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Hearthcalc 1.0 Yang Yan 

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The Hearthstone is a popular two player battle card game. The game has almost 400 totally different cards. Player must choose 30 of them to fight with others. But how to choose to get the strongest deck? That's a very difficult problem. So I develop the Hearthstone calculator to help us to choose the cards.
This app "Hearthcalc" has. Freeware download of Hearthcalc 1.0, size 2.52 Mb.


Heroes of Camelot 3.1.0 Kabam 

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Reclaim Camelot from the Black Knight. Join thousands of players in this RPG Multiplayer Battle Card Game that will transport you into a world dominated by Dragons and Medieval mythological figures!

The Black Knight and his undead warriors have invaded Camelot. King Arthur and Merlin have summoned all of Britain for a Hero to rise. Will. Freeware download of Heroes of Camelot 3.1.0, size 59.98 Mb.

Slots Kingdom HD 1.2.0 Jiang YuanYing 

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**Enjoy the best battle slots game! **
**Assemble your army and fight with the monster invaders, Set your bet to win the war! **
**Big chances to defeat the variety enemies and get the reward! **
**Level up to unlock the campaigns of various races! **
**Awesome graphics, fantastic bonuses and plenty of free coins guarantee the. Freeware download of Slots Kingdom HD 1.2.0, size 32.93 Mb.


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** A blend of dice play and strategic RPG battle elements against the backdrop of Indian Iron Age
** Manage commanders, military units, power and heal boosters to win 18 battles of the epic war of Kurukshetra
** Enjoy this fantastic war game based on the ancient Indian saga known as 'Mahabharata'

The diplomatic talks have. Freeware download of Kurukshetra - The Epic War (Dice Battle) 3.0, size 19.82 Mb.

5 Activities In 1 1.0.1 Ch1pa Software 

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5 Activities In 1 is an application which has a "Love Compatibility Test", a "Yo Mama Joke Generator", a two player Tic-Tac-Toe game, a "Tap Battle" game, and a QR Code reader all in one application.


* Love Compatibility Test - See who you or your friends are compatible with by simply. Freeware download of 5 Activities In 1 1.0.1, size 1.26 Mb.

Epic Battle: Ants War 2.5 tianxia network technology Inc 

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*: ! QQ?222985013
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*Welcome to join QQ group:222985013
*Thank you for the following partners support and encouragement to the game.

Hen and Rooster - Battle chicken game 1.0.1 Barry Calvagna 

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Super arcade game for real gamers! Awesome animals, music, gameplay!
Take your device and and go through 20 funny missions!. Free download of Hen and Rooster - Battle chicken game 1.0.1, size 24.33 Mb.

Quiz for Pikachu : Monster X Y Pokedex TCG Battle Guess Game 1.5 Pittaya Sattaboon 

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Quiz for Pokemon Monster cartoon. 1,300+ Levels for this game. Guess monsters if you can.

Let's see if you can prove it!
- Compete with players from all over the world!
- Make bids, take risks, and earn coins!
- Get to the top of the leaderboard in Game Center!
- Boost your knowledge of the topic by training. Freeware download of Quiz for Pikachu : Monster X Y Pokedex TCG Battle Guess Game 1.5, size 37.33 Mb.

Absolute Instant 1.2.3 Mobili Studio 

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*** Featured in App Stores New and Noteworthy and Whats Hot sections! ***

A shooter designed for the iPhone from the ground up? Yes, please! -

Ive never played a game like this before with teleportationand I love it! The controls are extremely easy to use, yet the game is still very challenging. This game is worth. Free download of Absolute Instant 1.2.3, size 115.34 Mb.

Heavy Birds 1.4 Bigpoint GmbH 

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Super Summer Sale for a limited time only, we're giving Heavy Birds away for your enjoyment!!

Welcome to Heavy Birds! A highly addictive and innovative puzzle game with fun and challenging gameplay. As the birds drop down the chute, match them up to clear them from the board. Download it now! Its perfect for fans of matching, sorting,. Free download of Heavy Birds 1.4, size 46.14 Mb.

Puzzle Family VS 1.0.8 Com2uS USA, Inc. 

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?Warning!! If you are playing as a guest, please create a Hub account before updating to the new version Otherwise the data will be deleted.

Blocks advance and attack: retaliate with exploding combos!
It's a real-time puzzle battle, Puzzle Family VS!

So simple! So fast! So fantastic!!
Strike combos; Pop colorful. Freeware download of Puzzle Family VS 1.0.8, size 49.81 Mb.

