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Everyones talking about HARACOLLE, the Harajuku Style Collection, and now its arrived in Shanghai!

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HARACOLLE was for three days, from June 17 to 19, 2010.
Mr.Yonehara was there taking photos of everything that happened!

You can see backstage and in the dressing rooms at HARACOLLE. All the trendy and cute. Freeware download of HARAJUKU STYLE COLLECTION in SHANGHAI 1.1, size 10.28 Mb.


GEOM+ V1.6 Indiepath Ltd 

GEOM is in a league of it's own, taking the classic style matching game to another dimension. Rotate the GEOMetric shapes to match coloured connectors and complete the GEOMs. Discover 202 fascinating levels constructed from intricate GEOMetric tessellations. With 4 modes of play, crisp-clean imagery and wicked sound tracks this is a game that truly. Free download of GEOM+ V1.6, size 3.90 Mb.

Style Master 3.5 Western Civilisation P/L 

Style Master is a cascading style sheet editor combining WYSIWYG editors with hand coding tools. With Style Master and CSS developers can efficiently and painlessly create compelling, faster downloading, standards compliant pages, with improved accessibility.
Features include
* editors for all aspects of CSS: selectors as well as. Free download of Style Master 3.5, size 8.04 Mb.

Star Blaze 2 Gladiators Software 

A classical "shoot 'em up" style arcade game packed with astonishing graphics, breath taking action and incredibly smooth gameplay. Pick up numerous power-ups, tune up your engine, upgrade firepower and blast your way trough 30 levels of this adrenaline-pumping space shooter.. Free download of Star Blaze 2, size 23.19 Mb.

Arthaus Photoalbum Wizard 1 2 City Business Logic 

Arthaus Photoalbum Wizard is by far the most powerful and easy to use WIZARD style utility program available for taking your existing images and automatically creating an optimized digital photo album for use on the Web, Email or CD. With a choice of 4 photo album styles including slideshow, popup, frames and (new with this release) Flash,. Freeware download of Arthaus Photoalbum Wizard 1 2, size 0 b.

Tank War Game 1.1 Tankswar 

Tank War is another old Tank Battalion clone taking the arcade and adventure game-style to the 3D world by allowing you to enjoy the old-fashioned game play in a 3D environment with complete playable levels. The game contains the binary and source

Tank War Game 1.1 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Tank War Game 1.1, size 2.96 Mb.

Style Jukebox Beta 1.1 Antiu M. Ionut Alexandru P.F.A 

Style Jukebox is the next generation media player for Microsoft dlT« Windows dlT« platform. Beta version supports major audio and video formats and brings features that make listening to music and watching movies easier and more enjoyable, features like: Folder Watch, Grid View, Codec Manager, External Search, Video Mini-Preview, iPod dlT«. Free download of Style Jukebox Beta 1.1, size 5.57 Mb.

Awesome Photo Editor with Shapes 1.0 Belinda Terry 

It's time to do things different.
No more boring apps taking photo and editing the same all same photo with the same style. Now is time to add some passion, some color, some art, some shapes.

Awesome photo editor with shapes.
Yes: Shapes!
Hearts, flowers, circles, leaves...

bring something special to your. Freeware download of Awesome Photo Editor with Shapes 1.0, size 3.36 Mb.

Balloon Heist 1.3.2 Pause Productions 

Aliens are trying to escape Earth and it looks like they're planning on taking all of our pigs and balloons with them. It's up to you to stop the aliens in this balloon bursting fun arcade style "pop 'em - stop 'em" game. Pop as many alien filled balloons as possible and compete for an all time score!

Music by ragingmullet from. Freeware download of Balloon Heist 1.3.2, size 5.03 Mb.

Epic Angel 1.0.1 Dracosoft 

The war between Angels and Demons is raging! Will you join forces to stave off hoards of Demons and monsters from taking over the world?

Now featuring:
Unique 2D art style
Awesome traditional RPG game play
Hours of fun fighting monsters, demons, and other creatures
Original storyline
Multiple character. Free download of Epic Angel 1.0.1, size 23.28 Mb.

