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Guess the Code Pro HD 1.65 Optime Software LLC 

Mobile \ Games

The computer mastermind has chosen a secret code. Can you crack the code before you run out of guesses?

Guess the Code Pro HD is the best codebreaker game for the iPad. Your iPad chooses a sequence of colors and you must try to guess the sequence within a specific number of guesses.

Guess the Code Pro HD incorporates a host. Free download of Guess the Code Pro HD 1.65, size 22.65 Mb.

Quick Code Pro 1.0 EDImis, Inc. 

Mobile \ Medical

Quick Code Pro quickly and easily allows you to select an ICD10 2014 code by navigating from Diseases, Injuries, and Drugs. Quick Code Pro also has a global wildcard search feature which searches all descriptions for a certain keyword in the entire index. Please see the tutorial video at to make the most of all. Free download of Quick Code Pro 1.0, size 3.15 Mb.

EESpeech Pro - AAC 1.6 Elite Express Solutions Inc. 

Mobile \ Education


EESpeech Pro offers user-friendly features and multi-functionalities, facilitates communication for users of all ages to meet their daily needs at home, in medical settings, in the classroom and in the community. EESpeech Pro is easy to program and is. Free download of EESpeech Pro - AAC 1.6, size 6.92 Mb.

Electrical Pro 3.0 Multieducator Inc 

Mobile \ Productivity

ELECTRICAL FORMULATOR PRO combines over 250 formulas, 150 charts and parts of the MN electrical code which is based on the 2008 National Electric Code. Formulas are for both American and Metric systems so both AWG and Mil formulas are given.

The charts include charts on motors, power demand, wiring, and voltage drop and safety codes.. Free download of Electrical Pro 3.0, size 74.34 Mb.

Electrician Calculator Pro 3.1 Roberto Chavarria Marin 

Mobile \ Productivity

Electrician Calculator Pro - National Electrical Code (NEC) compliant calculator for electricians, engineers and electrical professionals, electrical contractors, designers, lighting experts, inspectors, maintenance personnel and builders!

Forget about complicated key combinations normally required for NEC calculators! With this app. Free download of Electrician Calculator Pro 3.1, size 838.86 Kb.

Guess The Combo Pro 1.0 Chintan Sarvaiya 

Mobile \ Games

**Pro Version**

- 2000 Coins
- Permanent Extra Boards
- No Alert / Board Ads

If you are a fan of Mastermind, Guess The Code or Vault Breaker, this is the game for you!?

Our mastermind iPhone processor has chosen a secret combination code. Can you crack the code before you run out of guesses?

My HTML Pro 3.0 CappsDev 

Mobile \ Productivity

My HTML Pro is the simplest and most efficient way to edit web pages on the go. With its intuitive interface, full syntax highlighting and many other useful features editing HTML code on your iOS device has never been this easy. It is also a universal app so you can use it on both your iPhone and iPad at no extra charge.

. Free download of My HTML Pro 3.0, size 6.50 Mb.

QR Pro - Profile Exchange, Reader and Creator of QR 2D Barcode Profession Version 5.0 BB Share Networking Inc. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Share Profile, Calendar Event, GPS Location via QR Code Pro NOW!!! Exchange info with CAMERA between iPhones, Smartphone, Japan Phones.

QR Pro is a mobile QR 2D barcode reader/creator app that allows you to automatically scan and generate QR 2D barcode formats from your iPhone. Simply, Quickly and Powerfully.

Support 1D. Free download of QR Pro - Profile Exchange, Reader and Creator of QR 2D Barcode Profession Version 5.0, size 2.83 Mb.

CheetahID 1.0 Digital Cheetah Solutions, Inc. 

Mobile \ Productivity

CheetahID is your ID badge for your Digital Cheetah solution. The QR code can be scanned in for attendance tracking when your organization is using the Linea-Pro scanner to check in members.. Freeware download of CheetahID 1.0, size 60.29 Mb.

Guess The Combo 1.0 Chintan Sarvaiya 

Mobile \ Games

** Get Pro Version **

- 2000 Coins
- Permanent Extra Boards
- No Alert / Board Ads

If you are a fan of Mastermind, Guess The Code or Vault Breaker, this is the game for you!?

Our mastermind iPhone processor has chosen a secret combination code. Can you crack the code before. Freeware download of Guess The Combo 1.0, size 14.37 Mb.

