Blood Group

Baby Blood Prediction FREE 1.2 WEBPAGE, s.r.o. 

Want to know what blood type can have your unborn child? What may have Rh factor? Enter the blood group and Rh factor of the mother and the child and get the result.. Freeware download of Baby Blood Prediction FREE 1.2, size 7.55 Mb.


Childrenboom 1.2 Pabusily Co Ltd 

You wonder: "How to predict Baby Gender?"

Having got some information about the parents (Surname, First name, Patronymic; date of birth; blood group), for the time of conception, we`ll provide you with 5 variants of the timeframes of the very moment of conception (the copy of your request and the answer would be duplicated to. Freeware download of Childrenboom 1.2, size 1.15 Mb.

Heart Detector Free 3.0 david bajada 

How To Use Heart Detector Free:

This App is for Entertainment Purposes Only it's a prank that you can do your members of your family or friends make them believe that's real tests of your heart rate and blood group type is real but in reality nothing it's real in this app it's just prank to use this app place your finger on the print. Freeware download of Heart Detector Free 3.0, size 734.00 Kb.

Health Data Center 1.0 Healthdata 

A data center for recording and retriving health related information. For instance, at emergency someone requires blood group B-ve(Negative). Where can we find these people with required blood group. This data center will cater such informations.

Health Data Center 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Health Data Center 1.0, size 0 b.

Blood Donor Info 1.0 Beta Mohammad Rakibul Haider 

Blood Donor Info is a lightweight and simple tool designed to help you create a blood donor database and easily find an available match when needed.

The application allows you to add multiple entries and search the database using the blood group as a criteria. The entries can easily be updated or deleted.

. Freeware download of Blood Donor Info 1.0 Beta, size 0 b.

TD SUPER 3 6 Pelagian Softwares 

Menu Driven & Hot Key System: To make it easy operating. Calendar: It provides you a calendar of thousands of year. So you will be enabled to see any day, date, Month & year up to where your machine can approach. Daily Schedules: Part of schedules maintains your time appointment, schedules, which is going to happening in your rest life. It. Free download of TD SUPER 3 6, size 13.95 Mb.

Baby Gender Prognosis 1.0.1 Anatoly Weinstein 

Question about baby gender begins to worry the parents long before its conception. Some parents want a boy, the other girl. Many parents don't want to depend on the case and attempt to schedule a child's sex in advance.

For others, the question of "Is it a boy or a girl?" only occurs during pregnancy. In this case, the child's. Freeware download of Baby Gender Prognosis 1.0.1, size 14.05 Mb.

Child Immunisation Tracker 1.3.1 Medmedia Ltd. 

A childs early years are a busy time for parents and keeping tabs on babys vaccines is an essential but challenging task with multiple vaccines due in babys first 12 months alone.

To make managing the familys vaccination needs as simple as possible, this Child Immunisation Tracker app has been developed by It is. Freeware download of Child Immunisation Tracker 1.3.1, size 2.31 Mb.

Emergency + : Emergency numbers worldwide 1.2.5 One Coffee Milk 

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Emergency + is an innovative application that let you easily call emergency numbers if you need help, urgence, ... All around the World !

Now 50 countries available with a complete list of emergency numbers for each.

So, you have access, by country, to a list of. Free download of Emergency + : Emergency numbers worldwide 1.2.5, size 15.52 Mb.

My Future Baby for iPhone 1.1 Sebastian Bachorzewski 

Are you pregnant or are you planning to have a baby?
Try "My future baby" and see how your future child could look like

Check what eye color will your baby have.
Check what hair color will your child have. Do you think it will be straight or curly?
Check what blood group and Rh factor will your future baby. Free download of My Future Baby for iPhone 1.1, size 5.87 Mb.

My Health HD 1.0 Egate IT Solutions Pvt Ltd 

Great news! Good health is fairly easy to achieve now!

