Auto Logout And Login Specific Timer

MTG Draft Timer rc 

MTG Draft Timer is a specific timer to play booster draft with the card game "Magic: The Gathering". The application is developed for the platform "Android". Please, install from the Android Market. Do not forget to evaluate my application.. Freeware download of MTG Draft Timer rc, size 763.49 Kb.


Password Login 5.8.1 Oven Fresh 

Password Login is a Windows desktop application for Webmasters and Website Owners who want to create customized Login Areas, Login Boxes and password-protected webpages Fast and Easy! Preview your Login Box in the application and in your webpage on your local computer while you work on your design. Pick from several Login Box styles. There are. Free download of Password Login 5.8.1, size 13.00 Mb.

YaIPB 2.0 YUAN Jue 

YaIPB (Yet another IPB agent) is an open-source IPB agent, used to access into the login server and then connect to the Internet. The goal of YaIPB is to be a full-featured IPB agent, and hence a good alternative against the official eyou IPB agent.

<b>Main features :</b>

Windows/Linux/Mac OS platforms support

5 in 1 Kitchen Timer 1.4 Tuscan Concepts Inc 

This kitchen timer gives you 5 timers in all---one for each burner as well as the oven!

The timers match all the cooking locations on your home oven range so you're totally covered with no stress!

Based on the Food Network Store's DoneRight Timer, this iPhone version is great for tracking two or more items with a sleek. Free download of 5 in 1 Kitchen Timer 1.4, size 629.14 Kb.

QuickTimer LITE 2.5.5 William Modesitt 

Track your time, quickly and easily with QuickTimer. QuickTimer works with QuickBooks and many other applications, and was the FIRST available app with native IIF timer file export capability. NO monthly fees are required for QuickTimer.

QuickTimer is a highly customizable and robust time tracking and reporting application for your. Freeware download of QuickTimer LITE 2.5.5, size 7.13 Mb.

Horizontal XML Image Scroller v4 1 FlashDo 

Dynamic XML controlled horizontal image/swf scroller with reflection, slideshow ">XML driven Flash image scroller* Supports multiple items defined in XML file* Image/swf names/paths set in XML file* URL links ">dimensions (width-height) , background color, alpha, spacing are set via XML* You can show/hide saturation / greyscale of. Free download of Horizontal XML Image Scroller v4 1, size 36.86 Kb.

Vertical XML Image Scroller 1 FlashDo 

Dynamic XML controlled vertical image/swf scroller.FEATURES INCLUDED:* XML driven Flash image gallery / product viewer * Supports MULTIPLE ITEMS defined in XML file * DIMENSIONS (image width-height), border size, border color are set via XML * Show/hide title as TOOLTIP * Image/swf names/paths set in XML file * URL links and targets for each item. Free download of Vertical XML Image Scroller 1, size 57.34 Kb.

Easy Exam 1.0 Easyexam 

Easy Exam - a very simple web based solution for arranging objective question-answer test.

You can enter unlimited questions for exam and set time for exam as per your requirement.

There is FCK editor to enter questions and answers. So you can have image or chart as questions and answers.

It gives result as. Freeware download of Easy Exam 1.0, size 4.32 Mb.

Large Software Password Manager NNJ Corporation 

From online banking and multiple email addresses, the digital age we live in requires us to use and recall countless usernames and passwords, often impossible to track and remember. However with Large Softwared-deOaos Password manager, the latest technology has been applied to eliminate the risk and stress by safely managing your confidential login. Free download of Large Software Password Manager, size 6.10 Mb.

Screen Pass 6.3.1 Birch Grove Software, Inc 

Screen Pass is a comprehensive screen locking system for that extends the capability of the standard workstation locking systems. The application gives network administrators complete control over idle workstations.

With Screen Pass, network administrators can enforce screensaver password use, screensaver timeout, and screen saver. Free download of Screen Pass 6.3.1, size 5.27 Mb.

