Body Temperature Chart Basal

Lady Mate 2.4.1 Shuji Fukumoto 

This application manages basal body temperature(BBT) and period cycle. This wold help for lady's health.

Important caution!

Use this application as standard data. It may show wrong expectation data. We do not assume any responsibility.

This is not for contraception.


Ladi Cal (BBT management calendar) 11.3 Yoshinosuke Nagaya 

"Ladi Cal" is an application to manage the basal body temperature for women.

By going to enter some items and body temperature every morning, the anticipated date of ovulation appear next menstrual period, and the graph displays changes in body temperature.
*You can also view body weight and body fat percentage as well. Free download of Ladi Cal (BBT management calendar) 11.3, size 1.47 Mb.

Ladi Cal for iPad(BBT management calendar) 2.2 Yoshinosuke Nagaya 

"Ladi Cal for iPad" is an application for women to manage the basal body temperature.
By going to enter some items and body temperature every morning, the anticipated date of ovulation appear next menstrual period, and the graph displays changes in body temperature.

*You can also view body weight and body fat percentage as. Free download of Ladi Cal for iPad(BBT management calendar) 2.2, size 1.36 Mb.

Health Management System 1.0 Ubiquitous Technologies Philippines, Inc. 

Ubiquitous Technologies' Health Management System keeps track of your health by monitoring these parameters daily:
Blood Pressure
Body Weight
Pulse Rate
Body Temperature
Step Count
Calorie Intake
Calorie Burned
Body Fat Index

Additional Features:
Picker views are used for easy input. Free download of Health Management System 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

Natural Family Planning for J2ME 1.0 

Natural Family Planning(NFP)/Fertility Awareness(FA) mobile (j2me,midp 1.0/2.0) application. Supports basal-body temperature, mucus/ovulation and calendar methods. Optimized for daily storing of records with the ability to display complex graph analysis.. Freeware download of Natural Family Planning for J2ME 1.0, size 95.33 Kb.

ovulyashki rc Ovulyashki 

Woman calendar is the Windows app. Easy to use and understand user friendly application. Control and predict women menstruations, baby birth date and gender, Basal Body Temperature, etc. The main goal is to help girls get accustom as quick as possibl

ovulyashki rc License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of ovulyashki rc, size 891.03 Kb.

My Body Temperature 1 1 My Health Software 

Some common and chronic illnesses require patients to monitor their temperature. This program allows you to keep a record of your temperature or that of your family members in an easy and convenient way. You only need to enter your name or that of a person whose temperature is going to be monitored, and record the temperature readings. Also, you. Free download of My Body Temperature 1 1, size 2.78 Mb.

Hormonal Forecaster - Fertility Software 5.2 Clocking Edge, LLC 

The Hormonal Forecaster easily charts ovulation and fertility to help you achieve or avoid conception and pregnancy by charting the most fertile days of a woman's cycle. The program uses patent pending technology together with Natural Family Planning techniques. It supports symptothermal analysis, basal body temperature charting, cervical mucus. Free download of Hormonal Forecaster - Fertility Software 5.2, size 4.72 Mb.

MB Body Mass Index 1.25 

MB Free Body Mass Index is an interesting health software with a simple to use interface. The program is designed to calculate the body mass index of a person which is calculated from the body height and weight. This index is an indicator of body wellness and lets a person know whether his body weight is normal, underweight or overweight. Body Mass. Free download of MB Body Mass Index 1.25, size 629.14 Kb.

HealthFixPlus 1.2 SimAdCom 

This is a simple health care software to track the typical body features, calculate different indicators and get basic information about health conditions.. Freeware download of HealthFixPlus 1.2, size 1.37 Mb.

Body Fat Estimator 1.5 TechSoft Inc. 

