Backwards In Time

Awake Yourself 2.0 Geko Digital, S.A. 

We reinvented the alarm clock with Awake Yourself. An application that instead of telling you when to wake up, it tells you when to go to sleep.

The app calculates 8 hours backwards the time you want to wake up, in order to let you know at what time you have to go sleep. It also logs off all your social network accounts, letting. Freeware download of Awake Yourself 2.0, size 26.42 Mb.


Cross Time DSP 1.0Alpha twest820 

Cross Time DSP implements conventional forward time IIR processing of music files as well as time reversed IIR. This allows linear phase via inverse allpass or other inverse filters in addition to standard equalization. Unlike other time reversed IIR implementations, it's free and doesn't require a PC in the audio playback chain.

Cross. Free download of Cross Time DSP 1.0Alpha, size 2.10 Kb.

Baby Lifeline 1.0.1 Bioskoop 

This amazing 'easy-to-use' app is the perfect way for new parents to record milestones and special moments in the young life of there kids.
It's a new photo album experience where you can cherish your moments by creating visual appealing, elegant timelines of your kids pictures and stories.
Create and play, on an intuitive way, animations. Free download of Baby Lifeline 1.0.1, size 2.83 Mb.

Promised Land Trail 2.01 Designsensory, Inc. 

Promised Land app

Break away and venture on one of Tennessees most compelling jaunts, exploring the Promised Land Trail. Experience a variety of quaint hamlets and sprawling urban areas, classic architecture and rustic state parks, handmade crafts and lovely antiques, as well as a wide choice of activities and events that promise to more. Freeware download of Promised Land Trail 2.01, size 21.71 Mb.

Backwards Clock 3.0 Stuart Woolley 

The Backwards Clock give you just that, a clock that runs backwards and yet tells the time perfectly. After a few minutes, you'll be wondering why you ever told the time clockwise (and not anti-clockwise) ever again!

View the time, any time, in a relaxed, yet slightly perplexed fashion. You friends may glance over, clock the time. Free download of Backwards Clock 3.0, size 5.87 Mb.

2Beers 1.0 Planet Charlie Inc. 

2Beers is a fun simple app that could come in handy in your time of need. After launching the app you will see the entire alphabet written backwards on the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch. Perfect for practicing or to add a little humor to a tense situation.

2Beers also has a handy touch button that will allow you to see a list. Free download of 2Beers 1.0, size 629.14 Kb.

Backtick Clock 1.0 Moonshine Project Corporation 

Backtick clock is a unique clock that ticks backwards.

In a glance, you can see how much time is left for today, this month, year and your life.

Sounds interesting? So don't look back, just spend your time watching your life ticking away.. Freeware download of Backtick Clock 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

Professor Palindromes Unscramble 1.3 Producto Studios 

Unscramble the palindromes!
Palindromes are words and phrases spelled the same way backwards and forwards.
Professor Palindromes challenges you to the ultimate word challenge. Can you form all the palindromes before you run out of time?
The play is simple: press two letters to swap their places.
The action is frantic: can you. Freeware download of Professor Palindromes Unscramble 1.3, size 12.79 Mb.

The Rainy Time Screen Saver 1.1 Maxamuxa 

The Rainy Time Screen Saver shows you a view of a rain through a glass of a window. Water trickles down the glass. While program development the aim was to recreate a mood of a rain: the time when everything becomes calm, when you want to reflect on life. There is a convertionalized clock in the corner. . Free download of The Rainy Time Screen Saver 1.1, size 123.90 Kb.

Passage Of Time 1.3 3D Wonders 

A cool and unique 3D screensaver that shows the Passage of Time - literally! Watch as the upcoming seconds march towards you in 3D, synchronized precisely with your computer's clock. Everything about this screensaver is configurable; choose the time format, coloring, font, and other visual attributes to suit your taste. You can also configure. Free download of Passage Of Time 1.3, size 807.94 Kb.

Star Time screensaver 1 AlexGame 

Beautiful lights and stars in the boundless universe … The fascinating screensaver that shows the time and calms down your mind. . Free download of Star Time screensaver 1, size 1.23 Mb.

Earth Time Zone 1.5 Timezonesoft 

Earth time zone is an interactive 3D global Time zone,show more than 250 countries local standard times,allows you to add any country Timezone, Find time zone information by country name around the world.As a high resolution interactive 3D world map clocks,including countries, lakes, rivers, and political boundaries,Config to show day/night shadow. Free download of Earth Time Zone 1.5, size 2.71 Mb.

Network Time System 2.0.1 Softros Systems, Inc. 

Network Time System is a full-featured Client\Server network time synchronization system that allows synchronization of all computers and devices on the network clocks with Internet time servers or any other local source of synchronization. Network Time System allows creation of custom exact time source in corporate network environment establishing. Free download of Network Time System 2.0.1, size 18.58 Mb.

Fomine Real-Time Communications Server 1.5 Fomine Software 

We offer you a really powerful solution for real-time communication over the Intranet. Not only will you be able to send instant messages inside your office or organization, but also maintain video and voice conversations, send files and share applications.Fomine Real-Time Communication Server is based on the industry standard protocols. That is. Free download of Fomine Real-Time Communications Server 1.5, size 500.74 Kb.

Absolute Time Server 8.0 FlexibleSoft Co. 

Reliable TIME and SNTP server for small to midsize local area networks (LAN)

Absolute Time Server is a full-featured time server, which works as windows service and is fully RFC-868 and RFC-2030 compatible. Absolute Time Server acts as a background process, has very low system
resources consumption, and it can be started before user. Free download of Absolute Time Server 8.0, size 4.45 Mb.

PresenTense Time Server 5.0 Bytefusion Ltd. 

PresenTense Time Server is a high performance Windows time server supporting NTP and SNTP protocols. PresenTense Time Server will synchronize your PC to a primary time source such as an atomic clock on the internet or an inhouse GPS reciever and offer time services to clients on your LAN or WAN. Most leading GPS and Radio hardware clocks are. Free download of PresenTense Time Server 5.0, size 9.83 Mb.

1st Atomic Time 2.12 Green Parrots Software 

1st Atomic Time keeps the system time accurate on your computer or any computer in your network.It synchronizes your PC clock with Internet atomic time servers. You can pick the fastest and most reliable servers from the built-in list of more than 150 choices or add your own. All selected servers will be queried to improve accuracy and stability.. Free download of 1st Atomic Time 2.12, size 723.97 Kb.

Any Time 1 FMJ-Software 

Any Time lets you independently take control of the time, the pitch, and the sample rate of an audio recording. You can:- Do time stretching - Change the playback time of the recording without changing the pitch. - Do pitch scaling - Change the pitch of the recording without changing the playback time. With optional formant correction. - Do sample. Free download of Any Time 1, size 754.69 Kb.

Break Time 1.4.50 Kadmi Software 

Break Time helps you avoid the weariness (known as Occupational Overuse Syndrome or Repetitive Strain Injuries), which arises during work on the computer.Weariness arises as a result of long continuous work. It may be prevented if you take a break and do relaxing exercises. Relaxation will be enhanced if you listen to classical music during the. Free download of Break Time 1.4.50, size 1.13 Mb.

Bill Central Time Billing 2004 Integratech Software 

Bill Central is a comprehensive Time Billing system designed to let you be more productive at what you do best - generate revenue. Bill Central Time Billing is a smart management tool enabling you to track and bill for your daily time and expense charges, while having the added flexibility of practice management reporting and the ability to analyze. Free download of Bill Central Time Billing 2004, size 10.18 Mb.