C Form Applicaion

weAudit 1.0 Weaudit 

This is the original WorkPapers product in Cocoa/Objective-C form - released back to the community. Re-named 'weAudit' and open-sourced. weAudit is an internal audit, systems audit, security audit, investigation, or documentation project tool.

weAudit 1.0 License - Open Software License 3.0 (OSL3.0). Freeware download of weAudit 1.0, size 0 b.


VISCOM VideoCap Live ActiveX OCX SDK 6.0 Viscom Software 

Delivering live audio and video content in real time to client computers. You can broadcast from anything that you can plug into your audio or video card, including a Video Camera, Microphone, VCD, DVD Player, or TV Tuner.
Monitor how many client connected. overlay text or image on video when broadcasting.receive video from window media. Free download of VISCOM VideoCap Live ActiveX OCX SDK 6.0, size 8.83 Mb.

Questions ecrites Permis C 1.0 MyAppBuilder.com, LLC 

Driving the 200 written questions from the French HGV license (Class C) in the form of multiple choice questions.. Free download of Questions ecrites Permis C 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

EControl Form Designer Pro 2.10 EControl Ltd. 

For Delphi 5, 6,7, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 C++Builder 5, 6,2006, 2007, 2009.EControl Form Designer Pro is a professional form designer that takes much after its Delphi counterpart and enables users to easily integrate fully-functional design environments into their applications. You may edit forms, data modules, frames, reports with using of. Free download of EControl Form Designer Pro 2.10, size 603.14 Kb.

Form Designer.Net 1.0 Viklele Associates 

Use Form Designer.Net to deliver a complete runtime form designer application with minimal coding effort. Form Designer.Net allows resizing and repositioning of contained controls using mouse as well as keyboard. This functionality is supported even for nested controls (controls that are sited on a container which in turn is sited on Form. Free download of Form Designer.Net 1.0, size 4.04 Mb.

jk-ware MDI-Projektworkspace 3.0 jk-ware 

For Visual C# developers we offer our MDI-Projectworkspace for the further development of their own products. The Workspace needs Visual C# 2008 Express and contains all source files to the construction of a form administration for the Windows-CLR (Common-Language-Runtime). The resulting MDI program manages the forms of an application and a base. Free download of jk-ware MDI-Projektworkspace 3.0, size 4.20 Mb.

099-C 1 1099FIRE.com 

Automates preparation and printing of 1099-C. Detach and insert Copy A of an IRS form into your printer and the software will print your data on top of the IRS form. You can adjust the left and top margins so that the data prints perfectly on the form every time. Copy B and Copy C can be printed on letter size paper. Visit us on the web at. Free download of 099-C 1, size 836.61 Kb.

form.suite4.net Form Designer asset.management gmbh 

form.suite4.net is a form designer and form manager for Microsoft .NET Windows, Web Forms and Macromedia Flash. The flexible architecture of form.suite4.net allows changes to forms at runtime without any recompilation of the assembly. It provides programmatic tools for dynamically loading project elements (forms or usercontrols) by reading the. Free download of form.suite4.net Form Designer, size 5.82 Mb.

Software Analytics SDK for C++ MagneticOne 

Software analytics for C++ provides comprehensive overview of desktop and mobile application usage. It collects all relevant information about software such as number of installations, downloads, first and repeated starts, usage frequency, most popular features, most popular versions, etc. and presents the information in a convenient way for. Free download of Software Analytics SDK for C++, size 15.90 Mb.

wxForms 1.0.6 TwinForms 

wxForms is an integrated form designer plugin for Borland C++ Builder that helps you to create cross platform applications for Windows, Mac OSX , Linux (gtk) using single source base. The wxForms code from C++ builder can be compiled in Mac OSX, Linux and Windows Mobile without much change using GNU GCC toolchain (in Windows, Linux, Mac OSX), VC++. Free download of wxForms 1.0.6, size 963.58 Kb.

cppsh 0.07 cppsh.sourceforge.net 

cppsh is a utility for compiling C++ program fragments into executable form, and caching and invoking the results. It simplifies the use of C++ for shell scripting tasks.. Freeware download of cppsh 0.07, size 89.66 Kb.

CyoEncode 1.0.2 cyoencode.sourceforge.net 

Provides C functions for encoding binary data into a printable representation using base64, base32, or base16 (hex) character sets, plus equivalent functions for the decoding of such encoded data back into its binary form.. Freeware download of CyoEncode 1.0.2, size 9.09 Kb.

FortWrap 0.9.12 fortwrap.sourceforge.net 

FortWrap is a python script that parses Fortran 90/95/200X source files and generates wrapper code in the form of C++ classes. FortWrap is intended to be used with object oriented Fortran code that makes use of Fortran derived types.. Freeware download of FortWrap 0.9.12, size 35.67 Kb.

Gene Expression Programming 0.1 geneexpress.sourceforge.net 

This is C++ application code that implements Gene Expression Programming, or GEP - a form of genetic algorithm.. Freeware download of Gene Expression Programming 0.1, size 13.39 Kb.

HtmGUI 1.2.2 htmgui.sourceforge.net 

C Ansi Code to allow developers to use a Web Browser as GUI for a console program, it write on a socket html widgets and read user choice through FORM SUBMIT. It include a little web server. Very compact as Html managment consist in 2 modules. Freeware download of HtmGUI 1.2.2, size 10.61 Kb.

Open Tax Solver 2011.9.02 opentaxsolver.sourceforge.net 

OTS is an easy-to-use text-based C-program for calculating Tax Form entries and tax-owed or refund-due, for Federal or State personal income taxes. Includes versions for US 1040, Scheds A, B, C, D, L, and forms for several states.. Freeware download of Open Tax Solver 2011.9.02, size 502.63 Kb.

RussianPOSTagger 0.1.02 rupostagger.sourceforge.net 

The program provides Java interface (to C++ Lemmatizer via XML-RPC) in order to perform lemmatizing in Russian, English, and German (lemma is the canonical form of a lexeme in Natural Language Processing). RussianPOSTagger could work as a module of GATE.. Freeware download of RussianPOSTagger 0.1.02, size 3.90 Mb.

The Laxkit 0.0.7 laxkit.sourceforge.net 

A window toolkit in the form of a C++ Xlib wrapper, specifically designed with an eye for developing programs useful for artists. The main force behind it at the moment is the desktop publishing program Laidout.. Freeware download of The Laxkit 0.0.7, size 770.20 Kb.

kombinatoriC delta library 1.0 Kdeltalib-c 

Personal research achievements from the authors presented here in the form of symbolic Algebra and non-numerical analysis algorithms implemented in C/C++, Java, and/or Pascal.

As part of a more wide, simple, powerful and robust CAS enviroment under development, new code will be continuously added up to this repository.

The. Freeware download of kombinatoriC delta library 1.0, size 0 b.

Hearts of Iron III Script Editor 1.0 Hoi3 

Form based editor written in C# to generate custom scripts such as country and ai files for Hearts of Iron III.. Freeware download of Hearts of Iron III Script Editor 1.0, size 0 b.