Epic Mech Wars 2.0 Tiny Utopia 

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Users Note: All Gen iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS users, this version is not supported on your devices. We're working on an update which will run on your devices shortly.

GREE Indie of the Month contest winner
Epic Mech Wars is a fast paced, head-to-head robot battle arena game that allows? ?players to customize their robots, defeat. Freeware download of Epic Mech Wars 2.0, size 48.65 Mb.

Cats VS Dogs FREE - Tiny Flying Mice Battle Game 1.0 Rowdy Apps 

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The name says it all - Cats VS Dogs FREE - Tiny Flying Mice Battle Game. Cats battle the dogs in this game and try their best to capture mice all along the way!

It's simple enough - all you have to do is keep yourself alive by not touching ANY of the dogs that are coming your way! Plus, you can shoot the dogs if you want using your. Freeware download of Cats VS Dogs FREE - Tiny Flying Mice Battle Game 1.0, size 33.87 Mb.

15 Defense. Underwater Battle 1.0 65 Gb Software LLC 

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Love challenging gameplay?

Check this game out on your iPad 2+ and see if you can survive for more than 5 minutes! Octopuses, piranhas and shark attacks won't leave you a spare sec!

There's a tough battle on the beautiful bottom of a deep blue sea.

Move your jellyfishes and charge them to defend your small 4x4-cell. Freeware download of 15 Defense. Underwater Battle 1.0, size 50.65 Mb.

Babblo - Multiplayer Battle 1.3.0 i-kiu - motion, graphic, backend GmbH 

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Babblo is a free multiplayer game for up to 4 players where you compete to rule a tiled board by moving blocks. The goal of the battle is to conquer as much blocks as possible, either by expanding to empty areas or by taking over opposing blocks.

Multiplayer handles up to 4 players. Either as computer or human player.

Tapping. Freeware download of Babblo - Multiplayer Battle 1.3.0, size 11.43 Mb.

Bad Apples: Battle Harvest 2.1 Metaversal Studios 

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The sequel to the popular puzzle game, Bad Apples, is FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Rally your troops and save the land of Orchardia in this epic match-3 puzzle adventure!


-Story Mode: Liberate the realms of Orchardia!
-Invasion Mode: Take on a never-ending assault of enemies!
-Recruit Mode: Solve. Freeware download of Bad Apples: Battle Harvest 2.1, size 41.84 Mb.

Balloon Battle 1.0 NIKITA DAVYDENKO 

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If you're looking an extremely addictive game for you or your kids, check up our new Ballon Battle! For all fans of balloon shooting and funny characters, you'll spend a lot of time playing this game with fun!
Welcome to the monkey island! Help the funny monkeys defend it. Shoot at the balloons moving along the road and try not to miss any of. Freeware download of Balloon Battle 1.0, size 43.83 Mb.

Bang: Battle of Manowars 1.4 Catmoon Productions Ltd. 

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When you aim with a cannon, are you a natural-born strategist or a shooting star? Meet BANG: Battle of Manowars, a new action-RPG, strategy, shooting game, inviting you into the battle of heavy fortresses (a.k.a. Manowars) as it arrives at AppStore.

BANG: Battle of Manowars is all about the magic atmosphere of a fantasy-inspired. Freeware download of Bang: Battle of Manowars 1.4, size 125.83 Mb.

Barbarian Battle, Iron Jawbone Nations Clash Free 1.0 Paul Webster 

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***Fun Tactical Game!***
Time to go to WAR!!
Barbarians do battle. Can you overcome the evil tribes
wanting to take over your village?
. Freeware download of Barbarian Battle, Iron Jawbone Nations Clash Free 1.0, size 16.78 Mb.

Cestos - Multiplayer Battle Balls 1.0.2 ChickenBrick Studios 

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Cestos is the BEST MULTIPLAYER GAME. Play Head-to-Head, Online, in this Marble Battle Game. Personalize your Avatar, Socialize with Friends, Earn Achievements, Unlock Customizations, and compete to become the world's best!

Play and chat with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere in the World! Ranked one of the BEST FREE GAMEs by CNET (and. Freeware download of Cestos - Multiplayer Battle Balls 1.0.2, size 4.09 Mb.

Chess: Battle of the Elements HD 1.0.0 Polarbit 

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Chess: Battle of the Elements combines the tried and true gameplay of the worlds most popular game, with beautiful 3D graphics. Select your favourite side from any of the four elements and menus, board and pieces will change to reflect your selection.

