Cliker Dizzy

Aarons Cliker 2.8 A. Powell 

An automated mouse clicker, give you fingers a rest and let Aarons Auto Cliker do the work for you. It has an inbuilt time delay to allow you to position the cursor before it automatically takes over. The application will remember previous settings and screen locations from its last use so you do not have to keep setting it up. Now has adjustable. Free download of Aarons Cliker 2.8, size 1.60 Mb.


Dizzy Quest Editor 0.3 

DQE - is a program to create adventure or RPG 2D games just like in "DIZZY" series. It is featured & very easy-to-use game editor. Russian and English languages supported.. Freeware download of Dizzy Quest Editor 0.3, size 1.73 Mb.

Dizzy Cart 1.0 Dizzycart 

Dizzy Cart is a simple shopping system for small web-merchants.

Set-up of Dizzy Cart is quick and easy, completely template based allowing easily integration into your eCommerce web site.

Dizzy Cart 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Dizzy Cart 1.0, size 0 b.

Roll Roll Roll 0.1 StartGames 

Roll roll roll your ball gently down the lane, So dizzy it gets as it rolls. Try to reach the end of every level, while not stepping outside the lines.. Free download of Roll Roll Roll 0.1, size 387.97 Kb.

Whale of a Time 1.0 SB-Software. 

Whale of a Time is a short puzzle-platformer involving travelling back and forth between three different time zones in an effort to save the world. The design is heavily inspired by the classic Dizzy series. It's only a short adventure with little story but hopefully you'll find it interesting.. Free download of Whale of a Time 1.0, size 15.09 Mb.

Explo Bee 1.1 Federico Bigliocca 

Help the dizzy spinning bee fly from flower to flower pollinating as he goes!

Simply tap the screen to launch the bee and he will fly in a straight line (hopefully) landing on another flower. Go for Speed combos or play it safe, but make sure your aim is true or you will lose the bee.
Don't wait too much on a flower or you'll. Freeware download of Explo Bee 1.1, size 7.55 Mb.

Hexology:GO2 2.0 

GO2 is a casual puzzle type game similar to the GO type of play. With rendered graphics like Trism, Dizzy, and Tetris, GO2 is fun to watch as well as play.

Play heads up with the computer or challenge your friends with the two player option.
Be warned, the computer gets progressively harder and harder to play the more levels that. Free download of Hexology:GO2 2.0, size 3.46 Mb.

Propel Man 1.7.3 Spiel Studios 


Use the Catapult to dispatch the Propel Man to dizzy heights in the sky and cross each level by landing safely past the finish line by deploying your parachute.

- Realistic Catapult mechanics, Air resistance and Parachute handling
- 30 levels with increasing. Freeware download of Propel Man 1.7.3, size 51.07 Mb.

Aarons Advanced Auto Clicker/Typer 3.01 A. Powell 

An automated mouse clicker and typer, give you fingers a rest and let Aarons Advanced Auto Cliker/Typer do the work for you. It has an inbuilt time delay to allow you to position the cursor before it automatically takes over. The application will remember previous settings and screen locations from its last use so you do not have to keep setting it. Free download of Aarons Advanced Auto Clicker/Typer 3.01, size 1.60 Mb.

Dizzy Web Gallery 1.0 Webgal 

A combination of gallery CSM and presentation built on top of Java and GWT technologies. Galleries that do not require dynamic (run-time) generation can be hosted under any web or application server.

Dizzy Web Gallery 1.0 License - Apache Software License. Freeware download of Dizzy Web Gallery 1.0, size 0 b.

Dizzy Monkey DirectPrint 1.3 Dizzy Monkey Design 

DirectPrint allows you to send files directly to an installed printer in RAW format, bypassing the printer driver. With it you can print PRN, TXT, PostScript, PCL, ZPL, and any other device-dependent file formats that the printer will recognize.


DirectPrint has a configurable feature-set that allows you to use it in. Free download of Dizzy Monkey DirectPrint 1.3, size 975.17 Kb.

