Brava Client X Wrapper

TkSftp 0.7.1 

TkSftp - an X wrapper for the OpenSSH sftp console client. Freeware download of TkSftp 0.7.1, size 4.71 Kb.


.Net WCF Provider Proxy 1.0.0 Wcfproviderpxy 

This is a client/server wrapper to create a proxy between an secure application server inside a firewall and the less secure web server for the Membership, Profile, and Role providers.

Although the main scenario is to enable a WCF communication channel to allow a web site to take advantage of the built-in SQL providers within a website. Freeware download of .Net WCF Provider Proxy 1.0.0, size 3.28 Mb.

http-client-3-wrapper 1.0 Http-client-3 

This is a java wrapper around the old commons-http-client.3.1 HTTP client which not developed anymore.
The wrapper is using the new HttpClient 4.x and keeps binary compatibility.

The intention for developing this wrapper was using Axis 2 for accessing a Microsoft Exchange 2010 server which requires a NTLM2 authentication.

JET_lib 1.0 Jetlib 

This is an 'all in one' library to simplify programming. This will include a direct X wrapper, math functions, XML, and many more functions. This library will also be a framework for managed applications implementing add ins or similar extensibility.

JET_lib 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of JET_lib 1.0, size 0 b.

CompuDiary 1.01 Engineering Application Systems 

CompuDiary allows you to store the details of daily events, reminders, routine work items and file attachments. Complete search and export to excel, word or text is possible. Typing is avoided to the maximum as CompuDiary is pre-filled with template events in a person?s life; just drag & drop. Users can view the diary pages as regular diary,. Freeware download of CompuDiary 1.01, size 5.86 Mb.

libmysqlxa 0.0.5 

This is a X-Open XA API wrapper for the MySQL client library. Freeware download of libmysqlxa 0.0.5, size 292.37 Kb.

X-SharkTorrent Beta [rev3] winPenPack 

X-SharkTorrent is a portable version of SharkTorrent, an accessible and Open Source torrent client.

SharkTorrent is designed to be an user-friendly, simple and easy-to-use download client for torrents that makes use of Qt, libtorrent and boost.

Now, you can use this C++ based application to quickly download the torrent files. Free download of X-SharkTorrent Beta [rev3], size 0 b.

XConnectPro X-Server for Windows 3.9 Labtam Inc. 

X-Server for windows XConnectPro allows to run UNIX (X-Windows) applications on your PC and is an inexpensive but powerful and effective way to transform a standard PC into a fully functional X-terminal. Included in the package are the X-Window System, TCP/IP, FTP, TFTP, LPR, TELNET client server and NFS client server. Everything that you need to. Free download of XConnectPro X-Server for Windows 3.9, size 20.19 Mb.

Yummy FTP 1.8 Yummy Software 

Yummy FTP is an FTP, FTP SSL/TLS and SFTP client that combines all the best features available in other file transfer solutions, makes them better, adds a wealth of its own uniquely powerful capabilities, and then powers them all with a highly tuned FTP engine. The result is a very fast, very flexible and completely reliable file transfer utility. Free download of Yummy FTP 1.8, size 12.69 Mb.

Vicomsoft FTP Client 5.0.1 Vicomsoft Limited 

15 years of Mac FTP Experience

First released in 1997, FTP Client 5.0 represents the culmination of over 15 years experience in FTP transfers on the Mac platform. Extreme performance and unrivaled reliability, married with a sleek and intuitive user interface is the result.

Speed & Performance

Topping the highs. Free download of Vicomsoft FTP Client 5.0.1, size 8.29 Mb.

QSvn Andreas Richter 

QSvn is a GUI Subversion client for Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X and Windows. It is a real client not a GUI wrapper for the command line client from Subversion.
QSvn uses a C Subversion wrapper developed by the Kdesvn Project. For cross plattform QSvn uses the Qt Framework from Trolltech.. Freeware download of QSvn, size 5.39 Mb.

TLSWrap 1.4 Tomas Svensson 

TLSWrap is a TLS/SSL FTP wrapper/proxy for UNIX and Windows, allowing you to use your favourite FTP client with any TLS/SSL-enabled FTP server. Features: * Full encryption of both control and data connections (data encryption is optional, see README) following the standard defined in RFC 4217. * Allows existing FTP clients to support Transport. Freeware download of TLSWrap 1.4, size 1.26 Mb.

