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Hold'em Card Strength by Swayne Advanced Degree Poker, LLC 

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Hold'em Card Strength by Swayne is a learning tool used to teach the mathematical strength of a Texas Hold'em pre-flop hand.

We use the Swayne Hand Pyramid as a visual aid to help teach you average hand ranks and win factors for your pre-flop hands.

A Win Factor (WF) is a probability that has been converted into something. Free download of Hold'em Card Strength by Swayne, size 5.24 Mb.


Password Defence TowzieTyke 

Mobile \ Productivity

Application Summary
Password Defence is a new, powerful and versatile secure password and bank card management tool for Windows Phone. Password Defence uses military grade encryption algorithms to encrypt and protect your data. You can now rely on one application to store and generate strong passwords for all your on and offline accounts. With. Free download of Password Defence, size 1.05 Mb.

ACLS Advanced Cardiac Life Support Review Testbank 

Mobile \ Health & Fitness

ACLS Advanced Cardiac Life Support review helps medical professionals to review and study key knowledge of ACLS exam. It is also a great tool to help you earn your ACLS, PALS or BLS card.


Features of our product:

* Over 8 volume of flashcards. Free download of ACLS Advanced Cardiac Life Support Review, size 1.05 Mb.

AgileDeck iGeebs 

Mobile \ Productivity

All in one Agile practitioners tool deck.

Planning Poker
Choose between Cohn, Fibonacci, T-Shirt Sizing
Configurable for up to 24 hours
Yellow/Red Card
Yellow Card: Parking-lot
Red Card: Off topic

Update 5/2/2013:
Added logic to handle device "back". Freeware download of AgileDeck, size 1.05 Mb.

GameScoreKeeper shrimpy 

Mobile \ Productivity

I am ad addictive card game player ... always wanted to have a handy tool to do score keeping ...

- unlimited player

- unlimited around of score

- auto rank by highest score

- persist data even you close and re-launch app

planning to add social sharing if have good feedback ...enjoy ...

Gen Set Calculator Pro Certs Software Ltd 

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Genset generator calculator with load calculator and overload checker.

Calculate, Convert, Features:
- Gen Set Max Load kVA
- Appliance / Tool Load kW
- Load calculator / Load checker
- Compare generator kVA to load kW
- Running %
- kVA
- kWh
- Amps
- Watts
- kW
- Three Phase
-. Free download of Gen Set Calculator, size 1.05 Mb.

ID2Birthday csys 

Mobile \ Productivity

ID to Birthday is a simple tool that can obtain birthday, gender and age from NIC card number that issued by Sri Lanka government to its citizens.. Freeware download of ID2Birthday, size 1.05 Mb.

iTelMobileDialer REVE Systems (S) Pte Ltd 

Mobile \ Business

iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile app available for Windows and other smartphones. A unified communication tool, it offers a range of functionalities like VoIP Calls & SMSs, cross-OS Instant Messaging, automated Calling Card usage and much more from data enabled mobile phones (3G/4G or WiFi).
For using this app, end users will. Freeware download of iTelMobileDialer, size 6.29 Mb.

MTGBugs NEXT Ooiks 

Mobile \ Productivity

MTGBugs is a comprehensive app or tool for Magic the Gathering player. It integrate all kind of different tools which required by Magic players in one single app. For example life counter, dice roll, offline cards database, online card pricing, deck builder analysis, latest news update, timer for judges and many more. MTGBugs currently is the only. Freeware download of MTGBugs NEXT, size 23.07 Mb.

MTG Companion Middlemind Games 

Mobile \ Productivity

MTG Companion is a great application to have when you are playing your favorite card game, Magic The Gathering. It includes a life counter tool, with built in dice roll to determine who goes first, and a game reference with over 100 definitions so you can look up almost anything during your game play. Enjoy!!

-Four Player Support

MTG Companion (Lite) Middlemind Games 

Mobile \ Productivity

MTG Companion is a great application to have when you are playing your favorite card game, Magic The Gathering. It includes a life counter tool, with built in dice roll to determine who goes first, and a game reference with over 100 definitions so you can look up almost anything during your game play. Enjoy!!

-Four Player Support

MToolKit hahab0i 

Mobile \ Games

This is a tool kit or a companion for all Magic the Gathering card game players.

It provides the following functions:
Monitor Life Points
Monitor Poison counters
Monitor all cards that have counters on it, including what counters are they and how many.

This provides player a platform to play cards without. Freeware download of MToolKit, size 1.05 Mb.

MyPersonalInfo Vue Solution 

Mobile \ Productivity

MyPersonalInfo is a tool that can store your secrate data like your credit card and debit card information.You can also store your mail accounts user name and password safely.

How to Use:
1. Do registration only once.
2. Login.
3. Add your credit card and mail accounts user name and password.


PhotoTAN Raiffeisen Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft 

Mobile \ Finance

Raiffeisen e-banking - simple, fast and safe!

Raiffeisen PhotoTAN is an innovative security tool for login and transaction signing in Raiffeisen e-banking. It can be used instead of the security card or SMS-TAN. Raiffeisen e-banking customers can enable PhotoTAN within e-banking ("Einstellungen > Sicherheit > Login").. Freeware download of PhotoTAN Raiffeisen, size 1.05 Mb.

Learn Chinese Tool Wayne 

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This is a very useful tool to learn Chinese. It includes an English Chinese Dictionary, Chinese text to voice Engine and Chinese Flash cards. You can download more flash cards from our server, including HSK vocabularies(Chinese Proficiency Test) China's tandardized test for non-native speakers. HSK level 1 to level 6 words are included.
The. Free download of Learn Chinese Tool, size 5.24 Mb.

