C Library Sofware Protection

JMMcG Core C++ Library Build 1285 Beta Jason McGuiness 

This is a basic, low-level library with pretensions to implementing features above and beyond those implemented within the Standard C++ Library and the Boost Library.

Now, you can make use of this handy library to access extra functions when programming in the C++ language.

. Freeware download of JMMcG Core C++ Library Build 1285 Beta, size 0 b.


Legit Log C++ Library Legit Log 

Legit Log C++ Library is a handy component that you can use to integrate log viewing capabilities into your applications.

The library is lightweight and easy to use and supports encrypted log messages. The messages that are not encrypted are sent via the OutputDebugString API, enabling you to capture them with compatible applications,. Free download of Legit Log C++ Library, size 0 b.

Chilkat Zip C++ Library 9.2.1 Chilkat Software 

Chilkat Zip C++ Library is the #1 compression component that's extremely easy to use and comes with many useful features.

. Free download of Chilkat Zip C++ Library 9.2.1, size 0 b.

Chilkat MHT C++ Library 9.2.1 Chilkat Software 

Chilkat MHT is a C++ library that enables you to encode HTML files to self-contained .MHT web archives. Can also convert HTML into a self-contained email with all referenced images embedded within the email. Chilkat MHT can download HTML from a url, load HTML from a file, or accept HTML passed in directly as an in-memory string.

. Free download of Chilkat MHT C++ Library 9.2.1, size 0 b.

Chilkat XML C++ Library 9.2.1 Chilkat Software 

Chilkat XML C++ Library is a high-level non-validating XML parser component that is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. Give Chilkat XML C++ Library a try to see what it's all about!

. Free download of Chilkat XML C++ Library 9.2.1, size 0 b.

Gavaghan C# Geodesy Library 1.1.1 Mike Gavaghan 

Gavaghan C# Geodesy Library was specially developed as a small and useful C# library. This handy component can help users develop apps that can be used with GPS receivers.

Gavaghan C# Geodesy Library comes with two major functions:
· It can calculate a destination given a starting point, direction, as well as the distance. Free download of Gavaghan C# Geodesy Library 1.1.1, size 0 b.

Big Integer Library New Dibyendu Das 

Big Integer Library was designed to be a dynamic C++ library that is able to operate on really big integers.

The integers can be both signed and unsigned, with all the basic integer operations (as one can do with standard C/C++ primitive integer data types like "int"/"long"/"long long") provided.

dlib C++ library for Windows 17.44 Davis King 

Dlib is a general purpose cross-platform C++ library designed using contract programming and modern C++ techniques.

<b>Major Features</b>

* Documentation
o Unlike a lot of open source projects, this one provides complete and precise documentation for every class and function. There are also debugging modes. Freeware download of dlib C++ library for Windows 17.44, size 4.94 Mb.

CLW: C library wrapper rc clw.sourceforge.net 

Many functions provided by the standard C library can be dangerous to use. A new library has been created that provides an alternative which is considered to be more safe: the C Library Wrapper. The objective of the safety library is simple: provide more. Freeware download of CLW: C library wrapper rc, size 86.02 Kb.

EXT C++ Library 2.0b ext.sourceforge.net 

The EXT Library is set of various useful classes, templates and macros that extend functionality provided by ISO C++ (ext sub-library), standard C and C++ library (lib), to abstract parts of Windows API (win) and access PE file resources (res).. Freeware download of EXT C++ Library 2.0b, size 115.29 Kb.

Micro C++ Library 1.3 libmicxx.sourceforge.net 

The Micro C++ Library (libmicxx) is a small set of portable and easy to use classes providing core features commonly used in modern applications. It is based completely on the Standard C++ Template Library (STL).. Freeware download of Micro C++ Library 1.3, size 842.07 Kb.

