Chemistry In Our Daily Life

Economic Question of daily life 4.2 KOSAIDO 

This book explains economy in daily life.
Wisdom and courage to fight against the recession because an economic secret is solved are equipped.

Caution:This book is Japanese.. Free download of Economic Question of daily life 4.2, size 57.46 Mb.


Cells Game of Life 1.0 Modebiz 

This is a cellular simulative app based on Conway's Game of Life, trying to study and observe this two-dimensional universe in an intuitive way.
In daily life, when you want to build a windmill, the first thing in your mind may be considering how to make the leaf and let it rotate. Now from another angle: any chance to just provide a suitable. Free download of Cells Game of Life 1.0, size 2.10 Mb.

Energize Life 1.0 Energize International 

The Energize App is designed to equip you with a positive lense to look through as you live your life. We live in a negative world and must focus in order to be positive. Make Energize International a part of your daily life and enjoy the benefits.. Freeware download of Energize Life 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.

Idioms fRr Windows 1.5 

Idioms are phrases which are a key part of the language of daily life. With Idioms for Windows you have a reference work of idioms in English along with their German translation. The registered program will give you:Over 11,000 idioms in English and German -Example sentences in English for each idiom -Excellent searching feature -Editing. Free download of Idioms fRr Windows 1.5, size 0 b.

My Journal 1.0.2413 Michael Snow 

My Journal is electronic journaling software that you can use to catalog your thoughts, feelings and activities of daily life. The following is a generalized list of highlights that you will find in the My Journal software.

The information you enter into the My Journal program is protected by world-class encryption technology. You are. Free download of My Journal 1.0.2413, size 14.07 Mb.

Memorize His Word 3.0.6 Memorize His Word 

Memorize His Word is a personal software program designed to help you make Scripture memorization and review a part of your daily life.It's very flexible and completely customizable. You choose how many verses to add, when to add them, and how often to review each one. You memorize at your speed. You choose how many words to erase on the. Free download of Memorize His Word 3.0.6, size 4.63 Mb.

Rays of Hope Screensaver 1.0 RateMyScreensaver 

Are you too stressed because of all the problems of the daily life?
Have you ever felt that there is no hope in living a good life?
Do you need something that will really help you to relax?

Rays of Hope Screensaver will bring peace and tranquility to your desktop.

This awesome screensaver will definitely help. Freeware download of Rays of Hope Screensaver 1.0, size 0 b.

DesktopTools rc 

DesktopTools is a collection of small utillities which help to make your daily life easier. Since the tools themself are rather small (projectwise) I keep them not as individual projects, but have them under this collective name.. Freeware download of DesktopTools rc, size 101.94 Kb.

richPlanner 1.0 Richplanner 

Objectives of this project is using Scrum's idea to manage developer's daily life.First phase: checklist as the proof of concept.Second Phase: xplanner architecture upgradeThird phase: richPlanner which based on scrum

richPlanner 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of richPlanner 1.0, size 0 b.

1 Pic 1 Brand - word games 1.0.0 Degoo ltd 

Do you know this pic?
All these pictures are the brands in your daily life.
Come on! Let's meet the challenge, and see how many you know!. Freeware download of 1 Pic 1 Brand - word games 1.0.0, size 16.04 Mb.

1 Pic 1 Movie - word games 1.0.0 Degoo ltd 

Do you know this pic?
All these pictures are the movies in your daily life.
Come on! Let's meet the challenge, and see how many you know!. Freeware download of 1 Pic 1 Movie - word games 1.0.0, size 16.78 Mb.

3-in-1 Chemical Engineering 1.0 Edward Choi 

1) Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the application of physical science (e.g. chemistry and physics), and life sciences (e.g. biology, microbiology and biochemistry) with mathematics, to the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms. In. Free download of 3-in-1 Chemical Engineering 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

3rd eyes view 1.0 SiamSquared Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

Let's tech closer to you.

How do you feel when you found something new in your daily life? With things you usually met them before use this app, they have interactive with you and seems like they're alive!. Freeware download of 3rd eyes view 1.0, size 4.19 Mb.

99 Meditation Seconds 1.6 FindYourNose 

This App provides 99 short meditation techniques to experiment with in daily life. Meditation is not a question of time, but of intensity a short, deep and loving inquiry into oneself, and it does not require a particular place or time nor environment.

THIS APP PROVIDES YOU WITH THE. Free download of 99 Meditation Seconds 1.6, size 30.83 Mb.

Awesome Counter 1.0 a1c 

In your daily life, haven't you ever felt that you need a COUNTER?
Your ten fingers are sometimes not enough to keep the game score while you play or counting and memorizing the numbers in daily life.
Now, leave all the works to Awesome Counter!
Awesome Counter! can help you to count the numbers more accurate than your head and. Free download of Awesome Counter 1.0, size 2.10 Mb.

Axis Mundi 1.0 Geoffrey Pepos 

Connection between
Four compass directions meet
We are passing through

We believe we all need peaceful moments in our daily life. Axis Mundi is an evolving mandala with ever changing organic music. Axis Mundi is here to remind us all to breathe deeply.. Free download of Axis Mundi 1.0, size 90.28 Mb.

Bangla Calculator 2.0 GREEN & RED TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD. 

A simple, beautiful new calculator in Bangla language made by the G&R Ad Network, Bangladesh's leading display ad network.

It can do all the simple calculations you need in your daily life!. Freeware download of Bangla Calculator 2.0, size 2.10 Mb.

Cat Mark ersion 1.2 JamZoo Inc. 

CatMark is a creative application for your daily life to breed your lovely cat.

When will be the next schedule for cats vaccinations? How much I spent for my lovely cat last year? Does the shop on the corner raise the food price I used to buy for my cat? To solve above questions you should have, CatMark application let you to log every. Free download of Cat Mark ersion 1.2, size 1.57 Mb.

Cell Phone Coverage Map 2.4.0 RootMetrics 

Your smartphone is a fundamental part of your daily life. We get it. Its the same for us. You deserve the best mobile experience possible. Our CoverageMap app gives you information and easy-to-use tools to make your mobile decisions easier and improve the quality of mobile networks.

View easy-to-use maps showing millions of mobile. Freeware download of Cell Phone Coverage Map 2.4.0, size 2.73 Mb.

Chavruta 1.0 Giang Nguyen 

We all want to know a little more our Jewish tradition, but the rush of daily life do not come to this.

Companionship phone is a smart idea and simple enough for everyone, even without getting up from the chair.. Freeware download of Chavruta 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.