Backup Use For Ghost

ParaDB -- Paranormal Reporting Database b.0.2.0 

ParaDB is a web-based (PHP/MySQL) application designed for use by ghost hunters and paranormal researchers. The software consists of a web-based interface for case management, client relations and investigative reporting.. Freeware download of ParaDB -- Paranormal Reporting Database b.0.2.0, size 306.99 Kb.


Backup2Mailbox 1.0 Backup2mailbox 

This application sends local files as email attachments to large mailbox for backup use, it supports any kind of files, specially for photos, EXif info's can be extracted and shown in email content.

Backup2Mailbox 1.0 License - Creative Commons Attribution License. Freeware download of Backup2Mailbox 1.0, size 206.41 Kb.

TSR Backup software TSR Soft 

TSR Backup software is a fast file backup/mirroring software. How to backup? - use TSR Backup. Copy all files or only those that are changed on the source disk.. Free download of TSR Backup software, size 305.06 Kb.

Norton Ghost 15.0 Symantec Corporation 

Norton Ghost 15.0 protects PCs—including all applications, settings, folders, and files—with advanced backup and recovery. It provides powerful protection with new features such as offsite backups and Symantec ThreatCon integration, as well as enhanced performance, one-to-one remote management, LightsOut Restore capability,and. Free download of Norton Ghost 15.0, size 125.51 Mb.

iCloner 1.07 WindSolutions LLC. 

iCloner allows you to create backup images of your iPod in case your iPod crashes, gets stolen or lost and if you want to move your iPod contents from the old iPod to the new iPod. With iCloner, you create exact copies of your iPod hard drive that you can store on DVD / CD and external hard drives. iCloner features archive compression to save up. Free download of iCloner 1.07, size 7.07 Mb.

Virtos S.O.S Backup Enterprise 5. 5. 2005 Virtos Informatica 

S.O.S Backup Enterprise is the ideal software for those who need to perform backup on automation hardware (library and autoloader).
S.O.S Backup Enterprise also automates backups on tape libraries and autoloaders. Get S.O.S Backup Enterprise and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!
Library and. Free download of Virtos S.O.S Backup Enterprise 5. 5. 2005, size 13.95 Mb.

Bucket Explorer for Amazon S3 3.4.2009 Inc. 

Bucket Explorer is a User Interface for Amazon's Simple Storage Service, S3. Amazon allows you to store data securely in folder like "buckets" on S3 for "pay only for what you use" price. Using Bucket Explorer, you can safely and securely store your files off-site on S3, access your files from anywhere, share your files with. Free download of Bucket Explorer for Amazon S3 3.4.2009, size 29.38 Mb.

Haunted - EMF Scanner 1.0 Stuart Woolley 

An EMF Scanner is a vital component in exploring paranormal phenomena.

An electromagnetic field (or EMF) is a physical field produced by objects that are electrically charged. In Ghost hunting, an EMF meter is used to detect possibly unexplained fluctuations in electromagnetic fields which may reveal the presence of a paranormal. Free download of Haunted - EMF Scanner 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

PhoneBrowse 3.1.0 iMobie Inc. 

PhoneBrowse - Free Browse iPhone, iPad, iPod touch File System and Use iPhone as USB Flash Drive. As a talented freeware, PhoneBrowse can help you to freely add, delete or rename all types of file saved on your iOS devices, including the new iPad Air, iPhone 6(plus), iPod touch 5, etc. Use iPhone as USB flash drive. - Top 1 Freeware to Browse and. Freeware download of PhoneBrowse 3.1.0, size 5.42 Mb.

Devrace BlazeTop Devrace 

The new product BlazeTop (former SQLHammer) it is a tool for database development and administration. Its highly effective ideology has been elaborated due to close cooperation with professional database developers and administrators. It mainly uses a module model similar to that of Delphi/C Builder, and thus its interface is absolutely handy for. Free download of Devrace BlazeTop, size 6.62 Mb.

