Combo Chaos Game

Chaos Game New David J. Eck 

Chaos Game was created as an accessible and easy way to generate fractals. A Chaos Game is determined by a set of two or more "maps".

Each map represents an image of the unit square, which is shown in white in the applet. Select an example from the "Examples" menu or add individual "maps" using the "Add. Free download of Chaos Game New, size 0 b.


Interpol - The Trail of Dr. Chaos 32.0 GameHouse, Inc. 

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos in an entertaining hidden object game in which you play as a crime stopper Operative X who wants to capture a Cold War-era criminal mastermind called Dr. Chaos. As in any hidden object game, your goal is to travel to different locations looking for clues by finding the objects on a given list in a certain scene. Free download of Interpol - The Trail of Dr. Chaos 32.0, size 0 b.


C.H.A.O.S Tournament - official tournament on CHAOS from the game developers


C.H.A.O.S - Combat Helicopter Assault Operation Simulator

C.H.A.O.S Tournament - is your opportunity to go through the new military adventure in the sky, but in an. Free download of C.H.A.O.S Tournament HD 6.2.0, size 247.46 Mb.

Looney Links Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Hone your memory dexterity with this fast-paced combo puzzler! Link up matching animated characters in chaotic combinations to clear the screen before it fills up. The more tiles you link together in combos, the more points you will score. There are plenty of handy power-ups to help you out, but only your memory skills and knack for big combos will. Free download of Looney Links, size 0 b.

Halloween Collapse 1.0.1 Meyume Ltd 

Fast paced block busting fun in this super action packed game! Test your skill and reflexes as you race to complete the level before the blocks overpower you. Use awesome power-ups to help you along, and play through numerous levels as you try your hardest to master the game. Beat your friend's scores on the leader board and share your successes. Freeware download of Halloween Collapse 1.0.1, size 89.23 Mb.

Christmas Match 3 1.0 Skybound Interactive Ltd. 

For the Christmas Eve, the game is now FREE

Experience hours of fun with this classic match 3 puzzler especially tailored for Christmas!

- 2 Languages: English and German
- Beautiful Christmas graphics
- 3 Game Modes: Casual, Puzzle and Endurance
- 40 Casual Levels
- 40. Free download of Christmas Match 3 1.0, size 9.44 Mb.

Puppy Closet HD 1.4 Mintmomeg 

Puppy Closet is developed from basic Math skill that kids should know in Primary school age. This app is a fun and interactive game that introduces your kid to the world of mathematics. Whenever kid can pass each math level, the closet will be unlocked for new costume to dress up the puppy. Of course, coolest costume will be the last to motivate. Free download of Puppy Closet HD 1.4, size 6.29 Mb.

Secrets of the Seas 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc 

Discover sunken shipwrecks and explore the mysteries of one of the world's greatest lost treasures: the Crown of the Last Inca King. Secrets of the Seas takes you on a journey of discovery as you match ancient relics to unlock each level. Choose between playing against the clock in Adventure Mode or use your best strategies to beat the Untimed. Free download of Secrets of the Seas 1.0, size 19.18 Mb.

C.H.A.O.S HD Multiplayer Air War 6.2.0 SKY JET INTERNATIONAL 

This is 3D realistic Combat helicopter assault operation simulator - short name C.H.A.O.S.

In C.H.A.O.S you will step into pilot's shoes and experience fierce air combats while flying one of the most hardcore helicopters in the world.
Enjoy the flight without wings.

Engaging in a dogfight against an attack helicopter may. Free download of C.H.A.O.S HD Multiplayer Air War 6.2.0, size 236.98 Mb.

C.H.A.O.S Multiplayer Air War 6.2.0 SKY JET INTERNATIONAL 

This is realistic Combat helicopter assault operation simulator - short name C.H.A.O.S.

In C.H.A.O.S you will step into pilot's shoes and experience fierce air combats while flying one of the most hardcore helicopters in the world.

Engaging in a dogfight against an attack helicopter may sound easily trivial on paper and in. Freeware download of C.H.A.O.S Multiplayer Air War 6.2.0, size 138.41 Mb.

