Big Two Poker Chinese

Big Two for Game Gardens rc.29 

Java implementation of the Chinese card game Big Two using the Game Gardens framework.. Freeware download of Big Two for Game Gardens rc.29, size 146.47 Kb.


SimPy Big Two 032 Simpybigtwo 

Big Two is popular poker game in Taiwan. SimPy Big Two is simple big two game using Taiwan Big Two rules. It's coded by python and pygame.

SimPy Big Two 032 License - Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License V2.0. Freeware download of SimPy Big Two 032, size 325.01 Kb.

Big Two 1.0 Thanos Cardgames 

The object of the Big Two game is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards, by playing them to the table. The cards can be played singly or in certain combinations. If you cannot be first to play all your cards, then your aim is to have as few cards as possible when another player finishes.. Freeware download of Big Two 1.0, size 2.68 Mb.

Taiwan BigTwo 280 

Taiwan Big Two, a famous poker game, following Taiwanese rule. The current version is for PalmOS.. Freeware download of Taiwan BigTwo 280, size 53.97 Kb.

Chinese Zither 2.3 MEET Studio CO.,LTD. 

This time we bring you Chinese Zither- also called Guzheng to be played freely on your iPad!

History of Guzheng

The ancestry of the guzheng can be traced back to two other Chinese plucked zithers, the se. The guzheng has existed since the Warring States Period and became especially popular during the Qin dynasty. The number of. Free download of Chinese Zither 2.3, size 27.05 Mb.

Chinese Character Matching Game 1.1.0 Ebenezer School 

One of the Low Vision training Apps designed and maintained by the Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired.

Method of training:
- Choose out a pair of two identical chinese characters among a set of characters.


- 4 stages are provided, each has a different size of characters set.
-. Freeware download of Chinese Character Matching Game 1.1.0, size 13.21 Mb.

Basic Blind Chess 047 Darkchess 

Blind Chess also known as "Dark Chess" (?s—??‹) or "Banqi" or Half Chess , is a two-player Chinese board game played on a 4x8 grid, or half of the xiangqi (Chinese Chess) board. This application is using Taiwan rule.

Basic Blind Chess 047 License - Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License V2.0. Freeware download of Basic Blind Chess 047, size 11.29 Mb.

Pusoy Dos aka Big 2 1.2 Hug Life Inc 

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Big2 Poker brings the classic Big 2. Free download of Pusoy Dos aka Big 2 1.2, size 943.72 Kb.

CoolSQL 0.9.5 kenny liu 

CoolSQL is a cool tool used to view and manage database. It provides a nice user interface which makes a wonderful experience to user. CoolSQL inclineds to view and analyze data in the database, provides abundant functions including querying, modifying, exporting, supporting sqlscript and analyzing data.

Convenience and maneuverability. Freeware download of CoolSQL 0.9.5, size 0 b.

Language Links 1.0.9 Paul Masson 

Language Links is a reference tool for solidifying your knowledge of multiple languages. It is not a teaching tool per se, but can help to strengthen your recall of languages you already know to some extent or are currently studying. It is further a conceptual way of organizing language learning: each word list attempts to group the most common. Free download of Language Links 1.0.9, size 209.72 Kb.

Chinese Poker 3D 2.0.0 4A Volcano Computer Tech. Co., Ltd. 

Join the world's most played poker game. Played by everyone in China - soon by the rest of the world. Be the first of your friends!

Chinese Poker (also known as "Doudizhu" or "Fight the Landlord") is about team play and strategy:
Two players must combine their powers to win!
Plan your moves beforehand!

FreeSweetGames Poker 1.0.40 FreeSweetGames 

This poker variant is for two - six players. The game object is to win the pot, having collected the best poker combination of cards, than other players. Or oust opponents from the game by bets. Dealing out begins with the obligatory entrance fee. If the player does not have money for entrance fee and minimal bet he misses game. A complete 5-card. Freeware download of FreeSweetGames Poker 1.0.40, size 1.36 Mb.

ABC Chinese Poker - Open Face 3.6 PokerPoker, LLC 

Open Face Chinese -- now with Pineapple! Designed by poker players, for poker players. All the action you love packed into a beautiful, rich gameplay experience. Make a bonus hand and enjoy animations and bonuses. Play against your friends using Apple's Gamecenter or play against the best OFC computer out there, if you've got what it takes.. Freeware download of ABC Chinese Poker - Open Face 3.6, size 19.08 Mb.

Chinese 13 Card Poker 2.2.0 Smappsoft 

Chinese 13 Card Poker is a fun and addicting card game for up to 4 players online with Game Center, or locally using Bluetooth or Pass-n-Play on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

See our promotional video at

Also known as 13 Cards, Russian Poker, or Pusoy, Chinese 13 Card Poker is a popular game. Free download of Chinese 13 Card Poker 2.2.0, size 13.74 Mb.

Chinese Open Face Poker 4.1.3 Pocket Cowboys 

Millions of hands played each month! Try your hand at Chinese Open Face Poker, the hottest new variation of poker out there. Chinese Open Face Poker App's sophisticated design offers users a completely customizable gaming experience and it is the only app to feature popular gaming styles like Fantasy Land and Criss-Cross. This 2-4 player game is. Free download of Chinese Open Face Poker 4.1.3, size 44.04 Mb.

Chinese Open Face-to-Face Poker 1.1.1 Wenchao Han 

Many variance of Chinese open face poker games over bluetooth.. Freeware download of Chinese Open Face-to-Face Poker 1.1.1, size 8.39 Mb.

Chinese Pineapple Poker 1.0 Goldclaw Ltd. 

Open face Chinese Pineapple is sweeping across the poker community and soon will be the premiere game of choice. Test your luck and skill against your opponents on the world's first duel platform pineapple game. This game uses an independent server to allow players the ability to challenge players regardless of device used, allowing for the most. Freeware download of Chinese Pineapple Poker 1.0, size 734.00 Kb.

Chinese Poker Abacus CenterFIELD9 

*For a limited time only - download the Chinese Poker Abacus for $0.99 USD/0.79 EUR!*

Real poker players play Chinese Poker and real Chinese Poker players track their winnings using the Chinese Poker Abacus! The Chinese Poker Abacus is a scorekeeping application for those who play the highly addictive game of Chinese Poker.

Chinese Poker Expert 1.2 Blue Tiki 

Play Chinese Poker for fun, or sharpen your game with the training tools used by top players. Play against state of the art computer opponents, or against a friend using Bluetooth.


Practice Tool lets you set hands with immediate feedback on your play.
Analysis Tool gives you a detailed analysis of any hand.

Chinese Poker Pro 1.8 Intoxic8 Studio LLC 

Chinese Poker() is a popular card game in the Asian community. Each player is dealt 13 cards that must be arranged into 3 poker hands ranging from the strongest on the bottom to the weakest on the top.

What is in Chinese Poker Pro?

- Play against 3 AI opponents
- 3 levels of difficulty (Rookie, Semi-Pro, Pro)
- 4. Free download of Chinese Poker Pro 1.8, size 12.90 Mb.

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