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ABC Videos by StoryBots 1.0.1 JibJab Media Inc. 

Ready for a fresh take on music and videos that teach the alphabet? This series of 26 one-minute rockin music videos helps kids identify the shapes and sounds of letters -- AND chases away the Kids Music Makes Me Want to Bang My Head Against the Wall blues! The ABC Videos app is available on the iPhone, iPad and, and comes with three. Freeware download of ABC Videos by StoryBots 1.0.1, size 193.99 Mb.


Head Numerologist 4.0 

Head Numerologist is an interesting Numerology software which will help you find out certain things about yourself. Head Numerologist is a standard Numerology software based on Chaldean and Pythagorean number theories.

Its Predictions module generates numerology forecast report for a person that gives information on many interesting. Free download of Head Numerologist 4.0, size 0 b.


THIS BIG BANG is a simple application that enables you to preview the result of the explosion of a 3D object.

The explosion speed is adjustable and zoom options are available. Once the 'BIG BANG' button is pressed, the object will explode, enabling you to view the whole process in slow motion.

. Free download of THIS BIG BANG 1.0, size 0 b.

Wii Remote Head Tracker 1.1.0 Ryan Pavlik 

This application builds on the Wii Remote Head Tracking filter module for VRPN by providing an easy-to-use, fully-integrated tracking server.

All the configurations can be easily done via the main window of Wii Remote Head Tracker. Also, you can stop the tracker with a single click.

. Free download of Wii Remote Head Tracker 1.1.0, size 0 b.

Stick Bang 1.0 

Stick Bang is an interesting action game. In this game your objective is to try to eliminate all your stick giant foe and dominate Stickland now and forever. To battle on one another stick giants have developed a large range of weapons to cause maximum pain and distruction. These unique weapons comprise the lesser and much smaller stick races. The. Freeware download of Stick Bang 1.0, size 3.07 Mb.

Halloween Pumpkin Head Clock Screen Saver 1 LadyDove's Elite Screensavers 

A nice desktop clock that displays a a scene of a halloween pumpkin head. The clock displays the time that you have set on your comnputer. Every hour the clock dings the amount of times according to what time it is. You can shut the sounds off. A nice screen saver clock to have for halloween. . Free download of Halloween Pumpkin Head Clock Screen Saver 1, size 766.98 Kb.

Monkey Head Media Stream 1.01 Monkey Head Software 

The Monkey Head Media Stream application captures internet radio streams and records them to disk in an MP3 audio file format. Audio tracks can be separated into individual MP3 files in real-time or one large MP3 file can be created . The amount of audio recorded can be limited by file size or length of recording time. A bookmark interface is also. Free download of Monkey Head Media Stream 1.01, size 208.90 Kb.

Pediculosis 1.0 Herbs-Planet 

Get the information to learn about the safe, natural, effective, non toxic and inexpensive product treating head lice. In this e-book you will find the better solution and the secret to kill head lice, 100% guaranteed and easy use. No chemicals, no toxins, no hair damage, no stink, no mess and the most important no more lice!!!. Free download of Pediculosis 1.0, size 150.53 Kb.

WildSnake Pinball: Soccer 1.22 WildSnake Software 

The unique head-to-head pinball simulation WildSnake pinball: Soccer (Football Stars). The first title from WildSnake Pinball series. Beat your friend in Versus mode or beat a whole bunch of differently skilled computer opponents to win the Championship. The real, original pinball table Selen Cup made by Elettrocoin Company in far 1967 had inspired. Free download of WildSnake Pinball: Soccer 1.22, size 7.42 Mb.

Colorful Child 1.2 All Ages Software Inc. 

Giving your child a head start!Colorful Child is a coloring book and sketchpad program for children. Whether children are just learning to smack the keyboard and mouse or are already budding artists, this program is for them!Colorful Child has child friendly features, save and load options (registered version), and program options that allow. Free download of Colorful Child 1.2, size 1.35 Mb.

