Birth Control Clinic

EcoSensual Natural Birth Control 1.1 Corinne Boswell 

The EcoSensual App combines natural birth control options with a different approach to sexuality that is inspiring for women.

With sensual lovemaking tips and ideas based on the rhythms of her natural cycle, we empower women to make educated choices about their sexual preferences. The more a woman understands her body, the more she is. Free download of EcoSensual Natural Birth Control 1.1, size 21.08 Mb.

SoftOrbits Ovulation Calendar 5.2 SoftOrbits 

An ovulation calendar provides loving couples with a perfect opportunity to prevent unwanted conception, or, if they wish, to get pregnant easier and quicker. One solution which makes this real is a software called Advanced Woman Calendar. This program provides you with two possibilities: the ability to conceive faster by tracing your most fertile. Free download of SoftOrbits Ovulation Calendar 5.2, size 6.76 Mb.

ACIO Ovulation Calendar 2.7.12 SoftOrbits 

ACIO Ovulation Calender is an easy-to-use personaland accurate ovulation calculator of menstrual firtility,cycles, ovulations. It helps you to achieve or avoid or achieve pregnancy, or even predict baby]s gender. ACIO Ovulation Calendar helps you use a natural contraception method. It shows you days when you are fertile, days of ovulation and. Free download of ACIO Ovulation Calendar 2.7.12, size 1.64 Mb.

Groove - Period & Fertility Tracker 1.2.0 Groove 

Groove is the period and fertility tracker you've been waiting for. This stunning app helps you track your cycles, prevent pregnancy, or get pregnant. It gets more accurate over time and uses advanced algorithms to predict your next period. Take control of your fertility, your body, and your health with Groove.

Here's what people are. Freeware download of Groove - Period & Fertility Tracker 1.2.0, size 16.25 Mb.

Gynecology and Obstetrics: Johns Hopkins Manual 1.2 Unbound Medicine, Inc. 

Practical point-of-care recommendations for OB/GYN diagnosis and treatment

The Gynecology and Obstetrics: Johns Hopkins Manual provides on-the-spot answers to obstetrical and gynecological questions faced by students, residents, and clinicians. This trusted, comprehensive mobile resource includes basic and high-risk obstetrics,. Free download of Gynecology and Obstetrics: Johns Hopkins Manual 1.2, size 3.15 Mb.

Human Reproduction Trivia 1.0 Gulsen CAKIR 

Test and evolve your information answering the questions and learn new knowledge about Human Reproduction System with this Trivia

- Internet connection is NOT needed.
- Monitor true, false and your avarage anytime.
- Monitor point table and your quiz status to control how good you are getting
- There is no. Free download of Human Reproduction Trivia 1.0, size 9.23 Mb.

IAmGeneress 2.38 Actavis, Inc. 

Always on the go? Get our iPhone app for access to your I Am Generess account, a body tracker tool, reminders, and more. Plus, you can use the app to earn more coins for your charity and help even more women in need! With I Am Generess, even the smallest things we do can make a huge impact.

Track your cycle: Use this handy tool to help. Freeware download of IAmGeneress 2.38, size 19.82 Mb.

MyIntuition 1.0 Alfredo da Silva 

The wait is over! MyIntuition is here.

MyIntuition is your perfect companion. For women who have more important things on their minds than pills and periods.
MyIntuition is a menstrual cycle helper and calendar that handles all those important dates for you.

Just provide the day of your last period, your cycle, and the. Free download of MyIntuition 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

Pythora 2.14 Rahul Nadella 

You'll never miss another scheduled time to take your medication. Look forward to taking your medications on time, every time by using the Pythora application. Pythora is the most flexible and easy-to-use app for the iPhone and iPod Touch to help you remember to take your medications, vitamins, or birth control pills on time.

The Pythora. Freeware download of Pythora 2.14, size 17.20 Mb.

Christmas Eye Clinic Fun 1.0 Himanshu Tatariya 

Welcome to my Christmas Eye Clinic! Today we gonna teach you how to perform a complete eye examination! Help us check these children with Santa and make sure their vision is as good as always! Perform a complete eye control!

Christmas Eye Clinic features

>Eye Drop for clean eyes and rub it with cotton.
>Check. Freeware download of Christmas Eye Clinic Fun 1.0, size 41.84 Mb.


QVET manages clinic, commercial, and administrative information of Veterinary Clinics allowing accomplishing an exhaustive clients and clinical files control with just a short time. The most used Veterinary Software in Europe and America. This new version includes free access to LaClinica.Net, the most powerful Pet Portal integrated with the QVET. Free download of QVET 9.0, size 51.76 Mb.

