C Software To Operate A Library

SQLiteWrapper 3.7.4 Alpha Maurice 

SQLiteWrapper was specially developed as an accessible and useful C# wrapper for the SQLite library.

Now you can make use of this Open Source wrapper to further improve your development process.

. Freeware download of SQLiteWrapper 3.7.4 Alpha, size 0 b.


C++ OPENGL 3D FUNCTIONS program 3.7.6 cppopengl3dfunc.sourceforge.net 

This is a C++ program which includes OpenGL library glut.h. By the program you are able to draw 6 different 3D functions. Program also has OpenGL functions that provides you to rotate the graphics.. Freeware download of C++ OPENGL 3D FUNCTIONS program 3.7.6, size 119.90 Kb.

ObjSys - C++ Object Serialization System 0.9.0 objsys.sourceforge.net 

C++ object serialization and packaging library, uses STL, includes full code documentation. Freeware download of ObjSys - C++ Object Serialization System 0.9.0, size 349.02 Kb.

Personal Digital Library 1.0 Pdlib 

PDlib is a digital library system built in C# providing a personal digital library that provides automatic indexing, metadata generation and versioning of content submitted to the library.

Personal Digital Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Personal Digital Library 1.0, size 0 b.

Generic XML Data Binding C++ 1.0 Xmldatabinding 

C++ generic XML data binding library. Uses Xerces-c SAX2 parser to read XML documents and bind data to a memory representation of the XML. Users can use an adapter class to simplify accessing XML data.

Generic XML Data Binding C++ 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Generic XML Data Binding C++ 1.0, size 0 b.

CQRlib b.1.0.3 cqrlib.sourceforge.net 

CQRlib is an ANSI C implementation of a utility library for quaternion arithmetic and quaternion rotation math.. Freeware download of CQRlib b.1.0.3, size 31.94 Kb.

LCavity 0.1.1 lcavity.sourceforge.net 

Lcavity is a small and simple 2D game written in C++ based on the SDL library. You are flying through a cave which is becoming tighter as you move further in it. The goal is to fly as far into the cave as possible without crashing against the wall.. Freeware download of LCavity 0.1.1, size 12.05 Kb.

Mimas 2.1 mimas.sourceforge.net 

The Mimas Toolkit is a C++ real-time computer vision library. Algorithms include edge/corner-detection, object recognition/tracking, LSI-filters, segmentation, array-operators, convolution etc. OO wrappers for LAPACK, libxine, V4L, FFTW are provided.. Freeware download of Mimas 2.1, size 28.37 Mb.

modesto 0.2.4 modesto.sourceforge.net 

Modesto is a professional non-linear video-, audio- and midi editor for GNU/Linux written in C++ with the TOAD GUI Library and featuring the PIAVE render and effect engine.. Freeware download of modesto 0.2.4, size 584.20 Kb.

RobOptim 0.5 roboptim.net 

RobOptim is a C++ generic non-linear optimization library for robotics. The core level allows user to define problem optimization in a generic way in order to use different back-ends.. Freeware download of RobOptim 0.5, size 570.43 Kb.

Swift blocks 1.0 swiftblocks.sourceforge.net 

Tetris-like game written in C++, and using the SDL-library.Nice graphics and fun gameplay.. Freeware download of Swift blocks 1.0, size 1.06 Mb.

TinyLog++ 1.0.0 tiny-logpp.sourceforge.net 

TinyLog++ is a C++ client/server logging utility library. TinyLog++'s goal is to provide a logging library for a distributed environment though it can be also useful in a local application.. Freeware download of TinyLog++ 1.0.0, size 55.48 Kb.

ZTK 1.0 ztk.sourceforge.net 

ZTK C Object-Oriented user interface library (GLUT-based). Freeware download of ZTK 1.0, size 312.29 Kb.

libmhashpp 1.0 Libmhashpp 

This library provides a C++ interface to the mhash library.

libmhashpp 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of libmhashpp 1.0, size 0 b.

YaMyDB 1.0 Yamydb 

Efficient C++ wrapper for mysql client library with support of connection pool.

YaMyDB 1.0 License - BSD License; MIT License. Freeware download of YaMyDB 1.0, size 0 b.

Enlightened Tetris 1.0 Etris 

Etris is a simple tetris clone written in C using the Enlightenment Foundation Library (EFL). Thus it will be themeable by Edje and integrate nicely with the Enlightenment E17 window manager.

Enlightened Tetris 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Enlightened Tetris 1.0, size 0 b.

rayGina 1.0 mmvr.burg-halle.de 

rayGina is a C++ operating-system independent raytracing library, which provides interfaces to extend the raytracing process while runtime and represents a framework for raytracing experiments/development of different components

rayGina 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of rayGina 1.0, size 0 b.

Saya Video Editor 1.0 Sayavideoeditor 

Saya will be a cross-platform non Linear Video Editor, programmed in C++ with the Qt GUI library. It will primarily use the OpenVIP framework (in later stages it will be extended to use other frameworks) for the video processing backend.

Saya Video Editor 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Saya Video Editor 1.0, size 0 b.

Mazridge 1.0 Mazridge 

Mazridge is a free rigid body dynamics engine written in C/C++ for use as a library.

Mazridge 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Mazridge 1.0, size 0 b.

libarchivepp 1.0 Libarchivepp 

libarchivepp is an c++ wrapper for the libarchive library.

libarchivepp 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of libarchivepp 1.0, size 0 b.