Pro QR Code 2015 1.0 Loan Tran Thi Kieu 

Mobile \ Utilities

Scan QR Code and Barcodes on products then look up prices and reviews. You can also scan Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc.
Also share your contacts, apps, and bookmarks via QR Code. This is why contacts permissions are needed. See FAQ below.

* Scan QR Code very fast
* Generate QR Code image
*. Freeware download of Pro QR Code 2015 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Qrafter Pro - QR Code and Barcode Reader and Generator 10.1 Kerem Erkan 

Mobile \ Productivity

Qrafter Pro is the QR Reader that is LOADED with features and yet simple and intuitive to use and still a great value!

Qrafter Pro's Pro Pack puts you behind the wheel of the Rolls Royce of QR Scanners and includes a rich suite of valuable features some of which no other QR Scanner even offers!


QRaze 1.01 Jason Campbell 

Mobile \ Utilities

QRaze is a simple yet highly optimized app to both scan and create QR codes. Upgrade to PRO, and unlock the ability to 256 bit password encrypt your codes to allow the code to only be unlocked by those that you choose. Optimized in both function and design specifically for iOS 7. It is designed to let you scan a QR code and import the data as fast. Freeware download of QRaze 1.01, size 4.19 Mb.

QuickCheckPro 2.4.0 Digital Safety Pte Ltd 

Mobile \ Productivity

QuickCheck Pro is a registered version of the QC apps that allow Brand Owners, Licensors and Law Enforcements to scan the QC Code using their smartphones during an audit or inspection. Beside displaying the validity of the code, it will also display pertinent information such as licenses paid, point of production, dates etc.

Such. Freeware download of QuickCheckPro 2.4.0, size 734.00 Kb.

Auto Colorize Pro 1.0.6 Leszek Szary 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Auto Colorize Pro is a revolutionary photo coloring application which lets you use new automatic colorization technique based on scribbles to change the color of any object on your photo. Just mark part of the image with any color and let the magic happen.

Some of the things that you can do with Auto Colorize Pro:
- change the color. Free download of Auto Colorize Pro 1.0.6, size 5.14 Mb.

Backgammon Guru Pro 1.1 BPS Software 

Mobile \ Games

Backgammon Guru Pro is the newest 2010 backgammon master-strength Player and Tutor based on the world-class neural net engine from

Backgammon Guru Pro features an attractive backgamon board and supports natural checker movement where both dragging and tapping are supported. You can play against the computer or with a. Free download of Backgammon Guru Pro 1.1, size 1.78 Mb.

Barcode QR Pro - check products' origin! 1.1 RedOn Srl 

Mobile \ Utilities

With Barcode QR Pro you will be able to read barcodes and QR codes in just a few taps!

Did you ever wonder if the product you were buying really comes from the place it says to?
Scan a barcode in just 1 second to check the product's issuing Country.

In the QR tab you will be able to decode and extract the hidden URL or. Free download of Barcode QR Pro - check products' origin! 1.1, size 2.83 Mb.

BarCoder Pro 1.0 Adel Abdullah 

Mobile \ Business

Want to create a barcode? Then user BarCoder Pro

With BarCoder you can create more than 20 types barcode including Code 39, Code 11,Code 128, Code EAN8, Code EAN 13,Code Codabar, Code ITF 14, Code UPC and Code QR.

Once you are done creating a barcode, you can share it to Facebook and Twitter too.. Free download of BarCoder Pro 1.0, size 838.86 Kb.

CCAEvents Pro 1.3 Venkat Narayn 

Mobile \ Sports

PRO ** Store Multiple Matches, Import Existing Events, Share Analysis Data

Typically, in team sports, analysis is done in cycles of PreMatch-LiveMatch-PostMatch analysis.

The aim of the App is to assist in decision making during Live Match analysis. The App is named CCA Events, where CCA stands for Configure, Code and Analyse.. Free download of CCAEvents Pro 1.3, size 2.94 Mb.

Electrical Calc Pro 2.4.3 Snappy Appz Inc. 

Mobile \ Utilities

E-Calc Pro is a professional electrical application for calculating many common electrical problems. This app is an essential tool for all electricians and electrical engineers. Unlike other similar apps E-Calc not only calculates simple formulas but returns code results including wire sizing, conduit sizing, fusing, overload size, ground and bond. Free download of Electrical Calc Pro 2.4.3, size 13.63 Mb.

