Complete Wesbite Php And Mysql Downlaod

RISE PHP for MySQL code generator 4.0 RISE to Bloome Software 

RISE PHP for MySQL code generator
The RISE PHP for MySQL code generator renders PHP source code for database access. The generated code implements the classes and methods corresponding to the information interfaces specified in the RISE model. This includes classes for database access and, optionally, classes implementing SOAP/JSON web. Freeware download of RISE PHP for MySQL code generator 4.0, size 456.70 Kb.


VertrigoServ - PHP, Apache, MySQL WAMP server 2.34 Vertrigo 

VertrigoServ was developed to make available a highly professional and easily installable package of Apache, PHP, MySQL and PhpMyAdmin for Windows platform. With a convenient all-in-one installer, all components are installed in a single directory and can be used immediately after the installation process has completed. An uninstaller allows you. Freeware download of VertrigoServ - PHP, Apache, MySQL WAMP server 2.34, size 30.93 Mb.


myColex is a complete museum management and collection documentation system with longterm archiving capabilities based on Apache/PHP and mySQL. Manage your object inventories, events, pictures, addresses e.g. with your browser.. Freeware download of myColex, size 374.31 Kb.

CatManDo 1.0 Catmando 

CatManDo is a complete catalog, shopping cart, and checkout solution for PHP- and mySQL-enabled web sites. Build your catalog from the ground up in just minutes, let your customers pay you via Paypal, upload your pages, and you're in business!

CatManDo 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of CatManDo 1.0, size 0 b.

unxmail 1.0 Unxmail 

based postfix (MTA),A complete mail system with php and mysql!includ a Webmail for read mail,a mailsystem console page with php!

unxmail 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of unxmail 1.0, size 0 b.

MiniPortal 1.3.9 InstantServers, Inc. 

Host multiple web sites on Windows with this Apache-based web server with plug-ins for PHP and MySQL.MiniPortal is a complete web hosting solution for personal homepages, complete web sites,and multiple domains. It can run as an Application or Windows Service. The built-in dynamic DNS client provides continuous operation even if the computer's IP. Free download of MiniPortal 1.3.9, size 5.62 Mb.

Webuzo for PHP-Nuke 8.2.2004 Softaculous Ltd 

PHP-Nuke is a web-based automated news publishing and content management system based on PHP and MySQL. The system is fully controlled using a web-based user interface. PHP-Nuke was originally a fork of the Thatware news portal system.. Free download of Webuzo for PHP-Nuke 8.2.2004, size 313.26 Mb.

EasyHotspot 0.2 

EasyHotspot is a web bassed billing hotspot written in PHP and MySQL. Easyhotspot is a complete billing system and ready to use. EasyHotspot comes with linux distro and other software deppendencies (Apache,MySQL,Chillispot,Freeradius).. Freeware download of EasyHotspot 0.2, size 3.84 Mb.

AKKAR 2.4.6 Akkar 

AKKAR is a sentralized LARP management suite in PHP and MySQL. It offers complete organizational management and allows for easy colaberation between all the members of a LARP organizational group.

AKKAR 2.4.6 License - Artistic License; BSD License; GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2); MIT License. Freeware download of AKKAR 2.4.6, size 1.62 Mb.

eLeap 1.0 Eleap 

This is a eLearning application based on php and mysql.
eLeap means 'E-Learning Enabled Application Platform'.
Funny name, isn't it?
Just trying to complete the project which I started as a final year project with my friends.. Freeware download of eLeap 1.0, size 0 b.

Angora Guestbook 1.6 Adel Noureddine 

Angora is a simple and powerful PHP/MySQL guestbook. If you are familiar with either PHP or MySQL give it a try and see what it is capable of!

. Freeware download of Angora Guestbook 1.6, size 0 b.

Blog Script for PHP 1.3 SoftCab 

Blog Script for PHP is a free and easy to install blogging system for PHP and MySQL. Sinlge and multy-user modes. Bloly is installed on thousands servers world wide.

Bloly blog script is based on simple templates. It's very easy to afjust Bloly Blog to fit any design of any Web site. You may see live sample on our Web site.. Freeware download of Blog Script for PHP 1.3, size 31.46 Kb.

flyaga blog 1.0 ConvertZone Software co.,ltd. 

Articles about software devleopment,php development,mysql development,blog development. Freeware download of flyaga blog 1.0, size 62.46 Kb.

JChat IM Suite 2.0 Jaslabs, inc. 

A PHP and MySQL based Instant Messenger for your website. No need for Flash or Java. JChat IM suite will work in any browser that supports JavaScript and allows popups (for new instant message windows). Version 2.0 now includes AJAX support to provide a huge performance increase over previous versions. Check out our demo! Features: 1) 1 year free. Free download of JChat IM Suite 2.0, size 117.76 Kb.

dbback - MySQL back-up manager 1.0 

PHP based MySQL database back-up manager. It reads database structure/data and makes .sqlback-up files. The main features of the package are one/multiple database back-up creation, one/multiple .sql file restore, delete sql file/s.. Freeware download of dbback - MySQL back-up manager 1.0, size 14.68 Kb.

PHP Crossword 0.5.2 

PHP Crossword is PHP and MySQL based crossword generator. It is built in object-oriented way. Generator library is well-separated from the presentation layer, so it should easy to integrate it into existing WEB applications.. Freeware download of PHP Crossword 0.5.2, size 40.39 Kb.

PHP Email List 0.3 

A newsletter system based on PHP and MySQL that can be easily integrated into an existing web site. Features multiple lists, personalised emails, can handle a large number of subscribers and keeps a log of all sent emails.. Freeware download of PHP Email List 0.3, size 184.02 Kb.

PHP RiSK 0.3beta 

PHP RiSK is a copy of the classic board game Risk, developed in PHP and MySQL. While it remains simple and straight forward, we try to include all of the official Risk rules to keep it as fun as possible.. Freeware download of PHP RiSK 0.3beta, size 229.73 Kb.

Simple PHP Agenda 2.2.8 

A simple agenda tool written in PHP with MySQL backend. An agenda tool accessible everywere there's internet. Easy to install and configure. Key-features include: scheduling appointments, holidays, todo lists, secure access, multiple users, etc.. Freeware download of Simple PHP Agenda 2.2.8, size 180.39 Kb.

PHP Steam Bans and Web Manager 1.0 Phpsteambans 

SteamID Ban list Web Manager using PHP and MySQL. Will manage all steam bans of one or more servers, assign them ID numbers and will generate reports and make it easy to track multiple bans by relating the BanID by Steam ID and create a cumulative report

PHP Steam Bans and Web Manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of PHP Steam Bans and Web Manager 1.0, size 62.48 Kb.