Mediwise Clinic Management System 4.0 Sarals Solutions 

Mediwise Clinic Management System is a fully integrated solution for the business and clinical needs of medical clinics . Mediwise addresses all of a facility's data processing needs: Patient Accounting, EMR, Referral Management,Scheduling, Case & Encounter Management and Financials.. It provides physicians, clinicians, and healthcare. Free download of Mediwise Clinic Management System 4.0, size 38.51 Mb.

Birth of America 1.08 SEP BOA 

In our new product, Birth of America, the player controls one of the major contender of these 2 conflicts, trying to achieve military and political victory. It is a rather complete and detailed simulation of the two most important wars in Colonial America - from 1755 to 1783 - but with a simple and elegant new simultaneous turn-based engine. Scope. Freeware download of Birth of America 1.08, size 297.37 Mb.

Baby Notebook 13.1.06 Integracion y Desarrollo de Aplicaciones, S.L. 

NEW APPLICATION available on your mobile device to store all your baby's pediatric controls like an agenda.
You will have access to data from birth to age 14, photo, weight, height, possible a little comment on each control and checking the percentiles in which is in each moment.
It has multiple options for data sharing by creating a. Free download of Baby Notebook 13.1.06, size 3.36 Mb.

CDC Early Hearing 411 (EHDI411) 1.0 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

The CDC Early Hearing 411 app (EHDI411) has been designed and developed by the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) team, National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The main purpose of this app is to provide a way for parents to manage their childrens. Freeware download of CDC Early Hearing 411 (EHDI411) 1.0, size 2.83 Mb.

Hypnobirthing Home Study 1.1 Dany Griffiths 

Hypnobirthing can help you prepare for a birth that is more relaxed and comfortable during which you are able to remain calm and in control.
I dont feel frightened or scared at all I feel excited and really calm
The Hypno 4 Birth app has been designed to give you an opportunity to learn some very useful hypnobirthing. Freeware download of Hypnobirthing Home Study 1.1, size 24.96 Mb.

Learning Pets 1.1.0 Julien Gagnet 

Learning Pets: the birth of square life.
Design your very own pet by assembling simple building blocks and then letting Darwinian evolution give life to your creation. Your pet automatically learns to walk, turn, jump and more.

Control all aspects of your pet from the blocks dimensions, angles and position to the precise colours of. Free download of Learning Pets 1.1.0, size 3.67 Mb.

Huey PC Remote Control 5.5 GID Software 

Huey is a remote control program that allows you to remotely control another PC through the internet or your local area network. It is specifically designed to allow you to easily use your work/school computer from home. Features full 256, 15, 16, 24 or 32 bit screen transfer without loss of screen resolution; Reasonable usability at 56k modem. Free download of Huey PC Remote Control 5.5, size 1.24 Mb.

NetSupport Manager Remote Control 10.6 NetSupport Limited 

Perform remote support and management on multiple systems simultaneously over a LAN, WAN and the Internet with this powerful PC remote control software. NetSupport Manager provides speedy, secure remote PC access, dynamic inventory, automated scripting and scheduling, file transfer, remote deployment, system monitoring, help requests and much more.. Free download of NetSupport Manager Remote Control 10.6, size 35.00 Mb.

Remote Control PRO 3.7 Alchemy Lab 

Complete and efficient remote control solution that gives you full control over remote computer as if you were working directly at it - viewing/controlling remote desktop, running windows and console applications, working with clipboard and files, instant messaging and more. Unattended easy-to-use deployment and configuration over the network to. Free download of Remote Control PRO 3.7, size 1.96 Mb.

Birth Control Clinic Web Results

Birth Control

German Krautrock Band Includes tour dates, history, discography, press, merchandise, links and fan-club.

Birth Control

German Krautrock Band Includes tour dates, history, discography, press, merchandise, links and fan-club.

SoYouWanna pick a method of birth control?

Review of primary methods of birth control.

Birth Control - Diaphragm

Describes this birth control method and how it protects against pregnancy and some STIs. Includes a photograph.

Nanyara Fertility Control Clinic - Rivervale

Introduction to this free-standing private fertility control clinic in Western Australia.

Hillcrest Clinic

Independent clinic in Baltimore offering birth control and abortion services (to 16 weeks). Also conducts community education programs. Includes patient advice and fee schedule.

Abortion and Contraception Clinic of Nebraska

Facility offers medical abortion and first and second trimester surgical abortion, as well as diverse health services including annual physical exams, birth control, emergency contraception,...