Change For Good

Amacsoft Image to PDF for Mac 2.1.6 Amacsoft Studio 

High-performanced app for changing a batch of images to PDF files on a Mac within seconds! Image to PDF for Mac is just such a tool which can assist you to change those incompatible pics to PDF so that you can view or browse them with your handheld devices leisurely and freely.

Key Features:
1. Directly save images as PDF archives. Free download of Amacsoft Image to PDF for Mac 2.1.6, size 7.19 Mb.


inFamous 1.0 

inFamous is an interesting action game for free. choosing between acts of good or evil. Standing alone against a city in chaos, will you use your powerful new gifts for good or evil? Water and steam are now deadly to you and, although they fear you, you are the citizens only hope against the Reapers. Struck by electricity you began to develop new. Freeware download of inFamous 1.0, size 5.53 Mb.

Ab Motivate PRO+ workouts and exercises 1.1 Thousands of Candles Ltd 


Ab Motivate PRO+ is a unique ab exercise and workouts app designed to keep you motivated! Customized messages remind you why you're doing your daily ab workout and provide a countdown to your target date. 27 ab exercises in 16 ab workouts will help you make the change you want and need!

The PRO+ version. Free download of Ab Motivate PRO+ workouts and exercises 1.1, size 16.99 Mb.

Auto-m8 3 1 m8tools 

AutoM8 - Batch process drawings with Change, Plot or Purge.
System requirements: Runs inside AutoCAD versions 2000 through 2011.
Computers are really good at replicating our mistakes, especially when drawings are created from other drawings. You can make changes to drawings where repetitive errors have occurred, whether you need to. Free download of Auto-m8 3 1, size 1.89 Mb.

MindExplorer SW 3 8 TC-SoftWorks 

MindExplorer SW is a PC software designed to change your brainwave frequencies towards the beneficial states like relaxation, focused attention or good sleep, using auditory-visual stimulation (AVS).

With MindExplorer SW, any AudioStrobe compatible light & sound stimulation device is upgraded to a fully featured PC based light. Free download of MindExplorer SW 3 8, size 101.72 Mb.

Advanced Wallpaper Manager 1 10 PUSH Software 

Advanced Wallpaper Manager is a good utility that allows you to manage and change your wallpapers from your desktop.
This program will help you configure your desktop wallpaper with a simple and intuitive control panel, and customize your desktop wallpaper conveniently.

The program also allows you to create play lists of your. Free download of Advanced Wallpaper Manager 1 10, size 54.65 Mb.

SRT Fixer 1.0 Maziar Taheri 

SRT Fixer is a small and easy to use application that allows you to change srt subtitles to the desired frame rate.

The application can be of good use when you downloaded srt subtitles for your movie which are not accurately shown. This small tool helps movie fans.

. Free download of SRT Fixer 1.0, size 0 b.

Duo-AM Synth 0.7 DiVerSe 

A bizarre synth architecture, good for naughty lead lines.DUO-am comes complete with 16 preset sounds, but it's a slider-movement to change the presets into something new.. Free download of Duo-AM Synth 0.7, size 597.69 Kb.

Balloon vs. Thorns 1.0 Grey Neuron Company Limited 

Your balloon lost into the thorns path. Tap the balloon and get rid of the thorns.


- One-handed game (Left hand recommended)
- Good for relaxing
- Your balloon will change color when you win a title

Facebook Page:. Freeware download of Balloon vs. Thorns 1.0, size 9.23 Mb.

CCCHymns 1.2 Adesegun Adesegun 

Have you ever arrived at a service only to discover that:
a.Your Hymnbook is MISSING, AGAIN!!
b.The singer has decided, AT THE LAST MINUTE, to change the Hymns, AGAIN?
c.Or with the current state of your Hymnbook, it might be a good idea to leave it in your bag For the sake of PRESERVATION.
Sure, you could sit down and manage:. Free download of CCCHymns 1.2, size 5.77 Mb.

Chain Word 1.2 SyGem Software 

A simple word game - how long a chain can you make?

- Start with a 3 or 4 letter word
- Add, Remove, Change or Swap letters to make a new word
- Repeat!

Each time you make a new word your multiplier goes up - that's the secret to getting a good score.

But there is a timer - 10 seconds before you lose a. Freeware download of Chain Word 1.2, size 22.23 Mb.

Chain Word Plus 1.2 SyGem Software 

A simple word game - how long a chain can you make?

- Start with a 3 or 4 letter word
- Add, Remove, Change or Swap letters to make a new word
- Repeat!

Each time you make a new word your multiplier goes up - that's the secret to getting a good score.

But there is a timer - 10 seconds before you lose a. Free download of Chain Word Plus 1.2, size 22.23 Mb.

Change4Good 1.03 Appster (Pty) Ltd 

Dear Friend,

A little light dispels a lot of darkness. A small act of kindness or word of encouragement can have a profound impact on a persons life, and can ultimately change the world.

My vision for Change the World for Good is simply to encourage us all to do something good, while always maintaining a sense of fun.

Electron XL 1.0 

Electron XL is micro synthesizer.

Good old analog knob please turn on two fingers.
You can change the octave to swipe the bottom of the keyboard.. Free download of Electron XL 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

Emo Haircuts 1.0 Dream Pixel Ltd 

Ditch those golden curls and spice up your style - in Emo Haircuts.

Its time to change your style - and this time, you dont want to be like anybody else - you want to make a statement! Become a good girl gone bad in Emo Haircuts - and stop playing by the rules!

In Emo Haircuts, you can spice up your style by washing, cutting. Freeware download of Emo Haircuts 1.0, size 11.85 Mb.

Habitor 1.0 Jenny Aspelund-Johansson 

Ready to change your habits? Then Habitor is here to help you.
By using CBT inspired methods you use Habitor to reinforce your positive behaviors and to reduce your bad behaviors.

Habitor comes packed with 16 lifestyle choices that are good for everyone, but it's easy to create your own personal habit list.

With the. Freeware download of Habitor 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

Hair Color Booth Salon HD, Free App 1.0 Games For Girls Ltd 

Ever fancied a change in hair color but don't know if it will look good?

This app will save you money & embarrassment!

Take a picture or use an old photo.
Select the area you'd like to color.
Then pick the color!

It's that simple!

Keep playing around until you find a beautiful look ;-). Freeware download of Hair Color Booth Salon HD, Free App 1.0, size 33.97 Mb.

Heart Shoot Classic Game 1.0 WebLantis 

This is the iPhone release of the classic heart shoot game. There are 3 levels in the game and you can start in every level from the menu.

You control the angel and you can change the vertical position to come in a good position for the next shoot. Than tap the angel twice to shoot the heart ballon and destroy it.

At the end. Free download of Heart Shoot Classic Game 1.0, size 629.14 Kb.


High Hands is the classical Texas Hold'em Poker but with a tweak. Here you can change your hand in the middle of the game in order to make the best choice at every turn and select the most reliable cards you'd like to play.

A good poker training to practice probability assessment and see how strong is your hand. Optimized for iOS7.

Proportion Control Camera 1.20 KAYAC Inc. 

"Proportion Control Camera" enables you to change your proportion freely with simple 2 touches.

<This app comes in useful in case>

-You want to show off yourself in good shape to your friends.
-Anticipate how your kids look like in future and share it with your family.
-Change fashion models. Free download of Proportion Control Camera 1.20, size 1.99 Mb.