Facial Studio for Windows 1.51 Di-O-Matic 

Facial Studio is the ultimate new software which gives you more than 500 controls over the head creation process and much more. Finally the award winning suite of plug-ins will be available in a stand alone Windows version. Offering new features like the powerful and easy to use PhotoMatching that allows you to create heads based on photos or. Free download of Facial Studio for Windows 1.51, size 45.04 Mb.

Head or Tails Portable Multilingual 2.1 

Head or Tails Portable Multilingual - download and play. No installation needed. Your objective is to predict the outcome of a coin flip. First, choose the amount you want to wager by clicking the + and - buttons in the lower left corner of the screen, then click Confirm . Now choose a coin with either heads or tails. This is what you want the flip. Freeware download of Head or Tails Portable Multilingual 2.1, size 10.42 Mb.

The Tiny Bang Story Colibri Games 

'The Tiny Bang Story' is, essentially, 'Machinarium' without robots. Bear with me, I'll elaborate in a moment.

First things first, 'TTBS' is a lovely-looking adventure game from a two-man Russian studio 'Colibri Games'. The game tells a story about a cute little planet that's been. Free download of The Tiny Bang Story, size 89.44 Mb.

Plan-A-Head Pig Management 1.0 Plan-A-Head 

The Plan-A-Head Pig Management System program provides you with all the information needed to manage an efficient and profitable pig business. The Pig Management software will cater for all your pig tracking information on sows and boars.

The Plan-A-Head Pig Management System provides you with all the information needed to manage an. Free download of Plan-A-Head Pig Management 1.0, size 10.12 Mb.

FE-Sizer 3.45.2 Control-Soft Enterprises 

FE-Sizer is a valuable engineering tool for flow meter sizing software to size and select head-type flow meters in closed conduits. It is flexible, easy-to-use, and complete with pull-down menus and pop-up pick lists.

The software includes meter tables, material tables and pipe data tables aiding selection of meter applications.. Free download of FE-Sizer 3.45.2, size 0 b.

AQTESOLV 4 5 HydroSOLVE, Inc. 

AQTESOLV is the original, all-in-one software package for the analysis of pumping tests, slug tests and constant-head tests. Choose AQTESOLV to get the most advanced tools at an affordable price.
AQTESOLV is available in Standard and Pro versions.
Choose the Standard version for a basic set of aquifer test solutions comparable to other. Free download of AQTESOLV 4 5, size 9.37 Mb.

Dividing Head Calculator 4.0.0060 Stephen O'Reilly 

Dividing Head Calculator is a simple program to help mechanical engineers and students.
Designed to help his father with the calculations to cut varying number of toothed wheels. All you need to do is enter a value for divisions and click the calculate button... Hey Presto you have all the details you require with the most efficient use of. Free download of Dividing Head Calculator 4.0.0060, size 5.75 Mb.

Plan-A-Head Vegetable Management 2011.1.410 Plan-A-Head 

Plan-A-Head Vegetable Management can help you to manage your production and control costs to maximize your profitability. This utility enables you to set up each field with size, crop variety, irrigation and soil details, access Graphical representation of data, compare fertilizer recommendations/requirements with actual chemical elements applied,. Free download of Plan-A-Head Vegetable Management 2011.1.410, size 9.74 Mb.

Plan-A-Head Farm Vehicles 2011.1.279 Plan-A-Head 

Plan-A-Head Farm Vehicles is a powerful yet easy to use management tool designed to assist you in the management of your vehicles & machinery. The inherent flexibility of the system allows for the management of any asset type whether it be lorries, trucks, tractors, milking machines, plant/equipment, light passenger vehicles or buses, etc.. Free download of Plan-A-Head Farm Vehicles 2011.1.279, size 9.23 Mb.

Head First Design Patterns in C++ 1.0 

Head First Design Patterns translated to C++. Three separate translations are planned: 'Bronze' is literal; minimal (syntax) changes only. 'Silver' is semantic; more C++ idioms + leftover patterns. 'Gold' is (forthcoming and) modern; template based. Freeware download of Head First Design Patterns in C++ 1.0, size 24.05 Kb.

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