Audio Chat Pro Activex Ocx

Audio Wizard Pro Ear Trainer 1.2 ReGo Media 

Audio Wizard Pro is an intense interactive software ear training course for any musician, producer, engineer, or recording hobbyist. Have you ever wanted to learn how professional engineers can hear exactly what's wrong in your mix and EQ it up nice and sweet right away. Do you know what exact frequencies to cut and boost by hearing them in your. Free download of Audio Wizard Pro Ear Trainer 1.2, size 448.79 Mb.


Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro 4.3 Program4Pc 

Audio Converter Pro a versatile audio converter and audio extractor with user-friendly interface and powerful functions. It converts audio between MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, RA, OGG, FLAC, etc. Extract audio from all popular video formats and convert them to any audio format you like including all popular music player devices. Convert audio CD tracks,. Free download of Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro 4.3, size 37.13 Mb.

OSS Audio Converter Pro One Stop Soft 

Converts audio formats from one to another, extract audio from video or record audio to HD. Audio Converter Pro is indispensable for converting (audio encoder / decoder) audio / music files from one format to another directly from Explorer with ID3v2 Tag editing and new Mp3 (Lame) support. Converts (to and from) WAV PCM ( WAV sound files ), MPG,. Free download of OSS Audio Converter Pro, size 22.71 Mb.

BPS Audio Converter Pro Bullet Proof Soft 

Convert between all audio file types easily from one format to another with all possible settings. Audio Converter Pro, is a must have utility, indispensable for converting (audio encoder / decoder) audio / music files from one format to another directly from Explorer with ID3v2 Tag and new Mp3 (Lame) support. Audio Converter Pro can convert (from. Free download of BPS Audio Converter Pro, size 14.49 Mb.

TVideoGrabber 7.4 build Datastead 

TVideoGrabber is a versatile video capture component and media player component available for Delphi and C++Builder (as a native VCL component), or for Visual Basic and Visual C++ (as an ActiveX OCX component).It has been designed for and easy, intuitive and fast development of applications including video.TVideoGrabber captures analog or digital. Free download of TVideoGrabber 7.4 build, size 1.59 Mb.

RSP Encrypt OCX 3.2.0 RSP Software 

ActiveX OCX to encrypt files using a very fast implementation of AES and RC4 encryption , the code execution is the fastest possible in the win32 environment with optimizations for new AMD and Intel P4 processors . Free download of RSP Encrypt OCX 3.2.0, size 391.17 Kb.

RSP Advanced Compressor OCX 1.0.0 RSP Software 

ActiveX OCX to compress files with an advanced compression format- Ability to compress and uncompress files using an advanced compression format - It can compress better than gzip, zlib , zip or bzip2 - The compression engine is loaded dynamically in the process - Ability to pause , resume and cancel the execution . Free download of RSP Advanced Compressor OCX 1.0.0, size 378.88 Kb.

EZ Audio Editor Pro 5.6.7 EZMedia 

New generation music editing software

EZ Audio Editor Pro is a visual multifunction digital audio editing software for Windows.

With the new generation audio music editing software, you'll get more compressed music from your audio CDs or tapes, save more hard disk space, create more personal music and share them with. Free download of EZ Audio Editor Pro 5.6.7, size 9.82 Mb.

Mainmedia Image Converter Pro ActiveX Component 1.49 Mainmedia Software 

Convert to bmp, jpg, tif, png, gif, pcx, jp2, ico, jpc, pgx, pnm, ras, tga, wbmp image format.
It include over 50 image effects, 3DGrid Effect, Contrast Effect, Brightness Effect, Adjust RGB Effect, Auto Color Enhance Effect, Auto Color Level Effect, Auto Contrast Effect, Blinds Effect, Blur Average Effect, Blur Gauss Effect, Blur Radial. Free download of Mainmedia Image Converter Pro ActiveX Component 1.49, size 2.24 Mb.

VISCOM Barcode Reader SDK ActiveX 9.13 Viscom Software 

Support read Kodak / Wang Annotation tag within a TIFF file and display it.
convert PDF, TIF to single or multi-page Microsoft Word (.docx) File without installed Microsoft Word.
Support create Microsoft Word (.docx) File and add images and texts to specific page.
need add-ons Advanced PDF Viewer and PDF Edit Module support. Free download of VISCOM Barcode Reader SDK ActiveX 9.13, size 18.88 Mb.