21 Or Bust Blackjack based Card Game David Pye 

Mobile \ Games

21 or Bust is a card game based on Blackjack.
The game is simple, try to beat the dealer and build your cash pot up by getting as close to 21 as possible. Aces are HIGH and you cant stick below 17.

You start with ?50.00 and can use this to place bets against the dealer.
If the dealer wins, you lose your stake.
If you win. Freeware download of 21 Or Bust Blackjack based Card Game, size 1.05 Mb.

25 Card Games & 5 Tricks (Book) Epic Gaming Company 

Mobile \ Reference

This ebook app teaches you how to play 25 popular card games, for both kids and adults. It also comes with 5 card tricks that leave spectators stunned but are surprisingly easy to perform. Just grab a deck of cards and you'll be on your way to hours and hours of card playing fun!

The following card games are included:
* Solitaire

28 Card Game Rules BuRnY 

Mobile \ Reference

28 is usually played by four players in fixed partnerships, partners facing each other. 32 cards from a standard 52-card pack are used for play. There are eight cards in each of the usual "French" suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. The cards in every suit rank from high to low: J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. The aim of the game is to win. Freeware download of 28 Card Game Rules, size 1.05 Mb.

Agorad My Card agorad team 

Mobile \ Productivity

Agorad My Fidelity Card

How many cards you have in your wallet?
There is one for the gas station, one of the sports club, the one for the supermarket, the center for DIY etc..

So you found your wallet full of cards, it would leave them at home, but may regret losing the points system, for example in your usual. Free download of Agorad My Card, size 1.05 Mb.

Alpha Bank Mobile Banking Alpha Bank 

Mobile \ Finance

Banking Services and instant support with this powerful yet handy application by Alpha Bank.
- Update for account, credit card and loan balances and transactions
- Update for credit card bonus points
- Bill payments to Public, Utilities, Telephony / Internet services, Insurance companies, Power and Natural Gas companies
- Credit. Freeware download of Alpha Bank Mobile Banking, size 4.19 Mb.

Amazing Fact Generator Cameron Stair 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Whats New V1.4:
-Added 50 new facts
-Fixed annoying question marks that were randomly in facts

Discover something new with the Amazing Fact Generator. UPDATED OFTEN
This incredible collection of facts will entertain you for hours. Thousands of facts from all over the globe await. This app features in a simple, clean and. Freeware download of Amazing Fact Generator, size 1.05 Mb.

Animated GIF Tool Kevin Wong 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

A simple tool to create animated GIFs. Powered by the Nokia Imaging SDK.

- Aligns source photos to make the animation smooth.
- Save animated GIFs.
- GIFs can now be deleted.
- Fixed an issue that prevented multiple GIFs from being saved.. Freeware download of Animated GIF Tool, size 2.10 Mb.

ArcotID OTP CA Technologies 

Mobile \ Business

The ArcotID OTP app is an all-purpose one-time-passcode (OTP) generator that provides an extra layer of security when you shop online or access online accounts. With ArcotID OTP, you use your mobile phone to generate a passcode that can be used to verify a MasterCard or Visa electronic payment transaction, or to login to an online account. This app. Freeware download of ArcotID OTP, size 1.05 Mb.

Baby Flash Card Lite PT KONSEP DOT NET 

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Your baby/toddler can learn about Wild Animal using their finger. Baby Play Flash Card Lite is an application for Windows Phone and presents for toddlers ages 1 to 3 years, learn to know Wild Animal type. The toddler can use it in English Spelling, which will appear according the Wild Animal.
This is Baby Flash Card Lite.. Freeware download of Baby Flash Card Lite, size 2.10 Mb.

Barcode Generator EAN 13 WhozDougie 

Mobile \ Productivity

Barcode Generator allows you to generate EAN-13 barcodes and save it as an image into your media library!. Freeware download of Barcode Generator EAN 13, size 1.05 Mb.

bbv Planning Poker DarkProjekt 

Mobile \ Productivity

bbv Planning Poker is the right tool for your Scrum estimation meetings.

This application provides two ways to support your estimation meetings. You can choose between the complete backlog and the simplified estimation mode. The backlog mode addresses the needs of Scrum Masters, the estimation mode is optimized for Team Members.

Beizer Tool Abhishek_Behala 

Mobile \ Entertainment

An emulation of a vector pen tool.Click and drag to add a points.Drag segment handles and points to manipulate them.Close the path to start a new one. Reset to start from scratch. Freeware download of Beizer Tool, size 1.05 Mb.

Boys Name Generator Alex Newbold 

Mobile \ Productivity

Generate a boy's name with this simple generator app!. Freeware download of Boys Name Generator, size 1.05 Mb.

BPM Tool Tyrone Combs 

Mobile \ Productivity

A simple, easy to read, bmp tool for keeping you on beat. Quickly determine the BPM off any song by tapping the screen to the beat of any song you are listening to.

Features auto sampling for accurate readout, auto reset, and customizable display option.. Free download of BPM Tool, size 1.05 Mb.

BPM Tool - Free Tyrone Combs 

Mobile \ Productivity

This is the free version of the BPM Tool.

A simple, easy to read, bpm tool for keeping you on beat. Quickly determine the bpm of any song by tapping the screen to the beat of any song you are listening to.

Features auto sampling for accurate readout, auto reset, and customizable display options.

This version may. Freeware download of BPM Tool - Free, size 1.05 Mb.