Electronic Toolbox Pro 7.01.05 Marcus Roskosch 

Mobile \ Productivity

The ORIGNIAL Electronic Toolbox Pro app
Electronic reference and calculation resource for professionals, hobbyists, HAMs and students right at your fingertips

What users wrote about this app:

Well worth the money *****
I researched all EE apps before buying this one and I have to say that this one is the best by far.. Free download of Electronic Toolbox Pro 7.01.05, size 75.60 Mb.

Event Wizard Attendee Scanner for Linea-Pro 4 1.0 Event Wizard 

Mobile \ Business

**You must have an Event Wizard account to use this scanning app**

Learn more at

This app is for laser based Linea-Pro 4 scanners only. Unless instructed by Event Wizard staff to download this specific app, please download our camera scanner app here:. Freeware download of Event Wizard Attendee Scanner for Linea-Pro 4 1.0, size 3.36 Mb.

Hide it Pro 1.0.1 Anuj Tenani 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Tired of people snooping around in your phone , looking at all your personal pictures and videos. Well , not anymore. With Hide it Pro you can securely hide your pictures and videos , protected behind a inbuilt lock screen

Hide it pro features :
Secure hiding of Pictures and Videos behind an impenetrable lock screen.

HouseGuard Pro+ 1.0 SecPro Sikring A/S 

Mobile \ Utilities

The HouseGuard Pro+ app is designed for you to control your alarm system through your iPhone. You can use the app to remotely control your alarm system through SMS message. The app supports complete system programming and operation functions, including:

1. Arm/Home/Disarm
2. User PIN Code Setting
3. Panel Setting
4.. Freeware download of HouseGuard Pro+ 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

IBANBIC PRO 1.0 sWEBians UG (haftungsbeschrankt) 

Mobile \ Finance

IBAN BIC Rechner
Ab dem 1. August 2014 mussen alle Bankkunden in Europa die sogenannte International Bank Account Number - IBAN - fur den Geldverkehr verwenden. Zudem werden die alten Bankleitzahlen durch den internationalen Bank Identifier Code - BIC - ersetzt. Davon sind neben allen Auslandsuberweisungen auch samtliche inlandischen. Free download of IBANBIC PRO 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Pro Networking Wichita East 1.1 Tashlik 

Mobile \ Business

The Pro Networking Wichita East App lets members of this networking group process Instant Referrals to each other as well as use other productivity tools like: Appointment Scheduler, Voice Message Sender, Calendar, Referral Directory, Not Tracker and we've even included a QR Code Scanner in case you don't already have one.
to take advantage. Freeware download of Pro Networking Wichita East 1.1, size 19.08 Mb.

Pro Handicap 1.0 Newroom Media GmbH 

Mobile \ Sports

Hol Dir die offizielle Pro Handicap App und sei immer und uberall aktuell informiert.

Pro Handicap e.V. ist ein gemeinnutziger Verein und mildtatig anerkannt.
Die Arbeit unserer aktiven Mitglieder ist nicht nur die Integration von korperlich und geistig behinderten Menschen in den Alltag, sondern auch die Hilfe in den verschiedenen. Freeware download of Pro Handicap 1.0, size 734.00 Kb.

QR Code & Bar Code scan and management 1.1 TowmsChang 

Mobile \ Utilities

1.Scan code types supported QRCode,39Mod43,EAN13,EAN8,Code93,Code128,PDF417,Aztec,Code39.
2.Create QRCode with any text (URL , TEL , e-mail , address etc).
3.Code info can add title and photo.
4.Saved list files, add, and delete.
5.Easy to share and open
6.Three color themes

Pro version :
1.No ads

QR Code Scanner Pro 1.0 Feel Free Apps 

Mobile \ Utilities

The most simple & easy QR Code Scanner - now with Facebook and Twitter sharing!

Very fast. App opens straight onto the automatic scanner. Just point the camera at a QR code. You can scan on any angle and the app will instantly read the code.

Handy History tab for viewing recent scans and sharing.. Free download of QR Code Scanner Pro 1.0, size 3.36 Mb.

Qrafter - QR Code and Barcode Reader and Generator 10.2 Kerem Erkan 

Mobile \ Productivity

Qrafter is the QR Reader that is LOADED with features and yet simple and intuitive to use and still a great value!

Qrafter's Pro Pack in-app purchase puts you behind the wheel of the Rolls Royce of QR Scanners and includes a rich suite of valuable features some of which no other QR Scanner even offers!


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