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California DUI Lawyers and Attorneys

California DUI arrests are painful. The embarrassment from the roadside field sobriety tests given to suspected drunk drivers quickly gives way to the terrible reality of handcuffs, and the fear of...

California Flower Art Academy

Provides instruction in European, American and Ikebana styles, and shadow box art with locations in Sunnyvale and Burlingame, California. Includes profile of director and course descriptions.

Windmills of California

A pictorial guide to the windmills of California from Mark Berry's Windmill World.

How California's Power Crisis Works

Discusses the causes of the January 2001 energy shortage in California and how it will affect every corner of the United States.

California CPE

Specially designed self-study federal and state tax CPE courses approved by the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) for the CPA and enrolled agent.


A portable library for Common Lisp which can be used to fill templates with arbitrary (string) values at runtime. It is loosely modeled after the Perl module HTML::Template and compatible with a...

Template Toolkit

A fast, powerful, extensible template processing system well suited to the production and maintenance of web content and dynamic document systems.