Bengali Girl Showing Pussy Freeware

AnaglyphViewer 1.0 

Simple mesh/scene viewer written on Ogre3D engine capable of showing anaglyph picture.. Freeware download of AnaglyphViewer 1.0, size 17.00 Mb.


Archive Explorer 1 

Archive Explorer is a pure VB program that is capable of showing the contents of different archives and some archives can be extracted. Contents can be shown are: ZIP,GZ,TGZ,TAR,ARC,ARJ,RAR,CAB,LZH,LHA. Contents can be extracted are: ZIP,GZ,TGZ,TAR.. Freeware download of Archive Explorer 1, size 42.43 Kb.

AsmTrace - ELF trace and disassembler 0.9.55 

AsmTrace traces ELF executables, showing registers and disassembly. Triggers can enable and disable tracing.. Freeware download of AsmTrace - ELF trace and disassembler 0.9.55, size 151.19 Kb.

Binary(doc,xls,ppt) to OpenXMLTranslator 649 

The main goal of the Office Binary (doc, xls, ppt) Translator to Open XML Project is to create software tools, plus guidance, showing how a document written using the Binary Formats (doc, xls, ppt) can be translated to Office Open XML.. Freeware download of Binary(doc,xls,ppt) to OpenXMLTranslator 649, size 4.59 Mb.

BonGoLipi 201002031102 

BonGoLipi (Bong-Go-Lipi) is a transliteration tool to convert phonetically typed Bengali (Bangla) into text displayable with Unicode or non-Unicode fonts. It supports different transliteration schemes. The objective is to propagate standardized Bengali.. Freeware download of BonGoLipi 201002031102, size 7.26 Mb.

Broken Finger 00.02 

BrokenFinger is a collection of demo 3D programs showing latest implementation in the areas of: Document Object Model, GPU Bound Processing, and Procedural Modeling(e.g. CGA Shape).. Freeware download of Broken Finger 00.02, size 1.02 Mb.

BoPlanets planetarium 2 

BoPlanets is a virtual planetarium showing the planets relatively to any observing planet. The planets can be viewed in ecliptical-, equatorial- or horizontal view. The times of rise, transit and set of a planet can be determined.. Freeware download of BoPlanets planetarium 2, size 166.81 Kb.

ccTrayIcon 0.1 

ccTrayIcon is a Java application which displays a 'traffic light' icon in your system tray, showing the current build status of projects on a CruiseControl integration server. It should run on any platform supported by JDIC [].. Freeware download of ccTrayIcon 0.1, size 274.45 Kb.

CEarth 1.0.8 

C# rich client, displaying the data of a free towns database in a Google Earth component, a Tree Table visualization component and showing Bing image results of these data.. Freeware download of CEarth 1.0.8, size 6.26 Mb.

ClickHeat 1.14 

ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones. Requires Javascript on the client to track clicks, PHP and GD on the server to log clicks and generate the heatmap.. Freeware download of ClickHeat 1.14, size 181.78 Kb.

CutIt 1.3.6 

CutIt is the CAD application for showing section cut of 3D Model. You can easily cut it(cutting 3D model) by choosing one of the three models, designed by famous architects and designers. CutIt will reveal the inside space before your eyes.. Freeware download of CutIt 1.3.6, size 1.61 Mb.

DSPemu - TMS320F243 emulator 0.1 

DSPemu emule a digital signal processor TMS320F243, with console interface showing the registers and memory. With DSPemu is possible test algorithms such as Filter, FFT/IFFT. This can be integrate and used with a circuit simulator.. Freeware download of DSPemu - TMS320F243 emulator 0.1, size 224.06 Kb.

EulerTop 1.2 

EulerTop contains KDE screen savers showing physically realistic systems were the movement is visualised in 3D.. Freeware download of EulerTop 1.2, size 647.27 Kb.

Exchange rates display software 1.0 

Display software for showing exchange rates in public offices such as bank branch, travel agency, changer. The display software runs on any Windows CE-based thin client.. Freeware download of Exchange rates display software 1.0, size 16.42 Kb.

Gantt-Like Chart Control 0.1.1 

Windows-Forms usercontrol, which visualizes data in a Gantt-Like way, by showing bars on a timeline. This kind of chart is best for visualization of f.e. order processing. The control and the displayed bars are customizeable.. Freeware download of Gantt-Like Chart Control 0.1.1, size 34.00 Kb.

GPS status 1.0 

MIDlet showing status of GPS device connected to cellphone. Show availability of GPS device/signal, current position, speed, course and satellites' position and signal power. Log tracks in GPX format.. Freeware download of GPS status 1.0, size 9.48 Kb.

gtkhst 0.1.1 

gtkhst is a collection of GLib2 objects to compute statistics (mean, variance, correlations) in 1 and 2 dimensions and a set of Gtk2 widgets to display 1D and 2D histograms as well as trace plots showing the evolution with time of the monitored quantity. Freeware download of gtkhst 0.1.1, size 376.36 Kb.

HyperSQL 3.9.0 

HyperSQL is like a doxygen plus javadoc for SQL, hypermapping SQL views, packages, procedures, and functions to HTML source code listings and showing all code locations where these are used.. Freeware download of HyperSQL 3.9.0, size 150.07 Kb.

Korean Table 32 

Korean Table is a memory trainer using ancient Korean method based on showing the colored stones on the colored table for a moment and remembering its position and color.. Freeware download of Korean Table 32, size 493.54 Kb.

Maven Author Plugin 1.0 

The Maven Author Plugin generates an HTML report showing informations gathered from other Maven reports (Checkstyle, FindBugs, PMD, Lint4j, JavaNCSS, JCoverage, Cobertura, Emma, Clover, Tasks List, etc.) and categorized by author(s) of source files.. Freeware download of Maven Author Plugin 1.0, size 37.24 Kb.