Iggle Pop Deluxe Sprout Games 

Iggle Pop Deluxe 6.2 is an arcade game developed by Sprout Games and published by PopCap. This game has really low system requirements, a 350Mhz CPU powered by Windows 98 (or later) and 128 Mb RAM will be enough to enjoy Iggle Pop Deluxe 6.2.
Iggle Pop Deluxe 6.2 is an arcade game that strongly resembles
When we first play Iggle Pop. Free download of Iggle Pop Deluxe, size 6.23 Mb.

Daycare Nightmare - Mini-Monsters PlayFirst, Inc. 

Daycare Nightmare is a great fun game where the main objective is to take care of baby monsters and keep them happy until their parents pick them up. The main screen will show a happy meter, it fills up when babies are happy and empties when they are upset. Keep them happy so parents will give you a big tip. You will take care of different. Free download of Daycare Nightmare - Mini-Monsters, size 0 b.

Tiny Toons 1.0 Konami Corporation 

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure for Windows is a game inspired by the animated cartoons from the 90s. The story takes place through many distinct levels and the ultimate goal is to rescue Babs Bunny by defeating the enemies and making allies in order to find the riches and set her friend free.

Players will find. Freeware download of Tiny Toons 1.0, size 86.13 Mb.

Cocktail Mania 1.0 Big Fish Games 

You get to open hip bars and nightclubs all over the world. You are a bartender trying to open cool and hip nightclubs and bars all over the world and become the best bar owner out there. To achieve this you prepare cocktails and serve them to your customers. The customer will approach you and let you know which cocktail he or she wants. You match. Free download of Cocktail Mania 1.0, size 0 b.

Veronica and the Book of Dreams Playfirst Inc. 

After discovering a mysterious book in her local library, Veronica is transported to a magical world that is in desperate need of her help! Driven by a mysterious voice, Veronica is guided to a dusty old book that is covered in cobwebs. After reading just a few lines, Veronica begins to feel dizzy and sinks into a deep sleep. Explore the new world. Free download of Veronica and the Book of Dreams, size 20.94 Mb.

Icons-Land Vista Style Halloween Pumpkin Emoticons 3.0 Icons-Land 

Using Vista Style Halloween Pumpkin Emoticons is a good chance for seasonal promotion of your blog, chat, forum, Instant Messenger applications and other communication tools. Also you may use these icons for your desktop, emails and messages. There are 35 smiley pumpkins: Adore, Angry, Easy Money, Hysterical, Laugh, Sad, Shock, Smile, Surprise,. Free download of Icons-Land Vista Style Halloween Pumpkin Emoticons 3.0, size 7.11 Mb.

Icons-Land Vista Style Emoticons 2.0 Icons-Land 

Emoticons in new AERO (Vista) style will boost popularity of communication tool you are developing or customizing. They are suitable for Instant Messengers, EMail readers, Forums, Blogs, etc. Attention to details made these icons look great in all seven sizes from as low as 16x16 up to 256x256. These icons are suitable for any Operating System. Free download of Icons-Land Vista Style Emoticons 2.0, size 2.58 Mb.

XStandard Lite 3.0.0 Belus Technology 

The XStandard Lite application is the leading standards-compliant WYSIWYG editor for desktop applications and Web-based content management systems. For desktop appliations, use XStandard in Visual Studio, Access, VB and VC++. For Web-based applications, XStandard runs in IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
XStandard generates valid XHTML, and uses. Freeware download of XStandard Lite 3.0.0, size 2.20 Mb.

XStandard Pro 3.0.0 Belus Technology 

ThXStandard Pro is a WYSIWYG editor that runs in browser or desktop-based content management systems. Its toolbar is highly customizable and its rich API allows developers to extend the editor's functionality to meet unique content management needs. e editor manages rich, multilingual content of all types and uses CSS for formatting. The editor is. Free download of XStandard Pro 3.0.0, size 2.20 Mb.