Charge Les Fishierssis

LAmbulancier 1,0,50 Aides N Soft 

Permet de calculer les montants des transports en Ambulances ou en VSL directement en appliquant les majorations de l'avenant 6.

Public qui peut l'utiliser : Tout ambulancier devant rapidement calculer le montant d'un transport.

Gere :
- les Garde Centre 15
- Jour/Nuit/Ferie
- le Forfait. Freeware download of LAmbulancier 1,0,50, size 9.65 Mb.


KADOS 1 Kados 

KADOS (KAnban Dashboard for Online Scrum) is a web-based tool for managing Scrum projects.
Its particularity is to provide maximum screens where the user can move his post-it to change one of the attributes of these post-it
Kados supports most areas and artifacts of SCRUM method, but it can also be adapted for other agile methods.

Hepatoweb HD 1.2 didier Mennecier 

Hepatoweb HD pour IPad

Une application numerique pour aider les praticiens et faciliter la prise en charge des
patients dans le domaine de l'hepatologie, de la Gastroenterologie et de l'alcoologie.

Cette application presente deux espaces : Medecins et Patients.

L'espace Medecin est realisee pour faciliter le. Freeware download of Hepatoweb HD 1.2, size 32.93 Mb.

Charge When Ship Made Easy 2 5 

Charge When Ship Made Easy is a free tool for Amazon Pro Merchants that makes order confirmation easy. homepage Here's how it works: 1. Start CWSMadeEasy 2. (Optional: set a cutoff time to confirm only orders received by a certain date/time) 3. Click "Confirm all outstanding orders" 4. You are done! You can also optionally set a default. Freeware download of Charge When Ship Made Easy 2 5, size 4.44 Mb.

Depth Charge SemiPhat New 2 the left 

Depth Charge SemiPhat is a TTF character that will allow you to change the regular appearance of your written documents. All you have to do is install the font onto your PC then use it when writing your texts to see how it will give them a new aspect.

To install it, you can simply right-click the file and click Install. Alternately, you. Free download of Depth Charge SemiPhat New, size 0 b.

Toshiba USB Sleep and Charge Utility TOSHIBA Corporation 

Toshiba USB Sleep and Charge Utility is a very useful application that was especially designed to provide Toshiba notebook owners with a means of managing an innovative feature that allows charging of USB devices while the computer is not turned on.

The program can activate the charging feature and supply USB bus power to the USB port. Free download of Toshiba USB Sleep and Charge Utility, size 0 b.

USB Charge+ ASUS 

USB Charge+ is an application that will enable yo to use the charge via USB feature your ASUS netbook comes with.

Thanks to this technology, you should be able to easily connect a device and recharge it via the USB 3.0 port of your Eee PC.

. Free download of USB Charge+, size 0 b.

Enghien-les-Bains 1.16 Camineo 

Welcome to the official Enghien-les-Bains mobile app, your essential GPS-guided and immersive tour of the town as well as its cultural events, accommodation, restaurants, activities and more.

The app is free and also available in French and Spanish.

Videos, audio, photos, enhanced reality: Enghien-les-Bains app provides more. Freeware download of Enghien-les-Bains 1.16, size 49.81 Mb.

Battery Guard for Notebooks 0.04 Alex Konuhoff 

Battery Guard for Notebooks is a program to display the notebook battery charge as colored bar.
The bar is situated on the edge of the screen, always on top, always in sight. It does not interfere with work, but allows to notice the reduction of battery power to the critical in time.
As the reduction of the charge indicator bar changes. Freeware download of Battery Guard for Notebooks 0.04, size 63.68 Mb.

Charge : LDAP load testing 1.3.0 

Charge is an LDAP load testing program. It can be easily modified to test other protocols.. Freeware download of Charge : LDAP load testing 1.3.0, size 29.34 Kb.

Conrad Charge Manager 2020 - CM2020 074 

Software for the Conrad/Voltcraft Charge Manager 2020 (CM2020) battery charger. Freeware download of Conrad Charge Manager 2020 - CM2020 074, size 8.12 Kb.

Info-Charge 1.2.3 

Info-Charge is a free, web-based, multi-purposeassessment and survey application. It allows youcreate "Surveys" and "Pathfinders", gather reponses,and perform comprehensive summary stats.The source is an excellent way to get started with MySQL. Freeware download of Info-Charge 1.2.3, size 945.49 Kb.

Les mondes d'Argrim 1.0 Argrim 

Les mondes d'Argrim is a MMORPG project based on OpenGL API and SDL library.

Les mondes d'Argrim 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Les mondes d'Argrim 1.0, size 0 b.

Les Anneaux de Tribana 1.0 Tribana 

"Les Anneaux de Tribana" is a kind of "arcade game", indeed you lead a flying hero who has to go through rings floating in the air. This is a project made by four 1st-year students of the French Computing Engineering School Epita (

Les Anneaux de Tribana 1.0 License - Common Development and Distribution. Freeware download of Les Anneaux de Tribana 1.0, size 0 b.

Les Aventuriers Du Rail 1.0 Ladrter1 

Les aventuriers du rail en java

Les Aventuriers Du Rail 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Les Aventuriers Du Rail 1.0, size 0 b.

Windows battery meter Beta Anisimov Victor 

Windows battery meter was developed as a simple and useful tool that can display the current battery charge in the system tray.

Windows battery meter shows the 100% charge as 99%, because the software only supports two digit positions. The status icon is updated every 30 seconds.

. Freeware download of Windows battery meter Beta, size 0 b.

AmazonChargesCalculator Arne 

As its name implies, AmazonChargesCalculator is a lightweight application that can help you determine the Amazon charge amount and the profit for two different resellers.

The usage is simple: you simply have to enter the selling percentages for each reseller and the application will display the Amazon charges and the profit, in Euros.. Freeware download of AmazonChargesCalculator, size 0 b.

BatteryTimer TMG Development Ltd 

BatteryTimer for the PocketPC allows you to simulate patterns of usage, and automatically log the remaining percentage battery charge in main and supplemental batteries.For example if you use your PocketPC for playing audio files for 2 hours a day you can set it to play a track in a continuous loop, then start BatteryTimer to 'on for 2 hours off. Free download of BatteryTimer, size 880.80 Kb.

On/Off Charge B11.1102.1 GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 

There's no denying that the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have been a huge success and many of you may own one. However, both devices suffer from one small problem, they don't charge very fast when connected to your PC. Wouldn't it be great if your iPhone charged just as quickly from your computer as it does from the charger?

. Free download of On/Off Charge B11.1102.1, size 1.68 Mb.

PicApport for Windows 0.91 Beta Contecon Software GmbH 

PicApport is an easy-to-use, free of charge, photo server for your home network. Watch your photos on any device connected to your network, without having to transfer them first to an external ISP.. Free download of PicApport for Windows 0.91 Beta, size 6.53 Mb.