Bangla Text To Speech

Sayvoice TTS for PPC-female&male voices 1.59 

SayvoiceMobile Text to Speech Reader for Pocket PC can convert your text documents to Wave and MP3 audio files on Windows Mobile,Pocket PC or Windows smartphone, The software utilizes text-to-speech voices of exceptional quality with Kate voice.

Ten Key Features

1). Choice Female or Male US English TTS voice.
2).. Free download of Sayvoice TTS for PPC-female&male voices 1.59, size 30.50 Mb.


SayvoiceEmail for PPC-female voice 1.59 

SayvoiceEmail for PPC is an email client program that can read email aloud to you using Text-To-Speech technology from your Pocket PC.Current version has female & male voice.

With SayvoiceEmail for PPC:
-- Listen to your emails, reduce your eyestrain from reading email by eye.
-- Free you for other tasks while. Free download of SayvoiceEmail for PPC-female voice 1.59, size 30.50 Mb.

Expressivo 1. 5. 2001 IVO Software 

Expressivo is a text-to-speech program capable of reading aloud all types of texts and documents. The program offers a friendly interface along with a number of functions to convert written text into spoken words, allowing us to give a rest to our eyes. Expressivo integrates smoothly with web browsers and other applications, facilitating access to. Free download of Expressivo 1. 5. 2001, size 41.30 Mb.

Balabolka Ilya Morozov 

Balabolka is a Text-To-Speech (TTS) program. All computer voices installed on your system are available to Balabolka. The on-screen text can be saved as a WAV, MP3, MP4, OGG or WMA file. The program can read the clipboard content, view the text from CHM, DjVu, DOC, EPUB, FB2, HTML, ODT, PDF and RTF files, customize font and background colour,. Freeware download of Balabolka, size 6.91 Mb.

CoolSpeech 5.0 ByteCool Software Inc. 

CoolSpeech is a useful software that serves as a text to speech converter and player, which works on the Windows platform. With the aid of CoolSpeech 5.0, one can simply tap in any URL and listen to the latest updates from it online. It is possible to read .txt, .rtf and .html file formats with this tool, and it can even read them out to the user. Free download of CoolSpeech 5.0, size 0 b.

Free Natural Text to Speech Reader NaturalSoft Limited 

NaturalReader is a Text to Speech software that incorporates natural human voices.

This application is very useful for those with vision problems, for listening text documents, PDF documents, text emails, communications, alerts, weather forecast, or even web pages, while in others tasks, instead of reading screens. Text can be added by. Free download of Free Natural Text to Speech Reader, size 0 b.

SpeakComputers Free Text to Speech 2 6 SpeakComputers 

SpeakComputer is an easy to use lightweight text to speech software solution. This software is used to make your computer speak words and sentences aloud.Now instead of reading emails, documents, web pages etc, you can listen to them as your computer reads them out aloud. SpeakComputer converts written text into spoken words or even written text. Freeware download of SpeakComputers Free Text to Speech 2 6, size 12.70 Mb.

Natrual Voice Text to Speech Reader 3. 6. 2001 NaturalReaders 

This Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader Standard, will convert any written text into speech. This free version of NaturalReader enables you to experience listening to any text on your PC, its provides you more complete functions with more human sounding voices. This is an amazing software, you can use any application available such as Web browser,. Free download of Natrual Voice Text to Speech Reader 3. 6. 2001, size 0 b.

FlameReader 5.0 FlameSoft Technologies Inc. 

FlameReader is a multi-function Text to Speech software with natural, human-sounding voice. This powerful software reads aloud any text from Word, Emails, web Pages, Power Points, PDF and more; converts any text into audio files to play on portable devices like CD player and Ipod.

FlameReader also provides special version for users. Free download of FlameReader 5.0, size 65.19 Mb.