Total Kicker 1.0.2 True Digital Plus Co.,Ltd. 

****Extreme football kicker games freaking fun!****
Free to play!!! Can't miss!!!
TOTAL KICKER is Casual Football Kicker style, easy to play with a single touch!!! With many football players for you play on the beyond imagination kicker,. Freeware download of Total Kicker 1.0.2, size 63.23 Mb.

Cannon Chaos 2 1.0 

Defend yourself from a never ending onslaught in this fighting game Cannon Chaos 2. Aim with your mouse and left click or press space bar to fire. Your turrets will fire automatically at enemies when they are activated. Repair your turrets when it is damaged by pressing R. Upgrade your cannon when you earn enough gold. Have a good time here and. Freeware download of Cannon Chaos 2 1.0, size 5.17 Mb.

A CHAOS like game 1.0 Lxchaos 

A logical/strategical game, inspired by CHAOS, a game for SPECTRUM.

A CHAOS like game 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of A CHAOS like game 1.0, size 0 b.

Chaos 2048 Avoid Circles Game - Universal Theory of Numbers 1.2 Artsiom Kulitski 

Top New Game!

Chaos 2048 Avoid Circles Game is a new modern game with a mixture of most popular games 2048 and Flappy Birds!

Fabulous adventure in the universe of numbers!

Match your numbers, avoid obstacles, win and enjoy!

The most mysterious game on store!

Best sounds ever!

Play. Freeware download of Chaos 2048 Avoid Circles Game - Universal Theory of Numbers 1.2, size 21.81 Mb.

Asianata 1.1.0 KraiSoft Entertainment 

Arrange many-colored balls into combos in the shade of the lofty pagoda in this exciting puzzle game. Put every ball into a combo while they try to roll away and fall down in a realistic environment. Make use of stone walls and plates, bonus balls and nature forces such as wind and gravity. Nice graphics and effects, realistic physics, smooth. Free download of Asianata 1.1.0, size 6.17 Mb.

Arcade Chaos 1 

Arcade Chaos is a great game collection for Windows. Several popular and new arcade games are included in one convenient pack. They are very different in game-play, and to add even more variety, three skill levels are provided. Enjoy them all and take part in the online contest for best players. The pack includes Attack, Escape, Black Hole,. Free download of Arcade Chaos 1, size 1.86 Mb.

Colour Cubes & Cubes Fall Combo Pack 3.0 Harish Save 

This Combo Pack contains two puzzle games called Colour Cubes 3.0 and Cubes Fall. Colour Cubes 3.0 is a successor of Cubes 2.0. It is a new and advance version of Cubes 2.0. Cubes Fall is entirely new game. Here user has to make various shapes as show in the expected box. Difficulty gets increasing as user proceed with the game. Load / Save game. Free download of Colour Cubes & Cubes Fall Combo Pack 3.0, size 2.06 Mb.

Young Indiana Jones Instrumentof Chaos 1.0 Sega Genesis 

Young Indiana Jones Instrumentof Chaos is a small action game, developed by Sega Genesis.

Young Indiana Jones, a secret agent, is the only one who can stop the Germans from building a Doomsday Zeppelin, which will contain many powerful weapons.

In your mission, you will have to travel in countries like Egypt, Tibet or. Freeware download of Young Indiana Jones Instrumentof Chaos 1.0, size 1.11 Mb.

CellFighter Game 2.5 BriskLogic 

This program is an extension of the Game of Life that transforms the classical Life from an environment for various experiments into a genuine game with an active player and a clear goal: rival colonies of virtual germs wage a war against each other, and you takes part in this battle in real time as a commander of your own living army; the playing. Free download of CellFighter Game 2.5, size 524.29 Kb.

Realtime Chaos 1.2 

Realtime Chaos is a multi-player realtime strategy game designed for local networks. Each player controls a wizard, and must use their range of spells (such as creating creatures or lightening bolts) to kill each other. Emphasis is on it being fun.. Freeware download of Realtime Chaos 1.2, size 249.32 Kb.