MEDevPascal 32.beta Medevpascal 

Machina Engine - DevPascal is a free IDE for Free Pascal compiler, featuring a light interface for text editing.
The current version is a beta.

Multi-document interface;, Compiler(Free Pascal Compiler);, Configuration of Free Pascal Compiler from the IDE;, Source-code browser;, Syntax highlighting;, Auto complementation(create the. Freeware download of MEDevPascal 32.beta, size 4.02 Mb.

MSD Sales Multiuser 1.00 MSD Soft 

Welcome to MSD Sales, a powerful sales analysis tool which allows to view sales information of one or more companies in table format, in decision cube format and in chart format (columns, bars, lines, areas and pies).

This tool will improve your sales reports, allowing you to analyze the sales information by products, groups, clients,. Free download of MSD Sales Multiuser 1.00, size 6.91 Mb.

B and W Camera CACL 

Black and White Camera
The camera is a very basic for taking pictures in black and white (GRAY), Sepia, or in Negative pixels.
Having pictures in the gray scale or the sepia scale just looks so good even in the simplest of pictures that makes everyone just say oh… or how nice…

I have also found it to be useful in. Freeware download of B and W Camera, size 1.05 Mb.

Synchro Backup Home Edition 1.0 Perception 

Synchro Backup is an easy to use backup utility which synchronizes your precious files to local drives, network locations, flash memory, and many other types of removable media. Create as many backup jobs as necessary to best suit your needs. The option to create a desktop short-cut to run specific backup jobs makes starting backups much easier and. Free download of Synchro Backup Home Edition 1.0, size 3.21 Mb.

File Access Manager - For Vision Backup 3.13.2 VisionWorks Solutions Inc. 

File Access Manager, is a robust open file utility that gives your backup software the power to backup any open, locked or in-use file, ensuring that your business will run without interruption twenty four hours day, seven days a week. FAM works with all backup software across your network and was designed to work in high trafficked areas that. Free download of File Access Manager - For Vision Backup 3.13.2, size 3.00 Mb.

WinDriver Ghost Personal 3.02 Build 2226 ZhangDuo Corporation International 

WinDriver Ghost Personal provides you the easy and fast detection, backup and restore of the entire hardware device drivers currently on your system. With it, you can even find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them onto your computer.

When you reinstall or upgrade your system, you can restore them by clicking a button,. Free download of WinDriver Ghost Personal 3.02 Build 2226, size 0 b.

Compare & Backup 1.6 LionMax Software 

Compare & Backup is an easy to use and powerful tool for directory synchronization. It allows you to compare source with destination before backup. Compare results are shown in 5 sections: 1) Newer than destination2) Older than destination3) Can not find destination4) Can not find source5) Only size changedSo you will exactly know what the. Free download of Compare & Backup 1.6, size 1.68 Mb.

Acritum One-click BackUp for WinRAR 3.00.b2 Acritum 

One-click BackUp (OCB) is a powerful but easy-to-use file backup manager for WinRAR. RAR files can usually compress content 8 to 30 percent better than ZIP compression, providing better file safety and secrecy. OCB is capable of creating RAR and ZIP archives, as well as self-extracting EXE archives - you won't need any software at all to extract. Free download of Acritum One-click BackUp for WinRAR 3.00.b2, size 2.26 Mb.

Handy Backup Pro 1.1 Novosoft Inc. 

Handy Backup Pro is an easy-to-use yet powerful backup program designed for Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP. It makes an automatic scheduled backup of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media: hard or network drive, CD-R/W, FTP or LAN. Strong file encryption and multichoice ZIP compression on the fly as well as many other useful features. Free download of Handy Backup Pro 1.1, size 2.51 Mb.

Genie Mail Backup 8.0 Genie-Soft 

Genie Mail Backup is a very easy to use yet powerful and flexible software that can backup and restore Outlook 2000-2007, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows settings, files, and more.By combining Genie Outlook Backup and Outlook Express Backup in one product, Genie Mail Backup provides a quicker-to-use, lower-cost, and easier-to-manage. Free download of Genie Mail Backup 8.0, size 3.46 Mb.