NetLink Sockets C++ Library 0.4.1 netlinksockets.sourceforge.net 

NetLink Sockets: Networking C++ Library.. Freeware download of NetLink Sockets C++ Library 0.4.1, size 30.98 Kb.

qLibc - Complete C/C++ Library 2.0.2 qdecoder.org 

The goal of qLibc project is providing general purpose complete C/C++ library which includes all kinds of containers and general library routines. For example, it contains Doubly Linked List, List Table, Hash Table, Vector, Queue, Stack and more.. Freeware download of qLibc - Complete C/C++ Library 2.0.2, size 378.47 Kb.

REST CGI C++ library 1.0.1 restcgi.sourceforge.net 

C++ library for interpreting HTTP requests as REST service calls. Classes for method, resource, endpoint make it easy to expose business objects as a REST interface. Provides etags and time versioning constraints for HTTP caching control.. Freeware download of REST CGI C++ library 1.0.1, size 1.12 Mb.

The iPSi C++ Library 0.1.031307 ipsi.sourceforge.net 

The iPSi C++ Library is a library which allow users to capture, handle and display video from M-JPEG (MJPEG) ip cameras. It works with many marks and non-yet-supported cameras can be added with a simple xml formatted file.. Freeware download of The iPSi C++ Library 0.1.031307, size 522.05 Kb.

Urdl C++ Library 0.1 think-async.com 

Urdl is a cross-platform C++ library for downloading web content using a URL. It provides an easy-to-use extension to standard C++ iostreams and an asynchronous interface for use with Boost.Asio.. Freeware download of Urdl C++ Library 0.1, size 352.70 Kb.

URI C++ library 1.0.0 uripp.sourceforge.net 

C++ library for parsing and generating RFC-compliant Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI). Contains classes for URI scheme, authority, path, query, fragment, and the combined URI.. Freeware download of URI C++ library 1.0.0, size 827.51 Kb.

dotConf C++ Library 1.0 Dotconf 

"dotConf" is C++ Library for manage (create and parse) Unix-like configuration text files, insmtpd.conf for example.

dotConf C++ Library 1.0 License - Boost Software License (BSL1.0). Freeware download of dotConf C++ Library 1.0, size 0 b.

YagpoOCRUnicode c++library 1.0 buddism.ru 

OCR c++ library. Include: contour recognition; vectorisation; matrix letter feature recognition; auto page segmentation and detect rotation; SS3 ASM core; XML base; web-based GUI; 99,6% printed Unicode text recognition; letter base up to 1200 letters.

YagpoOCRUnicode c++library 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of YagpoOCRUnicode c++library 1.0, size 0 b.

libPGN: C library for chess data 1.0 Libpgn 

libPGN is a standard C library that gives much of the functionality of the Perl module Chess::PGN to C programmers; especially PGN and EPD parsing, conversion, and display.

libPGN: C library for chess data 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of libPGN: C library for chess data 1.0, size 0 b.

C Library Sofware Protection Web Results

OpenTop C++ Library

A cross-platform C++ library providing high-performance and portable classes for multi-threading, I/O, networking, Unicode and XML parsing. [Commercial]

GNU C Library

The GNU C library is used as the C library in the GNU system and most newer systems with the Linux kernel.

Libxslt - the XSLT C library for Gnome

Libxslt is the XSLT C library developed for the Gnome project. Libxslt is based on libxml2 the XML C library developed for the Gnome project. It also implements most of the EXSLT set of extensions...

SSL++ -- C++ Wrapper arround OpenSSL library

SSL++ is simple C++ library encapsulating OpenSSL functionality to make it simple and easily accessible to C++ programmers.

Robot Control C Library

RCCL is a library of C routines for doing real-time control and graphic simulation of a number of industrial robots, primarily PUMAs. License allows non-commercial use only.

Object Oriented Template Library (OOTL) for C++

A C++ library which provides object oriented alternatives to C++ primitives and the STL collections. [Open source, Boost license]

libcw: C++ client/server application library

A C++ library for heavy duty networking applications. For Objects Management, Events, Signals, Timing, and Asynchrone Stream Devices.