Chinese Calendar Plus Lunar Solar Calendar

Chinese Lunar & Solar Calendar 1.0 

Chinese Calendar Plus - Lunar & Solar Calendar (Chinese Version) is a special calendar that allows you see both the lunar and solar calendar.

You can use Calendar Plus in choosing good / lucky days or suitable days based on your age. You may convert your birthdate from Solar to Lunar and vice versa and retrieve a lot of useful. Free download of Chinese Lunar & Solar Calendar 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.


Chinese Almanac Free 1.4.1 LI XIA TANG 

Chinese almanac, updated to the latest 2014 database.
The most professional and authoritative Chinese almanac inquiry, but also the most classic version almanac.

Chinese almanac record daily the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar date, Lunar, Solar, Taboo, Chinese traditional festivals.

And is designed specifically. Freeware download of Chinese Almanac Free 1.4.1, size 25.17 Mb.

NJStar Chinese Calendar NJStar Software Corp. 

NJStar Chinese Calendar is a shareware utility for Windows. This program features a Chinese calendar combined with a Western calendar. From the main application window, we can go back to the year 1599, and forward to the year 2100. This program also includes a Chinese horoscope, and a Western horoscope. There is also a lunar converter. This. Free download of NJStar Chinese Calendar, size 0 b.

Event Calendar Plus 1. 3. 2010 Infowise Ltd. 

Event Calendar Plus is designed to help you easily classify event types using various colors and with it you'll also be able to attach tasks to events. It also offers a quarterly and a whole year view .
· Combine multiple data sources on one calendar view
· Connect to SharePoint lists, Exchange calendars and. Free download of Event Calendar Plus 1. 3. 2010, size 388.10 Kb.

12 Animals of Chinese Year Plus 1.2 We Can Speak Chinese LLC 

One of recommended educational apps selected by

For unlock version app, please check

Is it EASY to learn CHINESE? YES, "12 Animals. Freeware download of 12 Animals of Chinese Year Plus 1.2, size 60.08 Mb.

Chinsoft Lunar Calendar 1.0.1 Chinsoft Co., Ltd. 

Easy-to-use Chinese calendar() featuring:
- Years 221BC-3359AD
- Day/month/year/decade view
- Imperial Calendar ( / )
- Daily Do's and Don'ts
- Five elements, nine star, lunar mansion, 12 day officer, liu yao
- Daily/hourly lucky/unlucky spirits
- Spirit directions
- Solar terms (minute precision)
- Four. Free download of Chinsoft Lunar Calendar 1.0.1, size 2.10 Mb.

Chinese Calendars 1.2 Kun Xie 

Chinese Calendar: Lunar Calendar Converter, Auspicious Days, Holidays, Zodiac Years

Chinese Lunar Calendar with Auspicious Events
Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Convert
Chinese Baby Gender Calendar Predictor
Find Chinese Auspicious Days
About Chinese Calendar
Chinese Holidays
24 Solar Terms

MB Chinese Lunar Mansions Xiu 1.0 

MB Chinese Lunar Mansions Xiu Software is a wonderful software that provides you with free astrology reading on the basis of the Chinese principles of lunar mansions or moon mansions. This moon mansion software or lunar mansion software or xiu software lets you know which of the 28 lunar mansions is your natal mansion. On the basis of your lunar. Freeware download of MB Chinese Lunar Mansions Xiu 1.0, size 1.28 Mb.

12 Animals of Chinese Year HD 1.2 We Can Speak Chinese LLC 

We have upgraded this app to the unlocked version of "12 Animals of Chinese Year Plus". It is a fun app designed to help people to speak, listen, and read Chinese words of animals. There are more Chinese words and sentences you can learn by playing games.

This app is one of recommended educational apps selected by. Free download of 12 Animals of Chinese Year HD 1.2, size 59.98 Mb.

Chinese Astrology Tools 1.1 Kun Xie 

Chinese astrology tool easy to find out your Chinese zodiac animals, compatible signs, Chinese Calendar, Baby Gender Predict


-Daily Chinese Astrology
-Chinese Calendar
-Chinese Zodiac
-Find your Chinese Zodiac Compatibility
-Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter
-Find Auspicious Days (Wedding,. Free download of Chinese Astrology Tools 1.1, size 4.30 Mb.

