Building Diagrams

Dia for Windows 0.97.1-1 1.0 Dia Developers 

Dia is a program to draw structured diagrams. Dia Manual The Dia manual is available in English, French, Polish and Basque language. You can download the PDF and Windows Help (CHM) formats or view the HTML version online. Dia is an open source general-purpose diagramming software, inspired by the commercial Windows program "Visio",. Freeware download of Dia for Windows 0.97.1-1 1.0, size 18.45 Mb.


Primus DCF Revolution(i) 1.0 ACCA Software S.p.A. 

Primus-DCF is a free and complete software that allows Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and building contractors to easily create bills of quantities and estimates for the building industry through a very user-friendly interface. Your monitor becomes your desktop where you will be able to open Price Books, Price Lists, Estimates and Bills of. Freeware download of Primus DCF Revolution(i) 1.0, size 16.11 Mb.

100+ Untapped Link Building Strategies 1.0 100+ Untapped Link Building Strategies 

Over 100 out-of-the-box strategies to increase your link popularity and send tons of traffic your way. This report contains all of my link building secrets.... Freeware download of 100+ Untapped Link Building Strategies 1.0, size 712.70 Kb.

A2E Text Building System 0.4.2 

Build texts and documents bottom-up from building blocks using a language similar (and compatible with) that of GNU Make, in such a way that variants (e.g. translations) can be generated by overwriting parts of the text with minimal redundancy.. Freeware download of A2E Text Building System 0.4.2, size 172.35 Kb.

Concurrent Building Block 0.4.1 

Project provides a set of concurrent building blocks (Java & C/C++) that can be used to develop parallel/multi-threaded applications. Components are grouped into 4 categories: 1.Data Structures 2. Parallel Patterns 3.Parallel functions 4.Atomics and STM. Freeware download of Concurrent Building Block 0.4.1, size 19.18 Kb.

Easy Building GUI with Swing rc 

Make building Java GUI programs easy. Easy to build menu, toolbar, wizard etc. Provides some LayoutManager to ease building UI.. Freeware download of Easy Building GUI with Swing rc, size 260.06 Kb.

ECM Developer 1.5.0 

ECM Developer is an Eclipse plug in aimed at supporting the development of applications using the IBM FileNet P8 Content Engine. Features include browsing, creating and modifying objects, building UML diagrams and updating Code Modules.. Freeware download of ECM Developer 1.5.0, size 1.42 Mb.

Flamingo Electronic Building Blocks 1602.010001 

This project provides the software for Flamingo electronic building blocks (FEBB).. Freeware download of Flamingo Electronic Building Blocks 1602.010001, size 6.87 Kb.

Java Application Building Blocks 

Reusable components for building Java applications. JABB is not a framework, it includes components that were built on top of popular frameworks (such as Camel, java.util.concurrent, Netty, Spring, Struts2, Hibernate, etc).. Freeware download of Java Application Building Blocks, size 20.33 Mb.

Open Software Building Environment 1.0.46 

OpenSBE is a universal software building framework based on Autoconf, GNU Make, Perl and sh. The framework provides a build environment that is platform, language, and compiler independent.. Freeware download of Open Software Building Environment 1.0.46, size 293.55 Kb.

Psychology Experiment Building Language 0.12.3 

PEBL (Psychology Experiment Building Language) is a system designed for creating psychology and neuroscience experiments and tests. It is cross-platform, with the intention to run the same experiment, unchanged, on Linux, Windows, and Macintosh PCs.. Freeware download of Psychology Experiment Building Language 0.12.3, size 31.24 Mb.

Qmake Building Automation Sys 0.9.6 

QBAS (Qmake Automation Building System) is a group of scripts allowing the developer to check deps, configurate and build a code project without dealing directly with the GNU tools jungle (automake, autoconf, ld...). QBAS's use is quite simple and actuall. Freeware download of Qmake Building Automation Sys 0.9.6, size 25.04 Kb.

Site Building System Web-Pro 0.5.13 

Site Building System "Web-Pro" is a complex of technology and tools for building of dynamic web-site. It includes all common required elements of web-site, and also can be used as CMS. Includes: centralized pages processing, authorization, system of pe. Freeware download of Site Building System Web-Pro 0.5.13, size 145.09 Kb.

Threading Building Blocks rc 

Threading Building Blocks offers a rich and complete approach to expressing parallelism in a C++ program. It is a library that helps you leverage multi-core processors for performance and scalability without having to be a threading expert.. Freeware download of Threading Building Blocks rc, size 706.64 Kb.

Venn Diagrams 1.0 

Venn diagrams are an interesting method for rendering triadic relations on a two dimensional drawing surface. Certain marks (or annotations) indicate the existence of variables or constants in the distinguishable regions.. Freeware download of Venn Diagrams 1.0, size 212.98 Kb.

Bauordnung-aktuell 2014 Vordruckverlag Weise GmbH 

Bauordnung-aktuell 2014 is free software and contains all current building regulations for German federal states. You can use this software without any limitations. All rules are available by PDF-files. You are allowed to print or to copy some regulations or all rules.
It is possible to use search function to detect and show all occurrences of. Freeware download of Bauordnung-aktuell 2014, size 11.60 Mb.

Proposal and Contract Template 1.10 UNIFORM SOFTWARE LIMITED 

The contract and proposal template is created based on the default invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Software, yet the two templates have very different form layout. The default invoice template includes 5 columns, this proposal and contract template has only one. There are 16 lines on the invoice body, where you can enter the details. Freeware download of Proposal and Contract Template 1.10, size 105.42 Kb.

Entity Relationship Diagrams Constructor 1.0 Erdc 

Entity Relationship Diagrams Constructor is a Java application for creating and constructing database schema.

Entity Relationship Diagrams Constructor 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Entity Relationship Diagrams Constructor 1.0, size 0 b.

LaTeX railroad diagrams 1.0 Latexrail 

The Rail package allows you to include syntax diagrams (railroad diagrams) in a LaTeX document. Diagrams are specified in a syntax analogous to BNF with regex for each right-hand side, and are formatted using the standard LaTeX picture environment.

LaTeX railroad diagrams 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of LaTeX railroad diagrams 1.0, size 0 b.

MirAidums LugorMod Building Utility 1.0 Mlbu 

MirAidum's lugormod building utility is a new program in development designed to generate codes for a modification called "LugorMod" made for the game "Jedi Knight; Jedi Academy".

MirAidums LugorMod Building Utility 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL); Public Domain. Freeware download of MirAidums LugorMod Building Utility 1.0, size 0 b.