Accurate Shutdown 6.30 Accurate Solutions 

Accurate Shutdown is a powerfully automatic software that turns off your computer and at the user-specified time. It can turn off / reboot / logoff the computer, turn off the monitor only, disconnect from the Internet, and execute one or a group of programs. It can synchronize your PC's time to atomic clock servers in world. It has many timer. Free download of Accurate Shutdown 6.30, size 1.49 Mb.

QuickTimer 2.5.5 William Modesitt 

Note: QuickTimer has a few issues with iOS7, so please try the free version prior to purchasing this version. Thank you.

Track your time, quickly and easily with QuickTimer. QuickTimer works with QuickBooks and many other applications, and was the FIRST available app with native IIF timer file export capability. NO monthly fees are. Free download of QuickTimer 2.5.5, size 7.13 Mb.

AliveMon 1 Adiscon GmbH 

AliveMon is a network monitor that lets you know when servers or routers fail. Configurable alarms enable you to quickly solve problems before they turn into real headache. You can even automatically take corrective actions by auto-starting programs. Application-specific probes let you check the actual status of your application (like web or game. Freeware download of AliveMon 1, size 6.18 Mb.

Shareware Tracker AccuSolve, Inc. 

Sophisticated and feature-rich submission software for commercial, demo, freeware and shareware authors and publishers. Supports semi-automated submission to over 400 shareware download sites, software directories and search engines. Numerous submission tools enable the submitter to speed through submissions, increasing link popularity and visitor. Free download of Shareware Tracker, size 3.74 Mb.

Windows 8 UX Pack 3.0 Windows X 

Windows 8 UX Pack will give you Windows 8 UI improvements such as theme and logon screen without touching system files at all so it won't have such risk to harm your system at all. In this package, you'll have Windows 8 inspired themes and applications to make your system resembles Windows 8 as much as possible without modifying system files.
. Freeware download of Windows 8 UX Pack 3.0, size 6.82 Mb.

FlashChat Module Pack 1. 3. 2002 

100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included with every module (.fla file). All MP3 files are stored on the server file system. All module configuration is done using XML files, which can be easily edited using a good text editor, like Textpad ( Easy setup of any module by editing FlashChat's /inc/config.php file.. Free download of FlashChat Module Pack 1. 3. 2002, size 31.74 Kb.

Suggest Me 0.2.7 i01000001 

Suggest Me is a Firefox extension designed to prevent you from typing the same words on websites. Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) when you type same words, sentences or paragraphs again on Facebook, Way2sms and other such websites; just get them as suggestions in a neat dropdown, below the box you are typing! Typed on one website works on many !!!. Freeware download of Suggest Me 0.2.7, size 10.24 Kb.

Robot-Damaku 0.0.1 KUMASERSOFT 

Robot-Damaku is an application which allows users to search for email addresses.

This program is developed on algorithm, which allows to lower of consumption of the traffic to 75 % in comparison with analogues of this direction. Robot-Damaku has an opportunity to bypass the majority of traps, dodges, false generators of addresses and. Free download of Robot-Damaku 0.0.1, size 1.54 Mb.

Xizzo 1.3, Inc. 

Xizzo (pronounced ziz-zo) is a thumb drive friendly password manager utility that helps users securely store their log-in information and enter it into any online form with a single mouse-click. It is more secure than printed cheat sheets or IE's own Auto-Fill function, the standard methods of password "protection" for most users. Xizzo. Free download of Xizzo 1.3, size 786.43 Kb.

CHC CCMC 5.4.2 My Personal Health Records Express Inc. 

The MphRx Mobile Connect CCMC software program allows Physicians to access and view radiology and cardiology reports and images on the iOS device. The software is powered by MphRx Mobile Connect.

MphRx Mobile Connect provides wireless and mobile access to radiology and cardiology reports and images using MphRx Secure Private Cloud. Freeware download of CHC CCMC 5.4.2, size 8.60 Mb.