Bee Pollen

Green Smoothies HD 1.1 Mark Patrick Media 


Find out why everyone is raving about Green Smoothies! Just grab your blender and we will take care of the rest. Thats right. This app provides you with over 100 delicious, easy to prepare, green smoothie recipes. Whether you are looking to detox, have more energy, lose weight, feel better. Free download of Green Smoothies HD 1.1, size 23.28 Mb.


Queen Bee 3D : Success is Sweet 1.0 Lyrid LLC 

In this whimsical honey of a strategy/simulator game, the life of a striving worker bee is filled not only with dizzying flights of fancy but also palace intrigue. Forage for pollen and nectar among varied flowers in a beautiful alpine setting, maneuvering on a dime with the intuitive accelerometer-based controls. Then return to the hive and and. Free download of Queen Bee 3D : Success is Sweet 1.0, size 34.18 Mb.

End of Summer 1.0 Patrick Felong 

On the last day of Summer a honey bee buzzes along its final pollen-collecting journey.

End of Summer is a beautiful, relaxing game for people of all ages looking to unwind or just have some fun.

-Peaceful ambient sounds and music immerse you in a warm Summer's day
-Hand-painted backgrounds, lovingly. Free download of End of Summer 1.0, size 9.12 Mb.

HiveManager 1.0 Kevin Towers 

Hive Manager is an app built for beekeepers to track the progress of their bee hives and maintain a record of their hive inspections.

1) Create and record hive tasks. Some examples of hive tasks are feeding, treating for mites, installing pollen traps or queen excluders, add and removing supers etc. Basically you define the tasks and. Free download of HiveManager 1.0, size 1.89 Mb.

Bee Screensaver 5.0 Software 

Bee's swarm and crawl around, Yellow Jackets fly by and more. This screensaver is very scary, thebee's look real ! This is perhaps the most unique screensaver around. Not for the faint of heart !. Free download of Bee Screensaver 5.0, size 408.58 Kb.

Focus on Bee-Bot 1 Focus Educational Software 

Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 1 is based on eight well-known TTS cross-curricular activity mats including: Alphabet, Money, Race Track, Shapes and Colours, Busy Street, Treasure Island, CVC and Number Track.

The software includes a range of activities for eight Bee-Bot cross-curricular activity mats. Challenges are solved by programming. Free download of Focus on Bee-Bot 1, size 22.70 Mb.

French Spelling Bee 1.0.0004 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

The easy-to-use and educational French Spelling Bee software was developed so that you can test and improve your French spelling ability.

French Spelling Bee is written in the Java programming language and can work on several operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

. Free download of French Spelling Bee 1.0.0004, size 0 b. - Pollen Levels Application Development Group 

Shows the 1-day and 4-day pollen levels for your zipcode as given by Freeware download of - Pollen Levels, size 157.29 Kb.

Dynamic Spelling Bee 3.1 Pajersoft 

A serious multimedia spelling bee with powerful features aimed at students of all ages who want results. Multimedia features include high quality sound and a built-in recorder so linking sounds to words in the spelling dictionary is easy. The Spelling Bee can use either a 26,000+ word spelling dictionary, which can actually produce customized. Free download of Dynamic Spelling Bee 3.1, size 5.46 Mb.

Bee Wallpapers 1.2 

Bee Wallpapers is a wallpaper randomizer program with a user friendly interface.
It automatically changes the wallpaper displayed on your screen at predefined intervals or at Windows startup.
You can directly download wallpapers from the server or add your own wallpapers to your personal list(s).
There are. Freeware download of Bee Wallpapers 1.2, size 4.14 Mb.

Bee Explorer 1.0.133 Serial Port Tool 

Bee Explorer is a free tool to explorer all available ZigBee Nodes in search range.
Support both AT and API mode
Support both S1 and S2 series
List the node in list mode, tree mode and diagram mode. Freeware download of Bee Explorer 1.0.133, size 1.19 Mb.

bee beep 1.0 Free Games 

Bee beep is a free game that is from Twizl. there are nice graphics and photographs used as the background and the main animation is really smooth and nice, and the animations for this game are quite smooth as well . The navigation for your bee character is pretty smooth, even if you are using a touch pad to play this game. For the game, the object. Free download of bee beep 1.0, size 0 b.

Catch A Bee 1.0 

Catch A Bee is a beautiful game for the whole family in which you should catch cute bees to earn points; to be more precise you will need to encase them in a bubble wand.

The game features simple colorful graphics with beautiful and funny characters (especially bees) who fly across the screen at different speeds. Some of them fly. Freeware download of Catch A Bee 1.0, size 2.36 Mb.

BEE Lisp 1 1 SimpleTech Development 

BEE Lisp is a superficial expandable compiler for Lisp language which allows to create completely independent EXE and DLL files. In contrast with the majority of analogues executable files created by this compiler do not demand presense of any interpreters or virtual machines. Simple programming interface for interaction with an operating system. Free download of BEE Lisp 1 1, size 5.37 Mb.

Busy Bee Stamp Collector 1 1 Bee-Software 

Busy Bee Stamp Collector came about after one of our customer’s mentioned to us that it is very difficult to find good stamp collector software, and especially on a Mac. Busy Bee Stamp Collector runs on all major Operating Systems, and provides a simple way to store all of your stamp information in a database, with a few extras such as. Free download of Busy Bee Stamp Collector 1 1, size 1.36 Mb.

Bee Garden The Lost Queen 1.0 

Help little bees make delicious honey and find their missing queen in Bee Garden – The Lost Queen Deluxe, a delightful time management pastime. The worker bees are tired of spending their days laboring. When they complain to the queen, she decides to teach them a lesson and leave them without a leader. Now the bees have no guidance and are. Freeware download of Bee Garden The Lost Queen 1.0, size 51.36 Mb.

Angry Bee 1.0 

Humans have been roaming your park for weeks spraying smoke at all of your bee colony friends, This has made you very mad, Go and sting all of the smoke spraying humans for making your colony sick! Good luck!. Freeware download of Angry Bee 1.0, size 2.26 Mb.

Bee Hive @ Work 1.0 

The implementation of Bee Hive @ Work algorithm that simulates the foraging behavior of honey bees in nature. The aim is to provide an extensible framework that can be used by researchers to simply create new applications of this algorithm.. Freeware download of Bee Hive @ Work 1.0, size 20.56 Mb.

Bee script 0.9 

Bee script is a scripting language for the Java platform. It is based on the BeanShell scripting language but it provides better tools for functional programming.. Freeware download of Bee script 0.9, size 117.02 Kb.

Crushed bee project 1.0 Crushedbee 

Crushed bee Zigbee/Ethernet project:Goal become a software-hardware reference project for Zigbee/Ethernet SCADA system.

Crushed bee project 1.0 License - BSD License; GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Crushed bee project 1.0, size 0 b.