For humans, physical and mental health means a good body health, which is healthy because of regular physical activity as exercises, good nutrition, and adequate rest.

Globally, nowadays people are very much concerned about improved nutrition, health care, standards of. Free download of My Health HD 1.0, size 10.91 Mb.

EBMT 2014 1.0.0 B-Com Event Technologies 

The European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) is a non-profit organisation that was established in 1974 in order to allow scientists and physicians involved in clinical bone marrow transplantation to share their experience and develop co-operative studies. The EBMT is devoted to the promotion of all aspects associated with the. Freeware download of EBMT 2014 1.0.0, size 14.58 Mb.

Hungry Shark Night 1.1.5 Future Games of London 

Bikinis? Check. Jet skis? Check. Beautiful lake house in the middle of nowhere? Check. Crazy man releasing blood thirsty sharks into the lake? Double Check!

A summer weekend turns into a blood-soaked nightmare for a group of college students trapped on an island surrounded by voracious underwater predators.

Swim through the. Freeware download of Hungry Shark Night 1.1.5, size 39.85 Mb.

Blood Pressure Browser 1.0 Doctor-Soft 

The Blood Pressure Browser: a program designed for self-assessment of the blood pressure at home. A single blood pressure measurement at hospital won't give you full information about the presence or absence of the disease. Blood pressure varies throughout the day and depends on a wide spectrum of factors. To ensure your health and wellbeing,. Free download of Blood Pressure Browser 1.0, size 6.26 Mb.

Blood Pressure Recorder 1.0 Lifestyle Toolbox 

Record your daily blood pressure measurements using this fast and easy freeware program from Lifestyle Toolbox. From the detailed report of your measurements, you and your doctor can assess if you have high blood pressure and perhaps the causes.. Freeware download of Blood Pressure Recorder 1.0, size 7.00 Mb.

Group Mailer Gallon and Takacs 

Perfect Group Mailer Software is a newsletter and opt-in mailer, which sends out personalized emails to your customers or users that have requested info. Perfect Group Mailer can be plugged into your existing customer database to mail out weekly or monthly newsletters automatically. Perfect Group Mailer allows you to send plain text or HTML. Free download of Group Mailer, size 9.62 Mb.

Group SMS Group sms 

Group sms forwarding utility facilitates you to connect with family members and colleagues by distributing limitless text messages. Bulk text sms forwarding application is excellent and advanced transmitting method for sending various messages even without internet connectivity. Advanced group message sending tool has option for delay broadcasting. Free download of Group SMS, size 6.51 Mb.

Group Software BlackBerry BlackBerry software 

Group software for BlackBerry is specially designed to broadcast same message to multiple contacts at a time. SMS marketing utility is used for sending poll info, product campaigns, market updates, weather reports, interview schedules etc. Group software for BlackBerry delivers massive text messages, announcements over national or international. Free download of Group Software BlackBerry, size 3.06 Mb.

Group Text Messaging Utility SMS software 

PC to mobile group sms broadcasting software is an advanced PC based solution can send any type of text messages (including interview calls, recruitment notifications, invitations, promotional campaigns etc) to all national or international mobile networks. Bulk text message sending program does not require internet connection to send personalized. Free download of Group Text Messaging Utility, size 952.32 Kb.

Rain Of Blood Halloween Wallpaper 2.0 

Blood rain on your desktop. May the reign of fear continue on your computer. Install this free blood red wallpaper right away.. Freeware download of Rain Of Blood Halloween Wallpaper 2.0, size 2.38 Mb.

Blood Group Web Results

Laboratory of Immunology for Research and Applications to Diagnosis

LIRAD offers reference laboratory for medicine, focusing on autoimmunity, chemokines, HLA and blood group protein biology, with diagnostic testing of immunologically mediated diseases,...

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Details of the Blood-CJD international e-mail support group for blood product withdrawal notification recipients due to the theoretical risk of CJD.

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