Avaya Office Manager

CodeTwo Out Of Office Manager CodeTwo 

CodeTwo Out Of Office Manager is designed to help you manage and organize auto-replies for employees within your organization.

You can define internal and external Office message templates for multiple users or even for an entire department. With the help of CodeTwo Out Of Office Manager, you are able to activate an email auto-reply and. Free download of CodeTwo Out Of Office Manager, size 0 b.


Office Manager 8.0 Softwarebuero Krekeler 

The Office Manager is a versatile, easy-to-configure and powerful document management system for quick access to any Windows documents whatsoever. This software offers a comfortable way to assign documents to projects, clients or other categories. At the same time you can perform very fast full-text searches within the document's contents.. Free download of Office Manager 8.0, size 19.00 Mb.

Etix Manager 1.3.0 Etix 


The fastest way for Etix client Venues, Box Office Manager and Promoters stay on top of current ticket sales across each of their venues. The Etix Mobile Manager provides instant, real time access to Ticket Snapshot information. Freeware download of Etix Manager 1.3.0, size 3.36 Mb.

Church Office Manager Foothills Software 

Easily creates and maintains records of church members and worship activities. Includes management capability for giving records, a music library, attendance and more. On-screen and printed reports are included. The program is self-contained; there are no optional modules or other elements needed to have a complete system. Church Office Manager is. Free download of Church Office Manager, size 13.96 Mb.

Box Office Manager 8.1 Foothills Software 

Point of sale reservations and ticket system for theatres, schools, colleges, any venue needing a fast, reliable means of reserving seats and selling tickets. The program includes a customer database, report generation, and inventory control. Online help and a printable User Guide are included. There is no charge for email or telephone support. The. Free download of Box Office Manager 8.1, size 6.89 Mb.

Football Pool Manager 2011 6 9 LarsTech 

Football Pool Manager is a windows program that will help you run and manage an office football pool. You have complete control over the type of pool you want to run, including running a confidence pool, straight picks, and/or against the latest line. Reports can be printed, published as web pages, saved as text files, or emailed to pool members.. Free download of Football Pool Manager 2011 6 9, size 3.84 Mb.

Avaya Message Manager Avaya Inc. 

Intuity Message Manager is an integrated messaging solution that combines the power and flexibility of your personal computer with the feature-rich messaging capabilities of an Avaya Intuity messaging server.

The Intuity Message Manager allows a user to:

- Receive messages from a variety of sources (Avaya voice messages,. Freeware download of Avaya Message Manager, size 28.84 Mb.

Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint 5.0 OfficeOne 

Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint enables you to:

* Define your own keyboard shortcuts to menu items and recorded macros.
* Define shortcuts to password protected VBA macros.
* Define shortcuts in Presentation Templates. Presentations created from these templates automatically inherit these shortcuts.
* Define shortcuts. Free download of Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint 5.0, size 1.07 Mb.

Itel Office 2.1 Itel Office Software Ltd 

Itel Office is an Integrated Office Management Program. It is designed for use within small to medium sized organisations wherever contact with people and/or organisations is important. It integrates with your word processing packages, your fax machine, your email system, your document management system and even your telephone system with minimal. Free download of Itel Office 2.1, size 38.00 Mb.


G&G MESITIKO is a complete solution for every real estate office, realtor or agent. It allows the entry of every real estate property (residential, commercial, or land) with full details and unlimited photos, videos and user defined fields. It also allows the entry of every prospective buyer that enters the office and the criteria she looks for. Free download of G&G MESITIKO 3.32a, size 20.00 Mb.

My Notes Center 1.4.3 BC software development 

Have you ever worked on a research project that required days even months to complete? Then you probably know the frustration of using the regular software solutions for systemizing gathered information and adding new notes. After a while you simply don’t know which file contains necessary information and how to manage the data stored.My. Free download of My Notes Center 1.4.3, size 1.92 Mb.

A-class Organizer 1 Organizer 

+ Do you need quick search of your computer notes?+ Do you want to consolidate your notes? + Do you need an easy professional a-class organizer? Our organizer software differs from other organizer software in its simplicity and reliability. Free download of A-class Organizer 1, size 98.30 Kb.

Net-Cabinet 1.0.0 Baycastle Software Ltd 

Net-Cabinet manages the storage of electronic documents in a document repository. This document repository consists of one or more "Cabinets" located for example on one or more servers within your network.

Net-Cabinet will ensure your business adopts a consistent standard for the management of electronic files in your. Free download of Net-Cabinet 1.0.0, size 4.30 Mb.

My Life I Make, Revisited by Lauris Faith (Mind, Body & Spirit Collection) 2 Arrow Publications 

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds, Bob Marley.

This thought provoking publication uses Jamaican reggae lyrics to form the platform for the authors view of life. Lauris Faith, the author, feels that the woman she is today was created by all the choices that she madeeven the bad ones. This book. Free download of My Life I Make, Revisited by Lauris Faith (Mind, Body & Spirit Collection) 2, size 9.86 Mb.

Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager 2010 2 2 Microsoft 

The Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) 2010 package provides a group of tools designed to help administrators during the planning and testing phases of a Microsoft Office 2010 deployment. OMPM assists administrators in the discovery and compatibility assessment of existing Office documents for migration from the binary document formats (.doc,. Freeware download of Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager 2010 2 2, size 2.20 Mb.

Cloud Manager for Office 2013 0.3 Alpha sanderevers 

Cloud Manager for Office 2013 is a handy and reliable application designed to provide a simple method for managing cloud services.

The application features support for Dropbox and Google Drive, but it allows you to add your own cloud services to the monitoring list.

. Free download of Cloud Manager for Office 2013 0.3 Alpha, size 0 b.

Dental Office Multi-user Edition Leon Corporation Limited 

Dental Office Multi-user Edition is a practical database manager designed for dental offices that need to keep track of their patients. The application can easily track the appointments, the outstanding work and the incomes.

It uses the MySQL server for storing the information and provides quick access to all the entries from the. Free download of Dental Office Multi-user Edition, size 0 b.

Barcode Print Manager 1.0 David Aguirre Grazio 

Barcode Print Manager, is a powerful barcode labeling program which provides a complete barcode design and printing solution using your standard home or office printer. In addition, BarcodePrint has a powerful Data-Generator through which you can create complex data streams or import data from files (plain text or CSV) for bar codes you need.. Freeware download of Barcode Print Manager 1.0, size 587.20 Kb.

Shortcut Manager for SharePoint Designer 1.1 OfficeOne 

Shortcut Manager for SharePoint Designer enhances Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer environment with the following features:

* It enables you to define your own keyboard shortcuts to menu items and VBA macros.
* It surfaces commands that aren't directly available through the Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer user interface. Free download of Shortcut Manager for SharePoint Designer 1.1, size 713.03 Kb.

AES Password Manager 2.4.6 AES Software 

AES Password Manager is a password management solution ideal for both home and office use. Besides passwords, it can securely store any other sensitive data including credit card numbers, PIN-codes etc. Then, AES Password Manager can automatically enter this data into web-based and other input forms as needed saving you from this tedious work.AES. Free download of AES Password Manager 2.4.6, size 3.27 Mb.