RSP Checksum OCX 2.6.0 RSP Software 

This ActiveX OCX can compute very fast the checksum of strings or files using Adler32 , CRC32 , MD5 , SHA-1 and SHA-256 , the code is optimized for new AMD and Intel processors running very fast in the win32 environment. Free download of RSP Checksum OCX 2.6.0, size 374.78 Kb.

ChartPro Wrapper 1 3 noyantis limited 

ChartPro Wrapper template for the Codejock Chart Pro ActiveX control enables Clarion developers to quickly add the power of the control to their applications in a matter of minutes. Thisr product boasts full support for all recent versions of Clarion, ABC and Legacy compatability, and an easy to use Template and Class interface.

The. Free download of ChartPro Wrapper 1 3, size 3.61 Mb.

VISCOM Image Viewer SDK ActiveX 7 8 Viscom Software 

Image viewer CP is a simple and easy ActiveX OCX control to creates,crop, displays, edits, flips, resizes and rotates image, photo and graphic. It supports BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PCX, PNG, PSD, TIFF, WMF, WBMP, TGA, PGX, RAS, PNM, and others and can convert between them. Images can be printed to printer. Moreover, it provides some helpful. Free download of VISCOM Image Viewer SDK ActiveX 7 8, size 13.64 Mb.

Capturix GPS SDK 4 8 Capturix Software Technologies 

The Capturix GPS SDK is a ActiveX OCX Control that provide Visual Basic Developers the interface between GPS receivers and their applications. This is a very simple control with a simple configuration methods and very easy to implement. It provides direct support to MapQuest website and creates .KML files to be used on Google Earth application.. Free download of Capturix GPS SDK 4 8, size 1.07 Mb.

Audio Amplifier Pro 1.3 DanDans Digital Media 

Audio Amplifier Pro adjusts the volume of your audio file or video file. It also allows you to normalize all video clips and audio tracks to the same volume level. With only several clicks this simple tool bumps the audio up. It would keep the video track unchanged, and the audio will be adjusted with an increase or decrease in volume. Audio. Free download of Audio Amplifier Pro 1.3, size 7.00 Mb.

SoundTap Professional Edition 3.00 NCH Software 

SoundTap Professional Audio Recorder lets you record just about any audio that plays through your Windows computer including streaming radio, VoIP calls and Instant Messaging conversations. Simply install this software, turn it on and then all sound played on or through the PC will be recorded as wav or mp3 files. All audio is 'tapped' by a virtual. Free download of SoundTap Professional Edition 3.00, size 767.76 Kb.

Smart Print Control 4.1 VBGold Software 

Smart Print Control is a 32-bit ActiveX (OCX) control that greatly simplifies printing tasks such as printing Reports, Text Files, Text Data, Rich Text Format (RTF) Files, RTF Data, HTML Files, HTML documents from their source code as well as PDF Files (Portable Document Format) from within your Visual Basic (VB) applications, VBA (Microsoft Word,. Free download of Smart Print Control 4.1, size 2.39 Mb.

DF_CodiceFiscale 4.0.44 Info2000 

DF_CodiceFiscale is an ActiveX OCX, ActiveX DLL and .Net DLL that allows any developer to put inside of his application the functionalites for calculating CodiceFiscale, retrieving user data from an existing one and also show a full user friedly application. DF_CodiceFiscale is an OCX but also an ActiveX DLL so you can integrate easly your Office. Free download of DF_CodiceFiscale 4.0.44, size 2.10 Mb.

Cute Photo Slideshow Free Version Videotool.NET 

Cute Photo Slideshow is an excellent tiny free tool that creates good-quality videos out of your photo collection, complete with audio and pro-looking transitions. The resulting videos allow for a good level of customization, and can be saved in either Flash format (both FLV and SWF) or as an MP4, WMV, or MOV file.

Unlike many other. Freeware download of Cute Photo Slideshow Free Version, size 4.72 Mb.

Spider SMS Outlook Addin 3. 1. 2008 SpiderSMS 

Spider SMS is both an ActiveX OCX file for developers and a Client Application for the business and home user,
to store and send both SMS messages and simple E-mails.Spider SMS Outlook Addin provides you quick access to the worlds most advanced SMS system direct from Outlook via this add-in.. Freeware download of Spider SMS Outlook Addin 3. 1. 2008, size 1.61 Mb.