Hair At Home HD 1.0 Image Intelligence Limited 

Award winning UK Hairdresser Anita Cox McMillan shows you how to create different hair styles at home, from a simple blow dry to party hair to adding hair extensions. Each style has a step by step movie, taking you visually through the action. Fabulous Hair At Home!. Free download of Hair At Home HD 1.0, size 682.62 Mb.

Laksha Bay 1.0 Aresco Media Solutions Ltd 

Taking its inspiration from the sun-kissed shores of the Lakshadweep archipelago, Laksha Bay's ethos is one of quality food that captures the flavour of the continent while embracing the relaxed style of the island lifestyle.

Download the Laksha Bay App and get instant access to:

- Our Menus
- Contact details and lcoation. Freeware download of Laksha Bay 1.0, size 14.26 Mb.

Pro Photography Secrets 1.2.1 Selectsoft 

Learn the secrets behind taking eye-catching photos! Whether you're already a pro looking to polish your style, or an amateur hoping to expand your skills, Pro Photography Secrets offers a wealth of tips and information to help you take striking, professional-quality photos! Follow along with the instructional video as an experienced pro. Free download of Pro Photography Secrets 1.2.1, size 162.53 Mb.

Raoul Pictor Mega Painter 1.1 Raoul Pictor 

Great update of a digital art classic!

"This App is an update of the project "Raoul Pictor cherche son style", 1993, created on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the piece. Raoul Pictor is still painting (and drinking and taking naps to get inspiration) and you can collect and print his paintings, but there are also. Freeware download of Raoul Pictor Mega Painter 1.1, size 42.36 Mb.

ScholarWord for the APA Style 2.0 Xumbrus, LLC. 

APA Style citations and cover page formatting adheres to the 5th edition of the APA Publication Manual. Cover pages even remember information like your name, school and courses to make writing more productive.ScholarWord is the only academic tool of its kind to work on Windows, Mac Classic, Mac OS X, and even Linux! On these operating systems,. Free download of ScholarWord for the APA Style 2.0, size 7.06 Mb.

Office Style Icon Set 2.0 LuckyIcon Art, LLC 

Design your software products in Microsoft Office 2003 style, common for millions of users, with the help of the Office Style Icon Set. The icons for nearly all possible actions guarantee an effective look for your software.. Free download of Office Style Icon Set 2.0, size 687.62 Kb.

Metro Style WP7 Icons 2011.1 Icons for Windows 8 

Metro Style WP7 Icons is a set of royalty-free icons for Windows Phone. Produced to match and exceed the design guidelines for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 systems, this collection of application bar icons includes white, transparent 48 x 48 images drawn in a central square of 26x26 pixels and supplied in the PNG format. Colored icons are. Free download of Metro Style WP7 Icons 2011.1, size 16.52 Mb.

xp style icons Free Icongalore 

Hundreds of professional XP style icons that come with highly professional design for use in your GUI and web based applications. Each icon is available in four different sizes that includes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48. Each icon has been provided in two different color depths and three formats that include .ico, png and gif. We also offer Vector. Free download of xp style icons Free , size 357.38 Kb.

PSR Style Database 4. 3. 2001 Peter Wierzba 

Because of the huge number of available style files, manual cataloging of styles is too great an effort (at least for one person or a small group). So this program utilizes an automatic "genre guessing" mechanism which catalogues the style by examining the style file itself.

The program is for managing collections of
. Freeware download of PSR Style Database 4. 3. 2001, size 87.71 Mb.

Flash Vista Style Vertical Menu 1.0 USINGIT 

Flash Vista Style Vertical Menu Builder it's a flash-producing design tool for creating vista style vertical flash menu bar on Web pages. SCP will generate all necessary codes automatically. The flash can be customized highly and easily through the SCP(Script Configuration Program). You can specify image, size, color, link and more to flash.. Free download of Flash Vista Style Vertical Menu 1.0, size 72.74 Mb.