PerlLORD - A web-wrapper for LORD/linux 1.0 Perllord 

Web wrapper for the upcoming release of LORD/x - a Linux version of LORD the classic BBS game from way back. This program converts ANSI to HTML (Yes, HTML, not GIF or JPEG) So you can actually play in a browser. Not through a java telnet client or anyt

PerlLORD - A web-wrapper for LORD/linux 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of PerlLORD - A web-wrapper for LORD/linux 1.0, size 0 b.

Ashavar`s Legacy MUD X-Client 1.0 

This project will be a adoption of the famous alclient mud-client for the X environment.

Ashavar`s Legacy MUD X-Client 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Ashavar`s Legacy MUD X-Client 1.0, size 0 b.

FTPClient - MacOS X Cocoa FTP Client 1.0 Cocoaftpclient 

FTPClient is a simple FREE FTP client written using Cocoa for Mac OS X.

FTPClient - MacOS X Cocoa FTP Client 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of FTPClient - MacOS X Cocoa FTP Client 1.0, size 0 b.

Postilion - An X-Windows E-mail client 1.0 Postilion 

Postilion is an E-mail client (MUA) for the X-Windows system. It is based upon the TkRat code base, and intends to look and feel like the program from NeXT. It supports several languges, and offers a robust feature set.

Postilion - An X-Windows E-mail client 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Postilion - An X-Windows E-mail client 1.0, size 2.28 Mb.

VFP Client for ADO.Net 0.5.7 Alpha TomBrothers 

VFP Client for ADO.Net will provide developers with a simple wrapper connecting the System.Data.OleDb classes that will help them reduce pain points while working with VFP data within .Net.

VFP Client for ADO.Net represents the result of factoring out the VFP ADO.Net code using other projects, namely LINQ to VFP and VFP EF Provider. This. Free download of VFP Client for ADO.Net 0.5.7 Alpha, size 0 b.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop Client 4.60.911 Oracle Corporation 

Oracle Secure Global Desktop provides secure access to centralized, server-hosted Windows, UNIX, mainframe, and midrange applications from a wide variety of popular client devices, including Windows PCs, Mac OS X systems, Oracle Solaris workstations, Linux PCs, thin clients, and more.

Additionally, Oracle Secure Global Desktop. Free download of Oracle Secure Global Desktop Client 4.60.911, size 14.94 Mb.

Wolapp Cloud Client for Mac OS X 2 1 Rylstim 

Free desktop client for the web-based Wolapp Cloud application, specially developed for Mac OS X. Wolapp Cloud - Wheel Of Life Cloud is a web-based application for self-development and personal growth. Wolapp Cloud Client allows using the application without a web browser. The client fully replicates all the major functions of the original. Freeware download of Wolapp Cloud Client for Mac OS X 2 1, size 955.39 Kb.

MailForge for Mac OS X 2 1 Infinity Data Systems 

MailForge is the Eudora style email client that Infinity Data Systems has been developing since late 2007. Eudora has always been a best-of-breed email application for both platforms, Mac OS X and Windows.
Easily one of the oldest email applications, it still offers features either not found in competing applications or, if found, not. Free download of MailForge for Mac OS X 2 1, size 16.67 Mb.

Brava Client X Wrapper Web Results

Wikipedia: X-Men (animated series)

You write the pages, as much or as little as you like, describing your favorite of all the episodes of X-Men: the Animated Series. - Static-X

Static-X cartoon wallpaper picture.


Specializing in x-men comics, including ultimate, uncanny, x-treme and silver-age x-men. Also publish reviews, interviews and news related to xmen comic books.

X-Bc - a GUI to bc

X-Bc is desktop calculator that provides lots of functionality for scientific working. Input and output stay visble at all time for correction and comparation. It's a frontend to bc.

B&J X-Ray

Products for medical imaging including x-ray film, x-ray processors, x-ray equipment, darkroom accessories, cassettes and screens.

Java Service Wrapper

Makes it possible to install a Java Application as a Windows NT Service or a UN*X daemon. [Open Source]