Chaikin Power Tools Freeware

Unnamed-RPG rc 

The Unnamed-RPG project's goal is to create a system of tools for developers to create games or software that takes advantage of the power and complexity of Rolemaster(TM) style of role-playing guidelines.. Freeware download of Unnamed-RPG rc, size 57.63 Kb.


The Psych-Toolbox-Wrapper 1.0 Psychwrapper 

The major aim of the Psychtoolbox 3 wrapper is to provide a set of basic tools that allow programming novices the use of the Psychophysics Toolbox without limiting the power and flexibility
of the Psychophysics Toolbox and MATLAB.

The Psych-Toolbox-Wrapper 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2); Other License. Freeware download of The Psych-Toolbox-Wrapper 1.0, size 45.59 Kb.

ParadoXX- 3D Immersive Simulation System 1.0 Paradoxx 

A Open Source 3D Immersive simulation environment, like the "second life", with some distribuited processing tools, to make the GRID power growup with every new node (client machine) attached.

ParadoXX- 3D Immersive Simulation System 1.0 License - Open Software License 3.0 (OSL3.0). Freeware download of ParadoXX- 3D Immersive Simulation System 1.0, size 0 b.

NexPower 1.0 Nexpower 

NexPower - a suite of tools for transient and harmonic analysis of electric power distribution and transmission systems.

NexPower 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2). Freeware download of NexPower 1.0, size 0 b.

FCEUX rc Fceultra 

An open source NES Emulator for Windows and Unix that features solid emulation accuracy and state of the art tools for power users.

FCEUX rc License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Freeware download of FCEUX rc, size 7.32 Mb.

Academic Research 1.0 Sigma-Aldrich 

Whether you are searching for disease specific tools for cancer or neuroscience, or resources for an area of research like ADME/Tox or Mass Spec, you will find them within this app. Rediscover the power of your research with the support of Sigma-Aldrich.. Freeware download of Academic Research 1.0, size 5.87 Mb.

EatingMindfully 1.3 Susan Albers EatingMindfully 

It's finally here! The NEW, updated, faster version. Enjoy.
"Like" for updates and free mindful eating tools! See Dr. Albers' NEW BOOK, EatQ: Unlock the Weight Loss Power of Emotional Intelligence.

This app was created by Susan Albers, a clinical psychologist and author of five. Freeware download of EatingMindfully 1.3, size 1.57 Mb.

Enlighten Manager 1.0.2 Enphase Energy, Inc. 

The power of Enlighten in the palm of your hand. Enlighten Manager provides sophisticated mobile tools to monitor and manage Enphase PV systems.

Enlighten Manager enables full performance monitoring and management of multiple systems from any online device.

- Run detailed performance analysis and reports.
- Compare. Freeware download of Enlighten Manager 1.0.2, size 734.00 Kb.

Growductivity Growductivity, Inc. 

What is a Guerilla Sales Network? We leverage the power of social networking and professional connections to provide a marketplace where owners and sales professionals can share leads and grow sales.

This app features insightful tools and strategies that helps business owners and sales professionals increase their sales growth and. Freeware download of Growductivity, size 35.34 Mb.

Handbook of Games and Simulations in Teacher Education 1.0 Molly Gibson 

Digital games and simulations are serious new tools for learning. They can achieve dramatically higher levels of emotional power, interactivity and effectiveness for learning compared to conventional resources.

This interactive handbook was collaboratively developed by the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, the. Freeware download of Handbook of Games and Simulations in Teacher Education 1.0, size 63.02 Mb.

HomeAdvisor Pro 2.1.5 HomeAdvisor, Inc. 

Intended for current HomeAdvisor professional members, the HomeAdvisor Pro app puts the power of HomeAdvisor in the palm of your hand, giving you the interactive tools you need to manage your business from the field. Designed with productivity in mind, HomeAdvisor Pro delivers push notifications so you can easily track and manage your leads;. Freeware download of HomeAdvisor Pro 2.1.5, size 9.44 Mb.

Radio & dB Calc 1.2 Dioptase 

Some tools often needed in radio engineering :
- add and subtract values in dB unit
- convert Noise Factor, Equivalent Input Noise Temperature, Spectral Power Noise Density
- convert Return Loss, Reflection Coefficient, VSWR
- compute maximum mismatch loss. Freeware download of Radio & dB Calc 1.2, size 104.86 Kb.

A Desk Assistant Free CES Associates 

A Desk Assistant is a comprehensive set of tools for finance, measurement conversions, area codes, zipcodes, timeszones, power, and mailing/tracking which is extremely useful at work, home and school.

13 Apps-in-One for productivity!
- How do I Measure a small .673 of an inch?
- How many Days Left on that contract?
-. Freeware download of A Desk Assistant Free, size 5.24 Mb.

dB Calculator Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG 

The dBCalculator software comprises five independent calculation tools:
dB Converter:
This tool converts a linear power or voltage ratio to dB
Unit Converter:
This tool calculates for an entry using a unit such as dBm, dBW, mW, W, mV, V, dBV, dBV and dBu the corresponding values for all other units, for individual impedance. Freeware download of dB Calculator, size 1.05 Mb.

Scout Candle Nicolas El Mir 

Are you a scout , or are you going to be one so this is your day , this app can give all you need of tools or resources to be now a member .
More design
More Features
More power

Soon a Social network to scout .. Freeware download of Scout Candle, size 1.05 Mb.

SQL Server 2012 Exam Prep FREE School in Mobile 

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is Microsoft's first cloud-ready information platform. It gives Organizations effective tools to protect, unlock, and scale the power of their data, and it works across a variety of devices and data sources, from desktops, phones, and tablets, to datacenters and both private and public clouds.

WP Utilities Lite Signature Applications 

All the tools your Windows Phone has been missing unified into one simple, uncluttered, OEM-style app.

Tools include:

- Flashlight available on any of the main pages through the application bar power button located at the bottom of the screen. The flashlight can also be triggered with the camera button and can run under the. Freeware download of WP Utilities Lite, size 23.07 Mb.

TeraByte OSD Tool Suite 1.33 TeraByte, Inc. 

TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite is a collection of specialized tools for IT professionals and power users. These powerful tools in the right hands have many uses such as virus and rootkit removal and repair, installation of software and drivers, and much more.

Use the included sample scripts and documentation for installing Windows. Freeware download of TeraByte OSD Tool Suite 1.33, size 2.26 Mb.

PDF Power Brand 3.3 PDF Power Brand 

PDF Power Brand is free software that allows anyone to create "viral marketing tools" for affiliate marketers. Promotions using e-books and special reports are widely accepted as highly effective marketing campaigns. Create effective marketing campaigns using the power of PDF files and teach your affiliates how to do the same. Full. Freeware download of PDF Power Brand 3.3, size 3.95 Mb.

Free Windows Tools 2.5 AdventNet Inc. 

Desktop Central provides a set of free Windows tools that Windows Administrators might require on a day-to-day basis. It has a set of six tools, viz: Wake on LAN, GPO Update, Shutdown/Restart, Software Inventory, Join/Unjoin Computer, Remote Task Manager, Currently Logged On User, Hard Disk Space Monitor, etc. This is very handy as it can be. Freeware download of Free Windows Tools 2.5, size 3.45 Mb.