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PDF Luggage Tag Tool 2.3 Zan's Stuff 

PDF Luggage Tag Tool is a handy utility that was especially designed to help you design, save and print luggage tags.

You can modify and rearrange the tags you create with this application and save the output to a Portable Document Format file.

PDF Luggage Tag Tool can also customize the appearance of the generated PDFs by. Free download of PDF Luggage Tag Tool 2.3, size 0 b.


Cloud Manager for Office 2013 0.3 Alpha sanderevers 

Cloud Manager for Office 2013 is a handy and reliable application designed to provide a simple method for managing cloud services.

The application features support for Dropbox and Google Drive, but it allows you to add your own cloud services to the monitoring list.

. Free download of Cloud Manager for Office 2013 0.3 Alpha, size 0 b.

Portable Tag Notes 1.1.342 Portable Tag Notes 

Portable Tag Notes is user-friendly application that allows you to create notes and manage all your important events within the same interface.

You can also assign tags to your notes so you can easily sort them when need arises. You can customize the font type and color, and you can also insert images and attach files.

In. Free download of Portable Tag Notes 1.1.342, size 0 b.

Cloud Sticky Notes New 

Cloud Sticky Notes was created as a simple, small and useful software that can help you create sticky notes to write down your ideas, tasks, messages or any other text information.

Furthermore, the Java-based Cloud Sticky Notes also allows you to synchronize all your notes. All you have to do is create a new sync account or login if you. Free download of Cloud Sticky Notes New, size 0 b.

Microsoft Smart Tag Enterprise Resource Kit 1 Microsoft 

The Smart Tag Enterprise Resource Toolkit provides a roadmap on how best to plan, architect, implement, and deploy robust and scalable smart tags within the enterprise.

Microsoft Smart Tag Enterprise Resource Kit comes with a handy set of tools:
A set of whitepapers on planning, implementing, and deploying enterprise smart tags

Advanced Smart Tag Tools 1 Microsoft 

This package demonstrates three advanced smart tag development tools for the Microsoft Office Smart Tag List Tool (MOSTL):
· the Smart Tag MOSTL Generator tool, which allows you to build smart tag XML list files;
· the Smart Tag List Builder tool, which allows you to build smart tag XML list files and list update. Free download of Advanced Smart Tag Tools 1, size 0 b.

TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack TMS Software 

TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack offers developers several components for integrating their products with various cloud services.

Some of them provide support for IntraWeb apps authentication using services (OAuth) of Facebook, Google, Twitter and Windows Live.

. Free download of TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack, size 0 b.

Microsoft Office 2003 Smart Tag SDK 1 Microsoft 

Microsoft Office 2003 Smart Tag SDK is for developers who are interested in creating solutions that use the smart tags available in the Microsoft Office System.

Microsoft Office 2003 Smart Tag SDK will provide you all the needed resources for learning and developing Office tools that contain smart tags.

. Free download of Microsoft Office 2003 Smart Tag SDK 1, size 0 b.

Rifidi Tag Streamer 1.1.1 Transcends, LLC 

Rifidi Tag Streamer provides you with a comprehensive testing tool that enables you to create multiple RFID virtual readers and add them batches of tags.

Rifidi Tag Streamer is capable of distribute its load among different hosts and allows users to easily generate the testing XML files and run test suites.

. Freeware download of Rifidi Tag Streamer 1.1.1, size 0 b.

Kindle Cloud Reader for Pokki 1.0 SweetLabs, Inc. 

Kindle Cloud Reader for Pokki is a handy and reliable application designed to bring Amazon's Kindle platform on your desktop.

Kindle Cloud Reader for Pokki enables you to browse through and read e-books from a desktop interface, which eliminates the need to use a web browser in order to access Amazon's service.

. Free download of Kindle Cloud Reader for Pokki 1.0, size 0 b.

Daily Accounts Cloud Client 8.0 OpenPages 

Daily Accounts Cloud Client was designed to enable you to create a chart of accounts and then enter debit, credit and journal vouchers against each transaction of your real life system.

Daily Accounts Cloud Client Application is the Multi-tier version of Daily Accounts. This application will work after connecting to the Daily Accounts. Free download of Daily Accounts Cloud Client 8.0, size 0 b.

Cloud Storage Studio Cerebrata 

Cloud Storage Studio is a lightweight that provides users with a simple means of uploading to and downloading from Windows Azure blob storage.

With the help of Cloud Storage Studio you have the possibility to take control of your Windows Azure storage. The application comes with an intuitive interface that enables you to quickly inspect,. Free download of Cloud Storage Studio, size 0 b.

Cloud Wallet AI4CAD Software 

Cloud Wallet is a handy and reliable application designed to provide a simple method to store your personal information inside wallets that can be shared with your Windows Phone device.

The information will be saved inside WLT files that you can store on SkyDrive. From here, you can access it via your mobile phone.

. Free download of Cloud Wallet, size 0 b.

Amazon Cloud Drive, Inc. 

Amazon Cloud Drive is the desktop client that enables you to use the Amazon online storage service and upload your files on the fly.

The software integrates seamlessly with the system and all you have to do is select a number of pictures, videos or any other type of file and select 'Amazon Cloud Drive' from the right-click 'Send To'. Free download of Amazon Cloud Drive, size 0 b.

SharePoint Social Tag Counters 1.2 estruyf 

SharePoint Social Tag Counter was designed to take the social features from SharePoint 2010 to a whole new level.

It allows you to immediately show your SharePoint visitors how popular the content is with the help of Social "I like it" and "Tag" counters.

. Free download of SharePoint Social Tag Counters 1.2, size 0 b.

Cloud Files Upload Brian Kejser 

Cloud Files Upload is a handy and reliable command line application designed to enable users to upload files to the cloud.


. Free download of Cloud Files Upload, size 0 b.

Safe In Cloud 1.5 Safe In Cloud Team 

Safe In Cloud is a comprehensive and lightweight software that helps you to easily manage and organize your important passwords.

With the help of Safe In Cloud, your data is always encrypted with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. This way, you are able to protect your critical data against unauthorized access.

Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.0.45 Panda Security 

Panda Cloud Cleaner is an easy to use application that was designed to provide you with a simple means of finding and cleaning virus infections or rogueware programs.

With Panda Cloud Cleaner you'll be able to get rid of malware that is undetectable by traditional security software.

There are no configurations to be made, only. Free download of Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.0.45, size 0 b.

Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO 2.1.1 Panda Security 

Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO comes with the same intuitive interface and efficient anti-malware protection found in Panda Cloud Antivirus, while adding some additional features.

Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO offers users a powerful community firewall, as well as protection when using the Internet connection provided by public WiFi networks.. Free download of Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO 2.1.1, size 0 b.

Secured Cloud Drive 1.0 

Secured Cloud Drive is a useful application that allows you to synchronize folders between multiple computers by using a secure environment. The program intends to provide you with military grade encryption in order to protect the private information from being accessed by other users.

You can use the program to select the folders that. Free download of Secured Cloud Drive 1.0, size 0 b.

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