lite are electronic cards that include high quality animation, professional sound effects and music, and hilarious punchlines.They range from edgey, to romantic, to cute, to politically incorrect. You can customize the text in the cards, add more text, add photos or clip art, record voice messages or add pre-recorded sounds. When. Free download of Barking Cards 96 Lite 1.1, size 1.16 Mb.

WinLines 2.1 MQ Consulting Ltd 

A Windows puzzle game with smooth animation and sound. Game objective is to align same colored balls in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. In standard game you will start with board 9x9 squares. Each turn three new balls appears in random places and random color. Your mission is to move balls so that there is at least five balls in line.. Free download of WinLines 2.1, size 809.98 Kb.

Piggs Peak Poker Casino Enterprises (PTY) LTD 

Piggs Peak Poker is Southern Africa's premier online poker destination
Powered by state-of-the-art Microgaming software, all games boast superior game features, seamless gameplay, advanced user interface, excellent graphics, animation and sound effects, plus plenty of chances to win big in the rooms. .. Freeware download of Piggs Peak Poker, size 44.88 Mb.

Balloonatic Balloon Simulator 1.0 Flying Jalapeno 

Balloonatic is the premier balloon simulator for the iPhone.

Blow up a balloon by blowing into your microphone. If you blow it up too big, you may lose your balloon.

Have fun with realistic balloon animation and sound affects!

Hmm your finger looks sharp, I wonder what happens if you poke it?

. Free download of Balloonatic Balloon Simulator 1.0, size 838.86 Kb.

High Noon Slots 1.0 Palmanac Limited 

Mobigames proudly presents High Noon Slots, the most realistic slot machine simulator available for iPhone and iPod touch users. Featuring smooth and alluring graphics, animation and sound effects with a Wild West theme, you will totally believe this is the "reel deal" in casino slots experience.

Bet 1 to 5 credits per game

Zoo Adventure : KidsLink Free 1.1 LEE DONG HO 

A good mother, a good father!

Children love to "Zoo Adventure_KidsLink"

Wonderful Animals living in the Zoo could meet them in the palm of your hand.

Smartphone touch! Brings out the animation and sound effects that kids like.

In order to draw a line and meet friends.

The kids really. Freeware download of Zoo Adventure : KidsLink Free 1.1, size 28.42 Mb.

Bomb Patrol 1.1 Octagon Software Inc. 

Bomb Patrol is a simple strategy game in which you try to collect a certain amount of coins within a given time. Along the way, you must uncover question marks that may have bombs hidden underneath them. Similar to Minesweeper, but fast-paced with much better graphics, animation and sound. With some levels more than 4 times the size of. Free download of Bomb Patrol 1.1, size 1.32 Mb.

NSIS Autorun 1.0 

NSIS Autorun is a graphical CD/DVD/USB autorun (autoplay) engine that launches installers made with NSIS. Non-rectangular windows, animation, and sound are supported. Can be used with Windows 95/NT4 - 7(x86/x64).. Freeware download of NSIS Autorun 1.0, size 296.79 Kb.

wxAt 1.0 Wxat 

This is Agent framwork.This Agent can auto play animation or sound effects and so on as a character.(like Microsoft Agent)

wxAt 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of wxAt 1.0, size 0 b.

Antair Video Slots for the BlackBerry 1.0 Antair Corporation 

The best Video Slots for your BlackBerry handheld device. Featuring three variants of Video Slots in one great game, fantastic graphics and animation, great sound effects and vibration feedback, and true record keeping of your best games. Experience the thrill of the casino on your BlackBerry handheld device with Antair Video Slots. A. Free download of Antair Video Slots for the BlackBerry 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.

You've Got Mail 1.3 build 

Shows Animation and Plays Sound when e-mail arrives. You've Got Mail is a program that tells you when it is time to start your e-mail client and read your e-mail - in this way you don't have to keep your default e-mail program running all the time. You can let the program check as many e-mail accounts as you like, and when you have got e-mail. Free download of You've Got Mail 1.3 build, size 4.22 Mb.

AllMountainSaver 1.0 Soft 2D 

While your computer is idle your are going to enjoy 7 animated mountain pictures in different weather condition (Snow and Rain animation) with accompaniment of hi-quality background music, and water sound effect. Find peace and tranguility with this beautiful nature scenes along with background music. Dont miss the chance to experience mountain. Free download of AllMountainSaver 1.0, size 3.88 Mb.

Animated Coloring 1.0 Flix Productions 

A coloring book program that uses sound and animation. The child can choose from over 1000 colors or have the program pick a color for them each time they color. The colors can be animated with a color cycle. If the child wishes, the program will color the picture for them. At any time, the child can choose to have the picture become a full screen. Free download of Animated Coloring 1.0, size 6.81 Mb.

30 Sec Shape Up Exercise 1.3 Hikaru Tanikawa 

30 Sec Shape Up Exercise? is great app to help you to exercise effectively.


Each steps are set in 30 second already.
Each steps has illustrate animation go with breath effected sound.

Don't need to think! Just follow the animation and. Free download of 30 Sec Shape Up Exercise 1.3, size 8.28 Mb.

Grenade Bang 2.0 Denis Ivanov 

Grenade Bang
With the app explosion grenade feel at real war, entertain their friends different kinds of sounds of explosions and grenades !
Beautiful animation of explosions ! Good realistic sound and graphics garnet mines and bombs ! Grenades and bombs will be added !
What would you rather choose to play you liked grenade and click. Freeware download of Grenade Bang 2.0, size 32.30 Mb.

Draw5 RANWare 

Draw Poker game with full card animation and voice prompts. Uses DirectX technology for a visually interesting game!

This is the latest version of RANWare's popular Jack's or Better video poker game.
This version has many new features:

Complete re-write of the C++ code to be compatible with the latest features of. Free download of Draw5, size 1.35 Mb.

Backyard Zoo Africa 3.1 DONALD KLAUS 

NEW Wildlife Jeweled Game! Fun and Addictive!
? Animal Match Game with Real Animal Sounds! 3n1 Games
?40 Puzzles [Featured in Whats Hot! Music Section USA]
? Background Africa Photo Animation, ? African Tribal Drums Background Music ?

Welcome to Backyard Zoo Africa iPhone Game

The Backyard Zoo Africa was. Free download of Backyard Zoo Africa 3.1, size 12.48 Mb.

Bad Fortune Cookie 1 Subreference Studios llc 

** Preview Edition **

Free for a limited time while we upgrade the application to include more fortunes, sound effects and much more!

Somewhere in a long forgotten corner of Chinatown there is a fortune cookie factory run by just one man, a man obsessed with providing bad fortunes in a mad effort to balance ying with yang. As. Freeware download of Bad Fortune Cookie 1, size 8.60 Mb.

Animation Of Sound Web Results

Arkitek Studios

Deliver true multimedia content through the judicious use of 3D animation and sound. A client list and examples of their work are available onsite.

Smacker Video Technology

A compressor for video, animation and sound data includes video compression with twice the video quality and now uses the Bink audio codec for perceptually lossless 8 to 1 compression.

Mighty Oak Design

Web design, animation, and sound design. Located in Provo, Utah, United States.


Online reading with animation and sound of a work regarding the septenary metaphysics utilizing structure of consciousness and integrated reality theory.

Rooney Design Christmas Advent Calendar

Click on the Christmas tree for animation and sound effects.

Cartman Interactive

South Park fan site featuring animation and sound.

Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles

From 4 to over 1000 pieces. Some puzzles feature animation and sound. For Windows. By Carolina Road Software.