Multi Zone Clock 2.02.02 

Multi Zone Clock is a simple and highly configurable multi time zone clock and calendar plus highly configurable advance alarm clock. This Program creates any number of clocks with deferent time zones and many more . Give it a try and enjoy :P. Freeware download of Multi Zone Clock 2.02.02, size 2.72 Mb.

2008 Calendar Chinese New Year 9.06.20 CHINESE CALENDAR 2008 

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is a yearly one, with the start of the lunar year being based on the cycles of the moon. Therefore, because of this cyclical dating, the beginning of the year can fall anywhere between late January and the middle of February. This year it falls on February 12th. A complete cycle takes 60 years and is made up of five. Freeware download of 2008 Calendar Chinese New Year 9.06.20, size 936.80 Kb.

Chinese Zodiac Plus 4 Euromedia Company SRL 

Based on the birth date and gender, this application calculates the chinese zodiac sign, the stem, the zodiac element, the element that is creating, exhausting and destroying you, the form and colors that are benefic for you. Furthermore, you get informations about the other zodiac signs that are compatible and incompatible with you, the favorable. Free download of Chinese Zodiac Plus 4, size 32.72 Mb.

wxAstroCapture 1. 8. 2001 Martin Burri and Carsten Arnholm 

wxAstroCapture is a free capture program primarily intended for astronomical use. It supports webcams for planetary/lunar/solar and deep sky imaging. Long exposures are supported for SC modified webcams with serial and parallel port long exposure control. Also supported are Artemis/ATK cameras for 16bit deep sky imaging and webcam autoguiding using. Freeware download of wxAstroCapture 1. 8. 2001, size 1.10 Mb.

MB Chinese Zodiac Software 2 5 

MB Free Chinese Zodiac Signs Software determines your Chinese zodiac sign from your date of birth. Chinese zodiac signs are also known as animal signs. These signs are based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the sign you belong to according to Chinese Astrology. It gives a report that includes the. Freeware download of MB Chinese Zodiac Software 2 5, size 1.61 Mb.

Handy Chinese Zodiac 3.2.1 Novel Approach 

Astrology crazy? Want to find out what your Chinese Zodiac sign is? What are the origins of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac? What is a solar term? All your Chinese Zodiac questions will be answered with this easy to use app!

Find out the personalities associated with your zodiac sign or even read up on which of the 24 solar terms. Free download of Handy Chinese Zodiac 3.2.1, size 943.72 Kb.

Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 6.09 Hermetic Systems 

This software allows you to: (i) Display the current phase of the Moon. (ii) Calculate the phase of the Moon for any time in the past or future within a 9000-year period. (iii) Convert between dates in various calendars (three solar calendars, the Gregorian Calendar, the Julian Calendar and the Solar Liberalia Triday Calendar, and three lunar. Free download of Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 6.09, size 1.81 Mb.

Baby Gender Predictor 2010 1.0 Aquarel Software 

Boy or Girl? Predict your future baby's gender! Baby Gender Predictor 2010 is a small and easy to use free program for a prediction of a baby gender in several popular ways: Chinese method, Japanese method and Blood Age method. Chinese and Japanese methods are ancient ways of a baby gender prediction and Chinese method is based on the Chinese lunar. Free download of Baby Gender Predictor 2010 1.0, size 1.95 Mb.

Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Activity Book with Chinese Zodiac 1.1 Master Communications, Inc. 

Chinese New Year Activities and Zodiac

Make 12 fun and easy crafts and activities for the Chinese New Year celebration with step-by-step instructions based on the Celebrating Chinese New Year book. Learn about the New Year customs - lion dance, dragon parade, and lantern festival. The book shows you how to make a dragon parade, a paper. Free download of Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Activity Book with Chinese Zodiac 1.1, size 7.86 Mb.

Julian-Gregorian-Dee Date Calculator 5 9 Hermetic Systems 

Julian-Gregorian-Dee Date Calculator will convert dates between these formats.

Besides this, it can calculate the dates in those formats, adding or subtracting the number of days, weeks, month of years to or from a given date. It can also calculate vernal equinoxes.

The calendars are usually quite similar. They differ in. Free download of Julian-Gregorian-Dee Date Calculator 5 9, size 1.49 Mb.

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