Ant Task

Ant task for Doxygen 1.6.1 

Ant-Doxygen is an Ant task for doxygen, a document generating tool available at . Users can integrate doxygen related code with ant task file - build.xml .. Freeware download of Ant task for Doxygen 1.6.1, size 16.28 Kb.


Ant Task Version_Tool 1.1.4 

Version_Tool is an Ant Task which allows you to increment the version number and or the build number of your Java application during the build process.. Freeware download of Ant Task Version_Tool 1.1.4, size 32.16 Kb.

Chown Ant Task 1.0rc3 

An Ant task for changing the ownership of files on Unix.. Freeware download of Chown Ant Task 1.0rc3, size 12.94 Kb.

Edit Properties Ant Task 1.0 

Ant task to edit properties file.. Freeware download of Edit Properties Ant Task 1.0, size 5.27 Kb.

HelpStudio Ant Task 1.2.0 

Ant task for compiling HelpStudio projects. Freeware download of HelpStudio Ant Task 1.2.0, size 37.49 Kb.

Resourcebundle Check Ant Task 1.31 

Ant Task for checking Java Resourcebundles. It checks for existence of all keys in each bundle, duplicate keys, existence of forbidden chars (e.g. special characters like umlauts) and continuous usage of placeholders.. Freeware download of Resourcebundle Check Ant Task 1.31, size 314.39 Kb.

TestSetGenerator Ant task 1.1 

An Ant task for generating property files with testsets based on the results of SQL queries and validation plug-ins. Very usefull when building unit tests that make use of changing datasets.. Freeware download of TestSetGenerator Ant task 1.1, size 393.30 Kb.

OpenSTA Ant Task 1.0 Osta-ant-task 

This project is an Apache Ant Task that allows automated execution of OpenSTA tests, and generate reports in XML or HTML format.

OpenSTA Ant Task 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of OpenSTA Ant Task 1.0, size 0 b.

Ant Library Resolver Task rc 

Ant task which facilitates adding external libraries to classpath without worrying about their physical location on disk. DISCONTINUED.. Freeware download of Ant Library Resolver Task rc, size 4.27 Kb.

Ant Web Start Task 0.9 

An Ant task to generate a WAR file for a Java Web Start (JNLP) application. Allows for easy packaging and distribution of a Web Start application via a WAR file.. Freeware download of Ant Web Start Task 0.9, size 74.54 Kb.

Ant Constants Class Generator Task 1.2 Antconstclassg 

Ant task that generates a Java class (source code) with constants. All values are provided from Ant constants or properties. It's normally used to provide build details to a Java application.

Ant Constants Class Generator Task 1.2 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of Ant Constants Class Generator Task 1.2, size 5.97 Kb.

ant-Ikvmc 0.5 

Ant-Ikvmc is an Ant task for IKVMC, a tool that converts Java bytecode to .NET dll's and exe's (available at This library provides Ant interface to this tool. It also provides Java doclet to generate IKVMC mapping files from your sources. Freeware download of ant-Ikvmc 0.5, size 18.66 Kb.

ant-dialog 1.0 

Ant dialog is an ant task with extended features to the standard input ant task. The dialog tasks supports Combos, Radio-Buttons, Checkboxes. Additional validation of required fields is supported.. Freeware download of ant-dialog 1.0, size 182.65 Kb.

Ant-JMS 0.7 

ant-jms is a simple ant task to send jms messages. Freeware download of Ant-JMS 0.7, size 27.19 Kb.

markdown-ant 1.0 Markdown-ant 

Ant task for converting Markdown files to HTML

markdown-ant 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of markdown-ant 1.0, size 0 b.

MakeDirDiff 1.2 Kanshyn Software 

is a simple command line tool for finding differences between two directories and storing all new/updates files in a new directory. MakeDirDiff compares two directories and creates the third directory with the first directory structure, but with new or updated files only. It can update the second directory content with the current content of the. Freeware download of MakeDirDiff 1.2, size 1.32 Mb.

ant4docbook 0.3.0 

ANT4DOCBOOK is an ANT task for DOCBOOK, a semantic markup language for technical documentation. It generates html and pdf documentation.. Freeware download of ant4docbook 0.3.0, size 39.52 Mb.

ant4hg 0.07 

ANT4HG is an ANT task for HG, a distributed source control management system ( Freeware download of ant4hg 0.07, size 87.53 Kb.

antcpp 1.1 

Cpp Ant task implementation. The project is simple cpp ant task implementation. It is intended to be platform independent but it requires presence of cpp preprocessor somewhere in searchpath.. Freeware download of antcpp 1.1, size 978.58 Kb.

AntForm 2.0 

An Ant task for user interaction based on forms written in Swing. Enables rapid deployment of forms for connecting user input to properties in an Ant script and menus for launching ant tasks... Freeware download of AntForm 2.0, size 666.43 Kb.

Ant Task Web Results


A Java application to improve the runtime performance of logging systems by altering the Java-Bytecode to avoid unnecessary calls to expensive methods. Supports Log4j, Apache commons Logging and...

jarg - Java Archive Grinder

Shrinks and obfuscates jar files. Runs from the command line or as an Ant task. [Open source, BSD]


Shrinks and obfuscates, with template-based configuration. Comes with an Ant task, a J2ME WTK plugin, and a tool to de-obfuscate stack traces. [Open source, GPL]

Ant-contrib project

SourceForge project for potential ant contributions. Currently consists of a C/C++ compilation task and various logical tasks.

Ant User Mailing LIst Archive

Archives ANT user mailing list and offers another view of the list.

The Ant Farm

A personal Web site related to ants: FAQ, building an ant habitat, resources, pictures and forum.

The Ant Farm

Like an ant farm, many tunnels lead to various chambers filled with ants, goodies, and outdoor sweets (favorite links). Includes a message board, chat, and versions of the site in several languages.