AT&T Natural Voices Crystal 3.0.29 NextUp Technologies, LLC 

TextAloud is Text to Speech software for the Windows PC that converts your text from MS Word Documents, Emails, Web Pages and PDF Files into natural-sounding speech. You can listen on your PC or create audio files for use on iPods, iPhones, and other portable audio devices. TextAloud even has automatic iTunes syncing.
You can save time and. Free download of AT&T Natural Voices Crystal 3.0.29, size 14.99 Mb.

Apex Text to Speech Apex Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

Apex Text to Speech is a program that can read texts in a loud voice through your PC speakers.

Converting a text to speech can be very convenient if you need to distribute information for visually impaired or illiterate people. You can enter the text to be read manually, by loading a text file or copying the text from any text file,. Free download of Apex Text to Speech, size 86.81 Mb.

NHMTTS SAPI5 Engine 4.0 Microsoft 

NHMTTS is an easy-to-implement SAPI5 compliant Vietnamese text to speech engine.

Main Features:

- Synthesize Vietnamese speech with natural voices whose prosodics (duration, pause and amplitude) determined by a technique based on artificial neural networks.
- Support SAPI5 interface.
- Can work with text. Free download of NHMTTS SAPI5 Engine 4.0, size 13.57 Mb.

Portable Balabolka Ilya Morozov 

Balabolka is a Text-To-Speech utility that allows you to listen to the written text. All computer voices installed on your system are available to Balabolka. The on-screen text can be saved as a WAV or MP3 file.
The program can read the clipboard content, view the text from DOC, RTF and HTML files, customize font and background colour,. Freeware download of Portable Balabolka, size 3.53 Mb.

RoboBlather 1 Zeta Centauri 

RoboBlather is a text-to-speech application written using .NET 3.0. Rendered speech can be saved to a .WAV file and both talking speed and speech synthesis voice are user-selectable.. Freeware download of RoboBlather 1, size 492.05 Kb.

TxtReaderXpress 4.3.4431 Lau Han Ching Software 

TxtReaderXpress Text To Speech eDocuments Reader is relies on the functions of Microsoft Speech Platform and Desktop SAPI, and is an intuitive text reading software. Users will simply need to type or highlighted or paste their texts within the reader window and TxtReaderXpress will read them aloud. Typing assistance is a semi-automated typing aid. Free download of TxtReaderXpress 4.3.4431, size 14.18 Mb.


Text2phone is a French Text To Speech (TTS) written in Perl. Freeware download of FRENCH TEXT TO SPEECH (TTS) 1.0, size 14.13 Kb.

Mac: Text To Speech 1.0 

This is a T2S or "Text To Speech" application that will allow Mac OS X 10.5 users to type in any text into the text box then hear it.. Freeware download of Mac: Text To Speech 1.0, size 43.39 Kb.

rsynth - Text-to-Speech (Formant Synth) 2005.12.16 

To provide basic text-to-speech capability on as many platforms and for as many spokenlanguages as possible by formant synthesis from an International Phonetic Alphabetrepresentation.. Freeware download of rsynth - Text-to-Speech (Formant Synth) 2005.12.16, size 194.36 Kb.

Jolix MP3 Recorder 2.4.0 Jolix Tools 

Jolix MP3 Recorder is a multi-featured general audio-recording tool capable of capturing and converting the sounds from virtually any source (such as CDs, DVDs, tapes, live performances, TV sounds, online radio, video games) into high-quality audio files you can save on your computer with a simple click.

With Jolix MP3 Recorder you can. Freeware download of Jolix MP3 Recorder 2.4.0, size 4.50 Mb.

Text to speech converter for IMS 1.0 Imstext2speech 

The main aim of the project is to built a application on the top of IMS which will convert text to speech. If one user sends text from one side other user will receive it as Voice. This application can be use as simple Voice SMS service

text to speech, IMS application server, Modified SIP client, Find required documentation. Freeware download of Text to speech converter for IMS 1.0, size 0 b.