How much fat are you carrying? Find out if you are in the healthy range. This calculator is based on a formula developed by the U.S. Navy.A certain amount of fat is essential to bodily functions. Fat regulates body temperature, cushions and insulates organs and tissues and is the main form of the body's energy storage. Check out this Body Fat. Freeware download of Body Fat Estimator 1.5, size 346.03 Kb.

EB EggTimer 1.5.2 Fairfax Digital Australia & New Zealand Pty Limited 

Introducing the EB EggTimer - our period and fertility app. A must for every woman planning a pregnancy.

Brought to you by Essential Baby, Australia's largest online parenting community -

Trying to get pregnant?
Essential Baby's fertility application is a calendar tool to record, track and. Freeware download of EB EggTimer 1.5.2, size 2.10 Mb.

Groove - Period & Fertility Tracker 1.2.0 Groove 

Groove is the period and fertility tracker you've been waiting for. This stunning app helps you track your cycles, prevent pregnancy, or get pregnant. It gets more accurate over time and uses advanced algorithms to predict your next period. Take control of your fertility, your body, and your health with Groove.

Here's what people are. Freeware download of Groove - Period & Fertility Tracker 1.2.0, size 16.25 Mb.

Health Calc Pluz 1.1 Mami Davis 

Health calc plus is an interactive app for measuring your health risks based on your body measurements, age and gender.
Users can create their own profile and calculate their health nature using this health calculators. They are able to keep a history of their BMI.
Health calc plus offers a simple and intuitive calculator for determining. Freeware download of Health Calc Pluz 1.1, size 2.83 Mb.

Lady's Days 1.2 Vitzu 

App Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" in Italy, France and Russia

Easy-to-use app for tracking your periods.

This app contains everything you need for health monitoring.

Having regular menstrual cycles is a sign that important parts of your body are working normally. Whether. Free download of Lady's Days 1.2, size 3.77 Mb.

My Cycles Plus Period and Ovulation Tracker App 2.1.6 MedHelp 

Get the best period tracker and ovulation tracker app around! My Cycles Plus takes all the guesswork out of tracking your period and predicting your ovulation window. Whether you're trying to conceive or want to know when to expect your next period, My Cycles Plus period and ovulation tracker is the app for you! My Cycles Plus helps you track your. Free download of My Cycles Plus Period and Ovulation Tracker App 2.1.6, size 58.30 Mb.

UTS Weight for Palm OS 1.5.1 LLC 

Track weight & BMI with Palm OS PDA handheld.UTS Weight offers you an outstanding set of features to track your weight change:- New unique interface to enter weight readings with two taps of stylus.- Notes for entered values.- Importance marks for the readings.- Colored records for weight loss and gain.- Shoe and clothes weight specification.-. Free download of UTS Weight for Palm OS 1.5.1, size 1.10 Mb.

Laze Period Tracker 1.1.1 OKGO Labs 

Laze is the loveliest and easiest way to track your monthly menstrual cycles. After starting the app for the first time youll be asked to enter your last period and average cycle length. Laze will then be able to calculate all of your fertile windows and menstrual periods in the future. Did we get it wrong? No worries, youll always be able to. Free download of Laze Period Tracker 1.1.1, size 3.57 Mb.

SilkWood Spring 1 8 Reflective Layer 

SilkWood Spring is a casual paced game based on a digital organism called The Elders that live on a farm with real-world weather. SilkWood Spring is a casual paced game based on a digital organism called The Elders that live on a farm with real-world weather. The player controls the action of the Elder through a 24-hour real-time scheduler. With. Free download of SilkWood Spring 1 8, size 34.60 Mb.

HeyDoc! 1.8 SD Software 

HeyDoc!+oOC?To is a unique program that helps your doctor to keep you healthy. It provides an easy way to store and present all kinds of health information. HeyDoc!+oOC?To is perfect for individuals, families, companies, camps, clinics, and groups. With HeyDoc!+oOC?To all your personal medical information stays on your own computer. Nothing is. Free download of HeyDoc! 1.8, size 4.89 Mb.