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Learn Chinese Interactive Level 2 Free 2.1 Beijing Wenhua Online 

Learn Chinese on the go! The best pocket tutor for your Chinese learning needs is bringing you to the next level of proficiency Level 2, with new key communication topics! FREE DOWNLOAD!?

Its September and its Mooncake Festival in China! Get a glimpse of the Chinese culture through learning the major Chinese festivals; sentences used. Freeware download of Learn Chinese Interactive Level 2 Free 2.1, size 73.51 Mb.


Hedgehog Book 1.3.0 Ardozia 

Hedgehog book app main goal is to stimulate childrens creativity through the reading or listening of fun stories developed from interactive illustrations.
The stories presented in Hedgehog book combine text, image, sounds and interactivity, leading to apparently improbable situations and characters when seen separately but that combined. Free download of Hedgehog Book 1.3.0, size 37.85 Mb.

Chinese - Most Common Characters 2 3.00.0031 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Built as an interactive quiz tool, Chinese - Most Common Characters 2 can help you learn how to read Chinese.

Chinese - Most Common Characters 2 tests the most common Chinese characters for their English meanings, by using multiple choice questions.

The program is developed in the Java programming language and can function on. Free download of Chinese - Most Common Characters 2 3.00.0031, size 0 b.

Chinese Trainer 2.0 Hanyu 

Chinese Trainer is not a typical learning program consisting of several lessons for a certain grade, but a HSK level-oriented Chinese practice platform for everyone.
Chinese Trainer provides 6700 Chinese characters, 80000 words/phrases, 8000 synonyms/antonyms, 50000 sentences, 10000 dictations! The voice of the characters is recorded in a. Free download of Chinese Trainer 2.0, size 85.76 Mb.

Chinese Writer for iPad 1.0 Language Systems 

The Chinese Writer for iPad is a touch-interactive tool from Popup Chinese ( that will teach you how to write Chinese characters. Learn the basics with our 25 character tutorial, and register with your free Popup Chinese account to unlock practice mode with 1000 extra characters in both simplified and traditional Chinese.. Freeware download of Chinese Writer for iPad 1.0, size 27.16 Mb.

Chinese-English Language for Kids 1 BurntApps Solutions 

The best language apps for Kids to help children learn Chinese and English by interactive audio flashcards and games. This is the best way to teach kids foreign languages. The kids will be able to learn basic daily vocabulary in categories such as animals, basic human anatomy, colors, etc. This will help them lay a good foundation for their. Freeware download of Chinese-English Language for Kids 1, size 26.95 Mb.

Chinese Mandarin FREE 24/7 Language Learning 7.0.7 24/7 TUTOR INC. 

Learn or refresh your Mandarin Chinese, anytime & anywhere with a mobile language lab.

The FUN way to learn a language!

24/7 Chinese goes beyond the simple talking phrasebook or flashcard programs, providing a set of engaging, interactive study tools that help you really learn the language. FREE Chinese Mandarin lite. Freeware download of Chinese Mandarin FREE 24/7 Language Learning 7.0.7, size 2.10 Mb.

Chinese Numbers for Kids 2.0 Christian Larsen Music 

Your kids can learn chinese today! This is a comprehensive, fun and interactive learning app to teach children chinese numbers from 1-100.

Five interactive modules include:
- learning the basics
- writing the numerals on the iPad
- quiz including English-Chinese and Chinese-English
- a Word Search practice for. Free download of Chinese Numbers for Kids 2.0, size 5.77 Mb.

Guan Yin in Simplified Chinese 1.0 Cory Lam 

This application, Guan Yin in Simplified Chinese is the Simplified Chinese version of the Oracle of Guan Yin fortune sticks. It is an interactive Chinese fortune stick (aka Kau Cim) application. This is based on the fortune telling practice that originated in China where the querent requests answers to a specific question from a sacred oracle lot.. Free download of Guan Yin in Simplified Chinese 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Hua Mu-Lan - bedtime fairy tale Interactive Book iBigToy 15.1 iBigToy 

Chinese traditional story "MuLan" available on your iPad.
This is totally new reading experience: illustrated audio books with interactive animation on each page.

Classic story in new multimedia form: realistically designed story book, with unique sound and animation. Your children can interact with characters inside. It. Free download of Hua Mu-Lan - bedtime fairy tale Interactive Book iBigToy 15.1, size 91.12 Mb.