Adjustable AI ensures just the right amount of challenge for everyone - from greenhorns. Free download of Chess: Battle of the Elements HD 1.0.0, size 46.77 Mb.

Chess Empire: Epic Battle 1.0.1 Jamal Aminy 

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EPIC BATTLE - Bigger pieces, bigger armies, bigger battles. Our inspiration for this human-verse-human turned based Chess game is the result of a thirst for fierce battle can only be quenched by the command of the biggest and greatest armies. More Queens, Knights, Bishops, and Rooks can only lead to an EPIC BATTLE. The battles are only bounded by. Freeware download of Chess Empire: Epic Battle 1.0.1, size 32.19 Mb.

ENDI Tank Battle HD 1.5 Endi 

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The National Institute of Digital Entertainment is proud to bring you ENDI Tank Battle !

Take the opportunity to play a funny arcade-oriented fighting game in a full toyish 3D environment:

- Drive various types of tanks in many surprising environments that will remind you of your childhood;
- Fight enemies with various. Freeware download of ENDI Tank Battle HD 1.5, size 61.34 Mb.

ENDI Tank Battle Multiplayer 1.4 9245-4495 Quebec inc 

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Do you have what it takes to win?

Have fun with your friends (or strangers) in this funny multiplayer tank fighting game. Enjoy fighting in joyful and toyish battlefields!

The sequel to the single player ENDI Tank Battle game (downloaded over 2M times) is now here! We've listened to your suggestions and created this crazy. Freeware download of ENDI Tank Battle Multiplayer 1.4, size 42.57 Mb.

Epic Ninja Battle Match 3 Saga: Unofficial Naruto Shippuden Edition 1.0 See Hwa Lim 

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Its time to take a walk on the wild side with this epic match-three multiplayer game.

Ninja Ultimate Battle Match. All Action, No Talk.*

Which of the 7 adorable characters will you be? Naruto, Sasuke, Ino, Kakashi, Sakura, Zabuza, & Pein.

Ninja Ultimate Battle Match takes all the fun you love from match-three. Freeware download of Epic Ninja Battle Match 3 Saga: Unofficial Naruto Shippuden Edition 1.0, size 84.10 Mb.

Expert Guide for Dragon of Atlantis(Unofficial) 3.2 Rakesh Mawar 

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This is the Only Guide for this game on app store.

If you stuck somewhere in game ,this app overcome you.
This guide contains:

Attacking & Defending Guide
Battle Mechanics
Beginner's Guide
Eggs and Armor
Farming Cities
Meat Shield
New City Guide
Power. Free download of Expert Guide for Dragon of Atlantis(Unofficial) 3.2, size 15.41 Mb.

Guilds Final Battle: Fairy Tail Edition- With Natsu, Erza, Lucy & Gray 1.1 Jenny Chan 

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Guilds Final Battle is a war game that mixes strategy game fun with real time action . Clash with the biggest enemies and fight with arrow defense. If that was not enough, hire Heroes as mercenaries. Kill and eliminate enemy units to collect gold and war gems.

Help Natsu, Erza, Lucy & Gray to win this battle:
-. Freeware download of Guilds Final Battle: Fairy Tail Edition- With Natsu, Erza, Lucy & Gray 1.1, size 33.66 Mb.

Hero of Archaic 1.2 JIE ZHANG 

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Next-generation action blockbuster blood hand tour debut! Exquisite, Meilen Meihuan game scene, blood surging, agonistic battle scenes, rigorous and detailed, rich sound of the game system, to overturn the traditional, all in perfect boutique studio peacock
[Background] story: subversion of the traditional action game masterpiece! Unique. Freeware download of Hero of Archaic 1.2, size 69.84 Mb.

History Battle 1.01 

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History battle is a simple multiplayer game where fun is in the high seat. Challenge your friends to see who is the best to place historic events in the correct order.. Freeware download of History Battle 1.01, size 2.10 Mb.

Homerun Battle 3D for iPad 1.8.5 Com2uS Corp. 

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Homerun Battle Series at its PEAK!
?20 Million Sluggers battling in 300 million match-ups!!?
**Go Smash your homeruns NOW!!**

Are you prepared to be the next batter up?
Real-time Online Matchup Homerun Battle 3D!!

?This game supports English, francais, and

*** Over 10M players in more than 300M. Free download of Homerun Battle 3D for iPad 1.8.5, size 21.29 Mb.