Applet Program For Student Mark List

Random Number Software 1.0 Word Converter 

Random number Software is an powerful & easy to operate program to generate a list of random numbers. Random number Software is cultivated on windows platform, software supported on all the Windows OS versions. Software also provides you the feature to create list of sequential numbers and constant value number. Random Number Generating tool is. Free download of Random Number Software 1.0, size 985.66 Kb.


HealthyU Student Assistance 1.0 ACI Specialty Benefits Inc. 

The HealthyU Student Assistance app is a component of your Student Assistance Program. HealthyU Student Assistance provides instant, mobile access to your Student Assistance Programs resources and services.

Access Instantly, 24/7 Use HealthyU Student Assistance to explore resources and request services of your Student Assistance Program. Freeware download of HealthyU Student Assistance 1.0, size 6.19 Mb.

Bocazas Chat 1.2 Bocazas S.L. 

Bocazas is a chat applet program that runs on the web. If installed on your web page, the visitors will be able to access any irc network, have public and private conversations simultaneously, direct connect to other users, and send files. Even though it is a powerful program that accepts all IRC commands, it has an easy interface and supports. Free download of Bocazas Chat 1.2, size 247.81 Kb.

AshSofDev Alphabetizer AshSofDev 

AshSofDev Alphabetizer for those times when you need a simple program to put a list in alphabetical order. With it you can load the text from a file or add the words to the list manually, with the click of a button, the words are in alphabetical order. You can then save the list to a text file.. Freeware download of AshSofDev Alphabetizer, size 3.41 Mb.

mutt-mb b.0.6 

mutt-mb is a program to create a list of mailboxes for the MUA mutt when mail is stored in maildir format. It can also be used to check the consistency of the mail storage.. Freeware download of mutt-mb b.0.6, size 15.05 Kb.

FileNameRandomizer 1.0 Filenamerandom 

This is a small Java program to take a list of files and create random names for them to allow for a random ordering.. Freeware download of FileNameRandomizer 1.0, size 0 b.

QR Contacts 1.0 Qrcontacts 

This program will take a list of contacts, either as a tab delineated .txt file or input from a user. It will then export a html file with each contact having their own QR code image.

QR Contacts 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of QR Contacts 1.0, size 0 b.

Active To-Do List 1.4 Beiley Software 

To-Do List organizer tracks your tasks in an easy to use format. Quickly record as many notes as you need for each task, and organize your tasks into categories or even different to-do lists. Tasks can be set to repeat at a wide variety of intervals so repeating tasks only need to be entered once. Remind yourself with a variety of alarm options. Free download of Active To-Do List 1.4, size 317.44 Kb.

Excel Word Frequency Count Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This program will do a word frequency analysis on all the words in multiple Excel files. The program will produce a list with the number of times each word appears. You must have Excel installed on your machine.. Free download of Excel Word Frequency Count Software 7.0, size 403.46 Kb.

Nail Gun Thumbnail Creator 2.4.16 Wolfgang Software 

Web Masters this is a must have program. This popular program can change a list of full size images into thumbnail pictures. Easily set the thumbnail picture size along with automatic renaming options. Auto landscape resizes thumbnails if the source image is wider than it is tall. Save thumbnails in the original location or browse for a destination. Free download of Nail Gun Thumbnail Creator 2.4.16, size 1.77 Mb.

SuDoKuSolver 1.0 KRAMSoftware 

Solve Sudoku puzzles quickly using this program. Great for puzzle list maintainers or puzzle enthusiasts who want to quickly check if a Sudoku puzzle is valid or has a solution.. Freeware download of SuDoKuSolver 1.0, size 5.12 Kb.

OpenAdmin 2 11 Richtech 

An open source web-based school administration program. Includes student demographics, attendance, discipline, report card, IEP, Gradebook, Daybook.
Open Admin for Schools is a School Administration Program. It is a freely available, open source software package and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.. Freeware download of OpenAdmin 2 11, size 0 b.

dvdsplit gtk for linux 1.0 Dvdsplitgtk 

This is the same thing as my dvdsplit for linux program, with a GUI interface. This program will take a list of directories and break up all the files in those directories into 4.5gig chunks so that they can easily be burned to DVD.

dvdsplit gtk for linux 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of dvdsplit gtk for linux 1.0, size 0 b.

LanDiscovery 1.02 Softvoile 

LanDiscovery is a free utility for browsing large local area networks.
The program helps browsing your LAN, that consists of many computers.In the program you see the list of computers, present in the network, and the list of available 'shares' on specified computer.The first list is updated when the program is started; however, you can. Freeware download of LanDiscovery 1.02, size 155.65 Kb.

Fire System Specifier 1. 2. 2001 Bosch Security Systems 

The Fire System Specifier tool is designed for architects, consultants and specifiers who need to specify fire alarm systems. It enables one to quickly create a tender document.

In the program there is a list with Bosch products. From this list one can cherry pick the required elements for the tender document. The selected products. Freeware download of Fire System Specifier 1. 2. 2001, size 4.15 Mb.

Storytellers Best Friend 1.0 St-bestfriend 

This programm is for a storyteller in Vampire - The Masquerade or Shadowrun, who doesn't want to spend most of the time for npc-character creation. This program let you mark player positions or even play background music.

Storytellers Best Friend 1.0 License - Other License. Freeware download of Storytellers Best Friend 1.0, size 0 b.

Star Envelope Printer Pro Network Edition 5.20 Starre Enterprises Ltd 

Star Envelope Printer Pro Network Edition is a powerful application designed to help you print multiple envelopes in less time. The program can manage a list of mailing addresses and return addresses in order to print them with just a few clicks.

You can also use the program when printing multiple envelops in one operation. It comes in. Free download of Star Envelope Printer Pro Network Edition 5.20, size 0 b.

SOWPODS Scrabble Dictionary ErasoftLabs 

SOWPODS Scrabble Dictionary is a handy application that can help you solve word puzzles with less effort. The program includes the SOWPODS list with the officially approved Scrabble words and allows you to perform quick searches.

You can search for an exact match or for a word that contains certain letters. If you want to find the exact. Free download of SOWPODS Scrabble Dictionary, size 0 b.

Spelling Made Simple 2.1.6 Prenap 

Spelling Made Simple is a proven program that helps teach everyone how to spell simple to complex words. These word lists can easily be made by entering them, dragging and dropping text, or downloading lists from our website. The user can see or hear the word (based on the user settings) and then type the answer. If their answer is incorrect that. Free download of Spelling Made Simple 2.1.6, size 46.08 Mb.

Student project evaluation 1.0 Studeval 

Studeval aims at evaluating automatically student project by testing the presence of directories/files, checking certain properties and comparing the expected and the student program outputs.

Student project evaluation 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Student project evaluation 1.0, size 0 b.