My Child Knows Chinese Basics (free) 1.5 Critical Gameplay 

My Child Knows Chinese is a series of fun interactive games designed for toddlers through preschool children. They work like popup books, with kid-friendly pictures and rewards for interaction. The series is developed by a university professor who has researched digital game based learning of languages for years. The key is practiced repetition and. Freeware download of My Child Knows Chinese Basics (free) 1.5, size 14.26 Mb.

My Child Knows Chinese - Dining 1.0 Critical Gameplay 

Come learn Chinese with your preschooler. Get your toddler ready for the dim sum table or the dinner table.

My Child Knows Chinese is a series of fun interactive lessons designed for toddlers and above. They work like flashcards, with kid-friendly pictures and rewards for interaction. The series is developed by a university professor. Free download of My Child Knows Chinese - Dining 1.0, size 15.10 Mb.

Happy Chinese 1.3.1 Happy Chinese Software inc. 

Happy Chinese is a comprehensive chinese language learning software, developed in accordance with the advanced and scientific education concept of "separating the teaching of chinese language listening and speaking from Chinese characters reading and writing; Chinese language listening and speaking interact with chinese characters reading and. Free download of Happy Chinese 1.3.1, size 102.49 Mb.

Chinese Radicals 1.0 Douwe Osinga 

Learning Chinese is hard, they say, but it is made easy with the Douwe Osinga's learn to read Chinese method, to be downloaded for free from here. Chinese Radicals is a simple program that teaches the user in an interactive way the 215 radicals used in Simplified Chinese.

I think learning Chinese is hard, but only learning to read it,. Freeware download of Chinese Radicals 1.0, size 304.09 Kb.

MB Feng Shui Ba Zi 1.50 

MB Free Feng Shui Ba Zi is an interactive and an effective tool, which calculates your four pillars of destiny or Ba Zi based on the ancient art of Chinese Astrology. The program is useful in drawing up a map of your life and advises you on as to what is good and what is bad, on the appropriate action that needs to be taken during various phases of. Free download of MB Feng Shui Ba Zi 1.50, size 1.37 Mb.

Character Camera 1.0.2 Yu Ho Kwok 

Create your experimental photo with Elegant Chinese/Japanese Block text.

This is an Experimental Camera by invivo interactive. The App captures the real time image into a Matrix-like text with asian characters.

You can also take a photo for the stylish image, or read about the funny poem created by the text.

ChineseCUBES 1.0.5 Chinesecubes 

Reading comes to life with the touch of your hand.
Learn to read Chinese with simple story lessons.
Improve your Chinese through interactive vocab books and guided activities.

Enjoy reading at your own specific level, growing as you go!
How does it work? See the Chinese Characters, touch them and they come to life. Hear. Freeware download of ChineseCUBES 1.0.5, size 40.16 Mb.

Hotline Direct 1.0.2 Nuthon IT Solutions Ltd. 

** The application is mainly in Traditional Chinese and data is mainly for Hong Kong **

This is the end of IVR (interactive voice response) hotlines! With Hotline Direct, you can call your favourite hotline with just ONE CLICK. We help you to skip all intermediate procedures in the hotline system to let you talk to the customer service. Freeware download of Hotline Direct 1.0.2, size 1.68 Mb.

Range Rover Autobiography Black 1.0 FP Creative 

This interactive app allows you to get up close and personal with the new pinnacle of the Range Rover line-up, the exclusive Autobiography Black.

Detailed information in four languages (English, French, Chinese and Japanese), accompanied by gorgeous imagery and a video overview, allows you to explore all the exterior and interior. Freeware download of Range Rover Autobiography Black 1.0, size 122.68 Mb.

Interactive Dali Screensaver 1.1 G&P Software 

Interactive Dali Screensaver is a new original toy. You can have fun with objects on Dali's painting, build your own pictures and save them. It's another, innovative way of looking at art. Screensaver based on world famous Dali canvas "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate One Second Before Awakening". It includes 33. Free download of Interactive Dali Screensaver 1.1, size 1.33 Mb.

Chinese Interactive Web Results

ABC- Chinese

Interactive Chinese language educational program that provides level through multi-media. Texts and sources for learning Chinese listed.

Chinese Poems: Du Fu

Chinese and English texts of forty-eight works.

Chinese Poems: Li Bai

Chinese and English texts of twenty works.

Chinese Poems: Meng Haoran

Chinese and English texts of eleven works.

Chinese Poems: Su Shi

Chinese and English texts of seven works.

Chinese Poems: Wang Wei

Chinese and English texts of twenty works.

Chinese Zodiac Symbols

Pendants, and gifts designed with Chinese horoscope symbols. Feng shui gifts and symbols.