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WLC Config Analyzer 2 3 WLC Config Analyzer 

If you use more than one WLC, you need wireless LAN controller config analyzer. It is a great way to sync configurations, check for common errors, etc. The new version now displays Persistent Devices from CleanAir Access Points.
Wireless LAN controller config analyzer is a CISCO application.. Freeware download of WLC Config Analyzer 2 3, size 29.99 Mb.

ABContacts; Contacts Manager, Group Text & Email, Dialer, Favorites 1.9.9 Andrea Vettori 

ABContacts: the powerful contacts manager. Groups, Smart Groups, T9 dialer, favorites. With call router to easily use more than one app to make calls. With Group Text and Group Email. Start calls with the regular Phone app or with Google Voice (needs supported app) or Skype (needs Skype app) or other supported apps. 4/5. Free download of ABContacts; Contacts Manager, Group Text & Email, Dialer, Favorites 1.9.9, size 3.25 Mb.

VobsubMuxer 1 9 Trust Fm 

VobSubMuxer can join more than one languages on one single vobsub file (idx/sub). Vobsub files, generated by the extracion of the dvd, can contain more than one language streams. So if you rip an dvd on your computer, the extracted idx/sub package may contain more than one languages in one file[sub/idx]. This is an really good solution if you want. Freeware download of VobsubMuxer 1 9, size 318.46 Kb.

OpenExpert 1.30 BAxBEx Software 

Ever had the problem that you frequently use a file type with more than one application, while you can only associate one application with that file type? OpenExpert is the answer to this problem! Instead of messing around with a fixed association of a file type with only one application, it adds an 'Open with' item to the context menu of the. Freeware download of OpenExpert 1.30, size 596.99 Kb.

PocketExport 4.0 MobiTNT 

You can use PocketExport to send text messages to several receivers at the same time,notice that if your sms message's characters is more than 160,it will divided into more than one automatically.Once you filled the To list and content,and then click "Send" button,PocketExport will send sms to the destination mobile phone through. Free download of PocketExport 4.0, size 4.76 Mb.

ModelMaker Tools Settings transfer utility ModelMaker Tools BV 

ModelMaker Tools Settings transfer utility is a handy tool designed to help you use the ModelMaker applications on more than one computer with the same settings. When exporting the settings file the program automatically detects the installed applications and allows you to select the one that you want to export from.

In order to import. Free download of ModelMaker Tools Settings transfer utility, size 0 b.

XP App Wizard 1.1 Software Informatics Group 

In many homes, more than one person uses a single computer. Windows XP is the first Microsoft operating system designed for home use that will allow each user to have his or her own individual profile and settings. One big advantage of individual profiles is that is now possible to provide a customized Start Menu for each user. You may want to. Free download of XP App Wizard 1.1, size 612.35 Kb.

ScreenMonkey 1 1 RedPine Technologies 

Do you have more than one screen saver that you like? Why settle for the same screen saver every time? ScreenMonkey allows you to make full use of all your favorite screen savers. You can even have ScreenMonkey show a new screen saver every few minutes!. Free download of ScreenMonkey 1 1, size 848.90 Kb.

Tipard PDFJoiner 3.0.42 Tipard Studio 

ipard PDF Joiner is the most professional PDF Merger to help you merge several PDF files into one.And there are more than one merging methods for you to select. You can select the page range and page sort.. This software allows you to choose your needed PDF pages. Moreover, it supports multi-languages: STurkish, Thai, Latin, Korean, Greek,. Free download of Tipard PDFJoiner 3.0.42, size 1.90 Mb.

Backup2007 Synchronizer 6.7.317 RD Technologies 

Today computer users access to more than one computer : home computer, notebook, office computer are usual tools. They move data between these devices using USB flash drive, external hard disk or network connection.Backup2007 Synchronizer is the perfect tool for such situation. Backup2007 Synchronizer can be used to synchronize data between two. Free download of Backup2007 Synchronizer 6.7.317, size 12.68 Mb.

DivXCAT 2 1 Digital Digest 

This program helps you with cutting DivX/XviD files if you create movies on more than one CD. DivXCAT analyzes your AVI file or (to save time) the log file (divx.log) created by your DivX and tells you where to split to get files of equal size. It considers both the video and audio bitrate. The program does not split the AVI files itself - it shows. Freeware download of DivXCAT 2 1, size 2.57 Mb.

Compadre Beatpuncher 1 1 otiumFX 

Compadre is the result of more than one year of research, development, and countless hours of listening tests. The final product is a quality compressor that not only delivers a highly tuned sonic behaviour, but also drips with character.

Compadre is designed specifically for use on beats, drum loops, and other percussive material, and. Free download of Compadre Beatpuncher 1 1, size 4.40 Mb.

VMLite Workstation 3.2.6r30480 VMLite 

VMLite Workstation is a virtualization component that allows you to run more than one operating system (OS) at the same time on a single physical computer. For example, you can simultaneously run Windows XP on a PC that is already running Windows 7. VMLite Workstation runs the operating system and applications directly on top of an existing. Freeware download of VMLite Workstation 3.2.6r30480, size 0 b.

Small Arrow Icons 2011.1 

If your application has more than one window - and that is most probably the case - and relies on multiple input forms and report pages, smooth and fast navigation becomes one of the key factors determining the value of your application for clients. Few things irritate people more than complete inability to quickly switch between program elements. Free download of Small Arrow Icons 2011.1, size 1.85 Mb.

MUSS (Multiple Users, Same System) 1.0 Muss 

"Multiple Users Same System" is about more than one user using a same computer. By the combination of this project and a virtualization software (like VMware), and of course proper hardware, different users can use computer system simultaneously.

MUSS (Multiple Users, Same System) 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MUSS (Multiple Users, Same System) 1.0, size 0 b.

RemoteScan Enterprise 10.6.03 Quest Software 

Quest RemoteScan+eT« provides hassle-free desktop scanner connectivity for thousands of companies in nearly 120 countries, with more than one billion documents scanned worldwide. You no longer have to worry about server boots +oOeCOCt Quest RemoteScan is the most stable, secure and seamless software solution for image acquisition in hosted. Free download of RemoteScan Enterprise 10.6.03, size 1.96 Mb.

CFS Health Centre 1.3 Tobias Morrison 

If you're suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you're not alone. More than one million people in the United States have been diagnosed with this debilitating illness, and many more all around the world.

The creators of the CFS Centre App have not only lived through CFS themselves, but have become experts in the field. This App. Freeware download of CFS Health Centre 1.3, size 8.39 Mb.

Chauffeur-Prive 2.2.2 Chauffeur Prive 

Chauffeur-Prive is a private car service (cab) that allows you to order a car at the tap of an app! Since launching in early 2012, more than one hundred thousand customers have enjoyed the services of the largest fleet of independent drivers.

Order your car for a fixed price (price set at time of request - no surprises) or an adjustable. Freeware download of Chauffeur-Prive 2.2.2, size 11.53 Mb.

Cheats & Answers For Icon Pop Mania 1.0.0 FU XIAO LONG 

The Best Answers / Cheats / Walkthrough For Icon Pop Mania!

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How To Fit Your BuggyBoard 2.0 Cheeky Rascals Ltd 

Choose your buggy from the 100s we have tried and tested and find the exact fitting instructions for your pushchair or stroller with a BuggyBoard. The Lascal BuggyBoard has been making it easy for families with more than one child to get out and about for more than 15 years now this app makes it easier than ever to check that you have fitted your. Freeware download of How To Fit Your BuggyBoard 2.0, size 265.29 Mb.