Auto Copy Text

Copy text to/from Cubic Software Design 

Copy text to/from program helps you to filter only lines (of a text file) that contains a specific string/text.

This program keeps only a portion of every line of text:

1. starting from the beginning of the line to the beginning of the "search" string OR
2. starting from the end of the "search" string. Freeware download of Copy text to/from, size 870.32 Kb.


Boxoft Auto Copy 1 1 

Boxoft Auto Copy is automatic backup software designed for Windows 7 and XP and above. It makes a backup of your data files to another directory, internal or external hard disk or to a computer across the network. It runs in the background with no user interaction. So, once it is set up you always have a backup of your data somewhere else. Boxoft. Free download of Boxoft Auto Copy 1 1, size 4.10 Mb.

Simple Auto-Correction Text Tool 1.1 

Simple Auto-Correction Text Tool. Convert to upper/lower case. Remove unnecessary spaces. Solve iso utf problems. Convert to English alphabet. Auto Format. Replace/ Change Words. Turkish and English support.. Freeware download of Simple Auto-Correction Text Tool 1.1, size 60.89 Kb.

Copy Text Contents 1.5 4dots Software 

4dots Copy Text Contents is a small shell extension that extends the right click menu of Windows Explorer and allows you to copy directly the contents of text files to the clipboard.

This is useful when you just need to quickly copy to the clipboard the contents,for example, of source code files or other text files, in order to paste. Freeware download of Copy Text Contents 1.5, size 8.59 Mb.

Get Plain Text 1 3 Softvoile 

For example, you copy text from a web page, paste it to some editor and get someone's unwanted formatting with your needed text - other font type and size, or even color of letters. Did you face with this problem? Some editors have specific option called "special paste". It allows you paste plain text without formatting. Unfortunately,. Freeware download of Get Plain Text 1 3, size 123.90 Kb.

OneClickTyper 1.0 Przemyslaw M. Wiejak 

OneClickTyper is a handy and reliable application designed to auto type text using a user-defined key combination.

First off, enter the text to be typed, then bind a key for the operation (from F1 to F12); then, you can focus on the window where you need to type in, press the assigned hotkey and the text is instantly typed.

Transcapture 2.0 Lucas Leal dos Santos 

It is common for a user to copy text to the clipboard, losing the previous text.

Transcapture is a small, easy to use application specially designed to help users by offering a history of such data for you to retrieve and store texts.
for WindowsAll

. Freeware download of Transcapture 2.0, size 0 b.

Auto Correct LOL 1.01 S Entertainment inc. 

Auto Correct LOL ?Damn you auto correct funny Auto Correct text fails.?

Thousands of hilarious "auto correct fails" for you updated everyday now enjoy it on the go with bonus images not available anywhere else!

Check The App EVERYDAY For New And Exclusive Auto Corrects


. Free download of Auto Correct LOL 1.01, size 3.25 Mb.

Best ComboBox 2 SkySof Software Inc. 

ActiveX ComboBox control with extended features including auto-completing text, complete control of colors, ability to automatically add text, etc. . Free download of Best ComboBox 2, size 360.45 Kb.

TerminalAutoCopy 1.0 Termautocopy 

Unix users on OS X frequently have the problem of trying to copy text in a terminal window. TerminalAutoCopy is a SIMBL plugin that automatically copies text selected in a terminal window to the clipboard.

TerminalAutoCopy 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of TerminalAutoCopy 1.0, size 0 b.

AutoCopyWriter 2.1 planning NYARO 

Ever struggle to come up with a clever catchphrase or new ide* Auto Copy Writer is here to save the day!

Auto Copy Writer is a catchphrase generator that takes over 1,000 words and 120 grammar patterns, randomly combines them, and elegantly displays them on the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch. A limitless number of slogans, mottos,. Free download of AutoCopyWriter 2.1, size 12.58 Mb.

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker 3.7 AMAC ltd. 

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker is a Windows Script Macro Recording Software used to auto record mouse movements, mouse clicks, keystroke actions and repeat them at any time and as many times as you want.It also can auto type text what you type the same again and again.
And it can be used to click at specific color or a picture on the screen.. Free download of Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker 3.7, size 689.80 Kb.

ACE-HIGH Text To Speech Reader 1.30 

ACE-HIGH Text To Speech Reader lets you listen to text instead of reading on screen! It uses 'Text to Speech' technology to synthesize natural sounding speech from ordinary text. Just copy text to the clipboard or import from text files and listen as ATTSR reads it back to you!

ACE-HIGH Text To Speech Reader also allows you to convert. Free download of ACE-HIGH Text To Speech Reader 1.30, size 2.80 Mb.

Depeche View Lite 1.5.1 StahlWorks Technologies 

Load, view and search all text of a directory tree in one window, with the least possible mouse clicks and key presses. Search a phrase just by clicking on it. Fly through results by the turn of your mousewheel. Copy text, and create bookmarks with the same ease. If you have to read through many small ASCII text files, e.g. source code, this tool. Freeware download of Depeche View Lite 1.5.1, size 2.02 Mb.

Depeche View Pro 1.5.1 StahlWorks Technologies 

View, search and edit all text of a folder in one window, with the least possible mouse clicks and key presses. Search a phrase just by clicking on it. Fly through results by the turn of your mousewheel. Edit and copy text, and create bookmarks with the same ease. View text within .zip, .tar.gz, .bz2 archives instantly. If you have to read through. Free download of Depeche View Pro 1.5.1, size 2.53 Mb.

AWinware PDF Watermark PDF Watermark Software 

AWinware Pdf Watermark software is easy to use and fast desktop application devised to impose watermark text string on bulk pdf documents. Pdf watermarking utility can add copyright, confidential, draft or specimen copy text on pdf documents, display logo and banner as footer and header in pdf pages. Program facilitates to stamp first page, last. Free download of AWinware PDF Watermark, size 695.30 Kb.

RJ HexEdit 2 62 Rickard Johansson 

RJ HexEdit is a text and binary editor. It will let you edit (or view) any existing file, or let you create a new one. You can copy text strings into another program. For instance text into a C++ compiler as a string. Several other formats are also available like Rich Text Format (Word and most other word processors support this).
You can. Freeware download of RJ HexEdit 2 62, size 2.04 Mb.

Auto Clicker - Image Recognizer 3.0 Shark Software 

This program is a repetitive auto clicker. It can recognize screenshots. It is developed for online casino games, online games players, and word recognition in chat windows. It can auto fill text fields with text. Clicks on link/button only if screen image was recognized. Users can record a number of Clicks, BDClicks, and RightClicks. Users can. Free download of Auto Clicker - Image Recognizer 3.0, size 8.90 Mb.

SnapNotes for Windows 8 John Lisenby Software 

SnapNotes is a compact application for the Windows 8 users who need to create text notes. As the name indicates, the app is optimized to be used in snapped mode in order to quickly copy text to and from other programs.

The app can save the notes to text files and load the text from the files saved on your hard drive.

. Free download of SnapNotes for Windows 8, size 0 b.

UniClip 3.1 Perception 

UniClip lets a network of computers share a unique text clipboard. Copy text on one computer and paste it on any of the other computers on your network. . Free download of UniClip 3.1, size 580.61 Kb.