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CDR Viewer Tool 2.0 Viewer Tool, Inc. 

CDR Viewer Tool is a powerful solution for viewing corrupted CorelDraw *.CDR files and recovering data from them. Files of the proprietary CorelDraw format, CDR, store vector image data and are just as likely to get damaged in case of an incident as any other files. Given that CorelDraw files often contain the results of multiple days of hard work. Free download of CDR Viewer Tool 2.0, size 4.54 Mb.


Alexa Site Stats for Safari 1.1 Matt Swain 

Alexa Site Stats is a useful Safari extension for viewing Alexa traffic stats and info for the current site.

You can view graphs of things like Reach, Pageviews, Bounce Rate and Average Time on Site.

Also available are search keywords data, audience demographics, contact info, reviews and related sites.

. Free download of Alexa Site Stats for Safari 1.1, size 0 b.

ChemSpider Search 1.02 Matt Swain 

ChemSpider Search is a useful Safari extension for viewing chemical structure images without leaving the current site.

Right-click on any compound name, drug name or chemical formula and choose "Search in ChemSpider" to see an image of the chemical structure. Then just click the "View" button to see that compound's. Free download of ChemSpider Search 1.02, size 0 b.

reddit comments 1.5 Matt Swain 

reddit comments is a Safari extension that will take you the reddit comments for a particular website.

The extension will add a new button in Safari's toolbar and a new option in the context menu for quickly viewing Reddit comments.

If the page hasn't been submitted to reddit, it takes you to the submission page and fills out. Free download of reddit comments 1.5, size 0 b.

Search Preview for Safari 1.2.3 Felix Cloutier 

Search Preview is a useful Safari extension that will display thumbnails right next to your search results.

This efficient extension is able to support the major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

. Free download of Search Preview for Safari 1.2.3, size 0 b.

SeoQuake for Safari 0.1.2 Seoquake Team 

SeoQuake is a useful Safari extension that will display multiple SEO-related data about the websites you are visiting.

SeoQuake helps to obtain an information about any site for a wide range of parameters such as page rank, Google index, Alexa and many others.

. Free download of SeoQuake for Safari 0.1.2, size 0 b.

PDF Download for Firefox 3.0.1 Nitro PDF Software 

PDF Download by Nitro PDF Software is the leading tool for handling, creating, and viewing Web-based PDF files, enjoyed by millions of users every day. Our browser add-on removes the pain you experience every time you encounter a PDF file online -- reducing browser crashes, speeding up the display of PDF-based content, and letting you convert any. Freeware download of PDF Download for Firefox 3.0.1, size 157.70 Kb.

CDBF Shell Extension WhiteTown Software 

The CDBF Shell extension allows you to view content or structure of DBF files in the 'Properties' window without opening them.
CDBFShell allows you:
- copy to the clipboard selected records.
- copy to the clipboard structure of the table.
- hide or show deleted records.
- sort DBF file by clicking on a column. Freeware download of CDBF Shell Extension, size 19.48 Mb.

View Artwork 1.11 Matt Sephton 

View Artwork is a lightweight Safari extension that will enable users to view album artwork from

All you have to do is right click on jewel case images on and the artwork will be displayed at the largest size available.

. Free download of View Artwork 1.11, size 0 b.

Facebook Quick View for Safari 1.0 GingaGadgets 

Facebook Quick View is an efficient Safari extension that allows users to easily access Facebook without leaving the current website.

From any webpage you can easily view your Facebook newsfeed, profile, notifications and inbox. When you are done click anywhere in the black border or on the lower right-hand close button to return to the. Free download of Facebook Quick View for Safari 1.0, size 0 b.

ADF View 1.0.9 Bjarke Viksoe 

The ADF View was developed to be a Shell Namespace extension, which opens up the .ADF file extension. ADF files are Amiga Disk Files, or image dumps of AmigaDOS formatted disks. These files are used by most Commodore Amiga emulator software.

Because ADF View is a namespace extension, it is integrated right into the Windows Explorer.. Free download of ADF View 1.0.9, size 0 b.

Resource Viewer New shemesh 

Resource Viewer is a Visual Studio extension designed to enable you to view the Resource Dictionary. To open it go to: View – Other Windows – Resource Viewer.

When working with WPF/Silverlight you put your reusable resources in a common ResourceDictionary, those resources might be of type Style, SolidColorBrush,. Free download of Resource Viewer New, size 0 b.

Power Twitter for Safari 1.80 Narendra Rocherolle 

Power Twitter is a small but efficient Safari extension that will offer users the ability to easily view and share images and more.

With the help of this extension you will have more things to do and more fun doing it:
· play videos and music
· see and share photos
· search and track

View Effective Rights Tool 1.0 Microsoft 

The View Effective Rights tool enables Project Server 2003 administrators to more easily troubleshoot problems related to security settings and access control by combining a PDS extension with a Project Web Access ASP page.

The View Effective Rights Tool enables administrators to identify the projects or resources to which users have. Free download of View Effective Rights Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

ROM With a View - Director's Cut 3.4 Moon Valley Software 

ROM with a View - Director's Cut is the premier DVD and CD Autorun authoring program to make stunning, professional "autoplay" DVD, CD-ROM, CDR, ZIP and media content browsers.Create and manage the files that make your CD's and DVD's run automatically, (Autorun). Includes support for creating CDs for display on Macs.Provides you with. Free download of ROM With a View - Director's Cut 3.4, size 9.58 Mb.

GetIcon 1.0.6 Danny Gunawan 

This small application can view the icons that reside in binary files like DLL, EXE, and many other extension. Founded icon can be saved to properly to icon or bitmap file. Support 32bit full color with alpha blending icon used by Windows XP.. Freeware download of GetIcon 1.0.6, size 406.53 Kb.

File Extension Column T800 Productions 

This application displays file extensions in details view. You can manualy change the default file so that next time when you restart your computer and open Windows Explorer you can fix the extension of files stored in your computer directy next to name column.. Freeware download of File Extension Column, size 38.31 Mb.

Firecookie 1.2.2001 Jan Odvarko 

Firecookie is a an extension for Firebug that makes possible to view and manage cookies in your browser. Apart from all the other cookie managers and viewers available as Firefox extensions, this one is made as an extension for Firebug, so web developer has the functionality accessible within familiar Firebug's UI. Once Firecookie is successfully. Freeware download of Firecookie 1.2.2001, size 136.19 Kb.

Color Inspector 3D 1.0.1 David Fichtmueller 

Color Inspector 3D is a Firefox extension designed to enable you to view the colors of a picture in a RGB-color cube. When the user right clicks on an image, the option "show Color Inspector with Image" is shown in the context menu. If the user selects this option a new window is opened which shows the color cube of the image. The cube. Freeware download of Color Inspector 3D 1.0.1, size 20.48 Kb.

MultiView-Extension for NetLogo 5.0rc5 

This is the MultiView-Extension for NetLogo which enables you to visualize more than one patch variable at a time in additional view windows which represent the world. _______________________________________Please have also a look on our info page about other NetLogo extensions at Freeware download of MultiView-Extension for NetLogo 5.0rc5, size 91.58 Kb.

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