Blog Site In Java

GooBai 2.7 Goobai27 

It's crawler on sina news,sina blog,and cn-java bbs,then parser the html source,and get the valuable message to HashSet set.It's all about an unit thread. We create a thread pool to manage the unit thread.. Freeware download of GooBai 2.7, size 0 b.


cfblogclient 1.0 Cfblogclient 

It is a blog client in Java Swing supporting popular blogapi, such as blogger API, metaweblogapi etc.

cfblogclient 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.0 (MPL). Freeware download of cfblogclient 1.0, size 0 b.

jaggiblog rc Jaggiblog 

bitacora web log (blog) developed in java, powered by Struts, hibernate and tiles. Looked at overcoat to support picture maintenance.

jaggiblog rc License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of jaggiblog rc, size 8.94 Mb.

Free Car Insurance Adsense Blog Theme 1 Richard Daris 

As you know, bloly blog default theme's is so simply. But their script was powerful to create a multi author blog for me. So, I trying hard to create my own car insurance adsense blog template to make it look niche for you and all visitors. And now, you can download my free car insurance adsense blog site fast on I've just. Freeware download of Free Car Insurance Adsense Blog Theme 1, size 10.48 Kb.

Rumba Easy 2 3 Rumba Netware 

"First and foremost, Rumba Easy is a Content Management System (CMS). It is the engine behind your website that simplifies the creation, management, and sharing of content. Use Rumba Easy as CMS, blog, site of news or personal page. The Rumba Netware Team focuses on building a solid application framework rather than on add-ons that are. Freeware download of Rumba Easy 2 3, size 22.53 Kb.

Just Journal 1.6 Lucas Holt,nightlily 

Just Journal is a blog web application. You can create infinite blogs, share public, private and friends entries. Lets everyone run their own blog site, even you!. Free download of Just Journal 1.6, size 683.67 Kb.

Indigo Browser 1.0 

This is a simple browser with a blog site focusing on educating people to go organic and create natural healthy living. This is a relatively new site however, as we are very passionate about healthy living, you can find a lot of great tips and information on the browser. Our family s organic healthy lifestyle is doable for everyone, just take the. Freeware download of Indigo Browser 1.0, size 367.00 Kb.

Update Your Web Site with Java Menu Animated Menus 9.0 Animated Menus Are Easy To Create With 

Do you feel that your web site is lacking in any real eye catching features? Or maybe it is beginning to look a little bit dated? Well, with out Java Menu Expansion Pack you will be able to create your very own animated menus!In the past you may have resisted investing in any software that would update your web site because it looks too difficult. Freeware download of Update Your Web Site with Java Menu Animated Menus 9.0, size 3.07 Mb.

BitNami Roller Stack 5.0.1-0 (windows) BitNami 

Roller is an open source blog server best known for powering heavily used corporate blog sites, such as Sun Microsystem's employee blogging site, IBM DeveloperWorks blogs, IBM Blog Central and Javalobby's JRoller Java community site. Roller supports all of the features needed to set up a blog server for one or a community of authors, including. Freeware download of BitNami Roller Stack 5.0.1-0 (windows), size 125.72 Mb.

Blog Navigator 1.2 Stardock Systems 

Blog Navigator is a program designed to make it easy for users who enjoy reading blogs (short for 'web logs') to read and organize them. Blog Navigator works by reading RSS feeds and displaying them in a clean, easy to understand way. It includes a host of different news and blog sites for users to read through.Blog Navigator is arguably the most. Freeware download of Blog Navigator 1.2, size 1.12 Mb.

Xtreeme SiteXpert Professional Edition 9 Xtreeme GmbH 

With SiteXpert you can create a professional navigation scheme (such as a DHTML drop down menu or site map tree) within a few minutes. You can also create Google Sitemaps or ROR. No JavaScript knowledge is required. SiteXpert also generates search engines hosted by your own web server / ISP, Intranet, or for CDROM / DVD distributions. All you need. Free download of Xtreeme SiteXpert Professional Edition 9, size 9.67 Mb.

Secure Image 2.2 ArtistScope 

Copy protect the images on your web site using image encryption and domain lock. Secure Image uses image encryption with Domain Lock to prevent direct saving, right mouse saving, direct downloading and bandwidth theft. Options include targeted hyperlink on the image, status bar and image settings for downloading messages and border frames.Instead. Free download of Secure Image 2.2, size 4.31 Mb.

Xtreeme SiteXpert Standard Edition 9 Xtreeme GmbH 

With SiteXpert you can create a professional navigation scheme (such as a DHTML drop down menu or site map tree) within a few minutes. You can also create Google Sitemaps or ROR. No JavaScript knowledge is required. All you need to do is pick a base URL and let the program crawl through your website. SiteXpert can also scan your directory / file. Free download of Xtreeme SiteXpert Standard Edition 9, size 5.58 Mb.

HTML Assistant Pro 2000 Exit 0 (zero) digital systems 

HTML Assistant Pro 2000 is a tag editor that makes Web page creation easy and fun without hiding the HTML code from you. With HTML Assistant Pro 2000 you can very quickly create your Web site and easily edit your Web pages from there on in. HTML Assistant Pro ensures that you'll have all the tools necessary for developing even the most complex. Free download of HTML Assistant Pro 2000, size 5.30 Mb.

Blog Pinger 1 

BlogPingerTM is a desktop application that lets you mass ping trackback URLs. This utility can be used if your website doesn't already have a trackback ping utility, or if your website or web software doesn't allow you to ping multiple trackback URLs. BlogPinger has an integrated trackback search utility, and allows you to save your blog. Freeware download of Blog Pinger 1, size 25.60 Kb.

QA Wizard Pro 2007.3 Seapine Software, Inc. 

Automated testing and load testing are critical activities in developing and deploying quality software applications. QA Wizard Pro automates the functional and regression testing of Web, Windows, and Java applications, and load testing of Web applications. Using a single application to perform both functional and load tests reduces your software. Freeware download of QA Wizard Pro 2007.3, size 70.69 Mb.

WinJournal 1.0 Mariner Software, Inc 

Introducing WinJournal - The "Next Generation" of journaling.
Effortlessly organize and record your thoughts and daily events. Chronicle life's moments for your grandchildren, your children, or yourself! Look back years from now to recall what you were involved with today. Add photos, links, audio, graphics, or just words.. Free download of WinJournal 1.0, size 0 b.

Singapore Photographer 2.3 Singapore Photographer 

Singapore Photographer with shares photographs taken in Singapore during the festive days to be used as a screensaver.. Photographs are taken with Nikon DSLR. Learn about rear curtain sync as shown in the photographs.. Freeware download of Singapore Photographer 2.3, size 1.45 Mb.

Banff Me 1.0 BrennanMoyMedia 

Put yourself in the action in Banff National Park!

Have you ever wanted to be on a magazine cover?

Ever wanted to be a bear?

Or a hoary marmot?

Take a photo, or choose one you already have and you can easily put your face onto one of these breathtaking scenes from Canadas first National Park, located in. Freeware download of Banff Me 1.0, size 53.58 Mb.

Update Your Web Site Today With New Programming Projects Software From Java 9.0 Advanced Applet Suit Programming Projec 

How is your web site or blog looking? If you are honest, do you really think it is as good as it could be? Well, if the answer is no, you could quickly and easily revamp it and get more traffic going through your web pages in next to no time.Java programming projects software, Advanced Applet Suite, is the perfect way to completely upgrade your. Freeware download of Update Your Web Site Today With New Programming Projects Software From Java 9.0, size 3.07 Mb.